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Drug Study

Drug Study

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Published by chelsea anne

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Categories:Types, Maps
Published by: chelsea anne on Mar 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of DrugClassificationDosage, Route, &FrequencyIndicationContraindicationAdverse ReactionNursingResponsibilities
Generic Name:Magnesium sulfateBrand Name:Elin MagnesiumSulfateAnti-convulsantACTION:May decreaseacetylcholinereleased by nerveimpulses, but itsanticonvulsantmechanism isunknown250mg/10 mLTo prevent or controlseizures inpreeclampsia or eclampsia>Parenteraladministrationcontraindicated inpatients with heartblock or myocardialdamage>Use cautiously inpatients withimpaired renalfunctionCNS: drowsiness,hypothermiaCV: flushing,bradycardia,circulatory collapseEENT: diplopiaMetabolic:hypocalcemia>If used withseizures, takeappropriate seizureprecaution>Watch for respiratorydepression and s/sxof heart block
Name of DrugClassificationDosage, Route, &FrequencyIndicationContraindicationAdverse ReactionNursingResponsibilities
Generic Name:PhenytoinBrand Name:Anti-convulsantACTION:Acts in the motor 100 mg tid, po>
6 yr 
30 mgbid, may beTonic-clonic &complex partial(psychomotor,temporal lobe),History of hypersensitivity tophenytoin or other hydantoins.GI disturbances;ataxia, slurredspeech; diplopia,nystagmus &>full effectiveness of PO administeredhydantoins isdelayedand may take 6-9
Dilantincortex of the brainto reduce thespread of electricaldischarges from therapidly firingepileptic foci inthis area. This isaccomplished bystabilizinghyperexcitablecells possiblyaffecting sodiumefflux. Also,phenytoindecreases activityof centers in thebrain stemresponsible for theincreased to 30mg tid or qid.Pedia
5mg/kg/dayInitially in 2-3equally divideddosesprevention &treatment of seizuresoccurring during or followingneurosurgery.mental confusionw/ headache,dizziness, gingivalhyperplasia,hirsutism,hyperglycemia,osteomalacia.days to be fullyestablished> when hydantoinsare substituted for or added to another antivconvulsantmedication, their dosage is graduallyincreased, whiledosage of the other drug isdecreased> avoid IM, SC or pervascular injections> list reasons for theray, onset,characteristics of signs and symptoms
tonic phase of grand mal seizures.Has few sedativeeffects.>note history andnature of seizures,addressing location,frequency andduration
Name of DrugClassificationDosage, Route, &FrequencyIndicationContraindicationAdverse ReactionNursingResponsibilities
Generic Name:Divalproex SodiumBrand Name:Depakote ERAnti-convulsantACTION:Increases level of gamma/aminobutyricin brain, whichdecreases seizureactivity.15 mg/kg dailyincreased at 1wkintervals by 5-10mg/kg daily, poTreatment of primarygeneralized seizures,and notably absenceand myoclonicseizures, and also for partial seizures. Alsoused to treat acutemanic phase of bipolar disorders andfor the prophylaxis of migraine.Hepatic dysfunction,urea cycle disorder The most frequentadverse effects areGI disturbances,particularly ininitiation of therapy.>Assess for GIcomplaints.>Assess for pain.>Assess for changesin bowel.>Assess for EPS.>Instruct the patientto inform physician of transient intestinalcramps, increasedplasma prolactinlevels and EPSoccur.

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