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7th September 2009

7th September 2009

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Published by jules67

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Published by: jules67 on Mar 07, 2010
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September 2009PRESENT:
Peter Auty, Judy Baker, Julie Bateman, John Burgess, Annie Robertson, RicStubbings, Darryl Treloar (MSC Bushfire Reconstruction & Recovery Co-ordinator), Leanne Pleash (Hub Captain), Liam Mc Carthy (MSC CDO), BetsyHarrington (VBRRA)
Kim Fawcus (VBRRA)
John Burgess welcomed our guests.
Around the table.
Peter Auty: No more
Economics (John Burgess):Jane Arwis & Paul spent a day in Flowerdale (thanks Betsy). Discussionaround training for the new wholesale markets and DonnybrookInterchange. Discussions around agricultural issues: growing locally tosupply markets. Discussion around the acquisition of the Hazeldene Storeand set up as co-op, long term project and in its early stages.Meeting with Mara Bunn Green Cross in conjunction with other bodies –Building Back Green funding with Flowerdale being the main area fodevelopment.2.Environment (Julie Bateman):Trees: Julie reported. As environment is part of her special interest with theFRC, Julie has been monitoring the issues of trees, bores and theenvironmental issues surrounding them.Peter Auty suggested we keep free the 6
December for the BBB – BigBlackberry Bash. Request to Council for suitable chemical products to helpwith this.
Funding (Ric Stubbings):Donation for Playground equipment $536, with the possibility of putting thisto playground at Community House.
Sustainable Building (Ric Stubbings):Council is requiring new builders to use treatment plants, yet, this may notbe in the best interest of Flowerdale’s long term sustainability objectives.FRC would like to see more co-ordination, communication and
efficienciesin rebuilding in relation to treatment plants, water etc.
FRC Action:Working group to be set up from CRC, Community and Shire.
Fire Safety including community safety (Judy Baker):
Concerns that the recommendations of the fire and safety plans for theVillage have not been implemented. Judy to follow up asap.Judy suggested we need a Community Fireguard meeting for the Village,and indeed, the whole of Flowerdale.
Community House and Hall (Annie Robertson):Community House delighted with the new grant.Hall committee is looking at being auspiced by Community House, as somemembers are retiring.
Arts, Culture & Memorial (Peter Auty):Artists Shed in the process, Men’s Shed in the process, Tool Library up andrunning at the Hub.Men’s Group for the Village is being worked upon.Memorial: discussions ongoing.
1.Kinder:Final meeting recommended 10 votes to 1 that the Kinder be located atschool2.Community Events:Community Connectedness Dinner last Friday at the Recreation Reservewas a great success over 60 dinners were provided.
CFA Ultra-Light Tanker should be ready by end October and training willstart at CFA as soon as it arrives.4.Village:Issues with Global Care and the Village People. Request for Betsy’s inputinto these issues. FRC would prefer that issues be dealt with immediately.Pete’s second Poem: Johnny and the Weasels. Betsy will sing her response atthe next meeting and John will blog it.
Flowerdale Early Childhood Centre (ECC):Explanation of governance, roles and responsibilities. (handout given toFRC)
Community House (CH):Project management model for new Community House will be similar to thatof the ECC.Question: will VBRRA manage the funds from the CH grant.3.Recovery Plans:Betsy has a draft of document which outlines the projects which will beprioritised from each of the recovery committees, in a way which isequitable across all the communities. There are 700 projects outlined in allthe CRC plans, and there is a need to look at all sources of funding for these plans eg Statewide funding, VBRRA funding, Matching funding, etc4.IPO:Do we need assistance with media? John’s response: Work in Progress.
5.Memorials:Christine is facilitating a reference group of bereaved individuals for memorials.
Sustainable rebuilding. VBRRA has identified a pro-bono company whomay come on board for piloting project. Work in Progress.7.Economics:VBRRA has been requested that updates be provided to FRC weekly.8.Re sustainability:Work in Progress
Re: Village:Meetings between Village Managers and residents to ensure that Villageissues are addressed.John’s response: the key stakeholders may be missing what is happeningon the ground, and essential to ensure good communications betweenVillage stakeholders.
CRCs establish a framework for recovery. The CRCs are advisory to theMSC. MSC established a Section 86 Committee, which acts on behalf of the council to make decisions.2.CRCs are formed to write the Recovery Plans and help with theiimplementation.
Generic Terms of Reference (TOR) were circulated and adopted by theSection 86 Committee 19
August.CRC provides direct link to Council, to give opportunity to have decisionsmade in relation to projects.
CRC committee members are insured under the Council Section 86.
Funding is available for each of the CRCs to assist with expenses. $5,000 isavailable immediately to FRC for communications and is to be decided byFRC on how this is to be spent initially & minuted.6.Council has advertised for Secretarial Support for each of the committees,and a local person would be desired, subject to FRC’s approval.7.CRCs also are a local point of contact for ongoing building and rebuildingissues.8.There is no need to sign the Terms of Reference.Ric: the FRC have a mandate from the Community, and has a standing onthe council now the appointment process of the CRC’s has been approved.JOHN’S RESPONSE:The TOR document was a draft adopted on 19
August. The FRC was notgiven any indication that the TOR was either proposed or accepted. Therewas no community or CRC consultation on this document in Flowerdale.FRC then tabled some changes to the Draft TOR.Action: FRC tabled changes will be emailed to Darrell, Liam, Betsy andLeanne.Darrell to be taken back to the Section 86 Committee and will adviseoutcome.

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