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Selfish Man.

Selfish Man.

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Published by talha riaz

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Published by: talha riaz on Mar 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Man has become more selfishthese days / nowadays.
When a person is selfish, they are only caring about their ownneeds, wants, and desires. The person is focused on self-givingand is only concerned by himself.People that allow their own selfish desires to overtake them areusually at a greater risk for infidelity, they have shortrelationships, they are dishonest, and they are controlling orviolent toward their friends, family. If they have children, theyare normally permissive to their children, teaching theirchildren to become a selfish.Man does not become selfish but he is always selfish bynature. Selfishness is part of the nature of every living humanbeing. Despite what all humans may believe selfishness is apart of all of us and is the driving force behind everything wedo. In order to survive humans must be selfish and think of their own needs above other peoples. We must be selfish to oursurrounding environment by using the resources essential tohumans that our environment bears. Strangely enough it isoften considered an insult to be called selfish
According to the Oxford dictionary being selfish is beingconcerned with ‘’one's own interests or pleasure.’’ 
A very informative web site on human nature stated thatselfishness is around us all the time and if selfishness did notexist there would be no motivation for humans to do anything.
Is man inherently selfish?
Mankind is a very interesting organism. Human would feelshameful after commit some acts that violate the moral rules,yet on the other hand, human would also do whatever theyneed to do in order to get what they want or need, in mostcases, human will achieve what they want instead their needs.
 Then, a question is raised, human is inherently selfish. Somepeople believe in evolution, that means human is evolutes fromother animals. The animals’ acts, which may be considered asselfishness in moral, are inherent into human’s genes. Therefore, human would also do whatever they need to do inorder to survive. As a conclusion, human is inherently selfish. Yet, this point of view is not cogent and persuasive enough,because it is easy to know that, though animals and humansare similar physically and biologically, humans have greatdifferences in thinking style. Human, have the ability todetermine and distinguish between good and evil, whichanimals couldn’t do so. Moreover, this conclusion cannot satisfypeople who don’t believe in evolution. Yet, we cannot despitethe fact that humans act like animals sometimes. Therefore,human is inherently selfish is only partially correct
People tend to deny the fact that they are selfish becausethis term is infamous. They like to teach their children aboutmoral, honesty, endurance, and modesty, but the adults arefollowing none of those. Mature students who start to think andadults would say the whole system of society is sick. If theydon’t follow those distorted rules, they are going to beconsidered as failures.
When a man becomes selfish?
And the answer to this is fairly simple but will not be acceptableto many. Whenever, a person does not feel a need of something or someone can afford to lose it or the thing is of secondary importance, he becomes selfish. When it comes todie for someone, you will never see people doing so. If wequote an example here then:
A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good,but for neglecting his neighbour’s.
Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live; it is asking othersto live as one wishes them to live. Selfishness always aims at
creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. It is grosslyselfish to require of one's neighbour that he should think in thesame way, and hold the same opinions.An example of selfish man:A red rose is not selfish because it wants to be a red rose. Itwould be horribly selfish if it wanted all the other flowers in thegarden to be both red and roses.Another example of selfish man is:Doing simple things like feeding ourselves is being selfishbecause we do not feed ourselves to fulfil the needs of another.When selfishness is given deep thought it can be considered tobe a positive thing in some cases.Everything humans do is selfish. Selfish acts areconstantly being carried out by humans towards one another. The extents of these selfish actions vary widely because itincludes every action that humans make. They range from theextremely selfish of taking another's life in order to gainsomething for yourself to the mildly selfish of doing voluntarywork for a charity in order to "help society," but ultimately togive yourself the satisfaction of knowing you have done a gooddeed. Extremely selfish people are often marked in history fornegative reason.
A selfish man is a thief 
. ( Jose Marti) There is nothing can a person do, because selfishness is bynature and selfishness is in his mind, he is unable to control hisdesires. Man becomes selfish because he want to be successfulin his life. Nowadays the biggest selfishness found in a man isto earn money the more he can. He can do anything for this.So, we are unable to control these natural phenomena, thesephenomena will continue till the end of the world.

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