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206 Blue Eyes

206 Blue Eyes

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Published by hari_sai459

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Published by: hari_sai459 on Mar 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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----Monitoring Human-Operator System
Priyanka Rao, 3
)S.Afshana parveen, 3
Human cognition dependsprimarily on the ability to perceive,interpret, and integrate audio-visualsand sensoring information. Addingextraordinary perceptual abilities tocomputers would enable computers towork together with human beings asintimate partners. Researchers areattempting to add more capabilities tocomputers that will allow them tointeract like humans, recognize humanpresents, talk, listen, or even guesstheir feelings.The BLUE EYES technologyaims at creating computationalmachines that have perceptual andsensory ability like those of humanbeings. It uses non-obtrusige sensingmethod, employing most modernvideo cameras and microphones toidentifies the users actions through theuse of imparted sensory abilities . Themachine can understand what a userwants, where he is looking at, andeven realize his physical or emotionalstates.The basic idea behind this technologyis to give the computer the humanpower. We all have some perceptualabilities. That is we can understandeach others feelings. For example wecan understand ones emotional stateby analyzing his facial expression. If we add these perceptual abilities of human to computers would enablecomputers to work together withhuman beings as intimate partners.The "BLUE EYES" technology aims atcreating computational machines thathave perceptual and sensory abilitylike those of human beings
What is Blue Eyes?BLUE EYES is a technology, whichaims at creating computational machinesthat have perceptual and sensory abilitieslike those of human beings. The basicidea behind this technology is to givecomputer human power. For example,we can understand humans’ emotionalstate by his facial expressions. If we addthese perceptual abilities to computers,we would enable them to work togetherwith human beings as intimate partners.It provides technical means formonitoring and recording human-operator’s physiological condition.What is Blue Eyes not?- Doesn’t predict nor interfere withoperator’s thoughts.- Cannot force directly the operator towork.How was the term blue-eyes coined?- Blue in this term stands for Bluetooth,which enables reliable wirelesscommunication and theEyes because the eye movement enablesus to obtain a lot of interesting andimportant information.How are blue and eyes related?- As the idea is to monitor and recordoperator’s basic physiologicalparameters, the most importantphysiological activity is the movementof eyes.- For a computer to sense the eyemovement, wiring between operator andthe system is required. But, this is aserious limitation of the operator’smobility and disables his operations inlarge control rooms.- So utilization of wireless technologybecomes essential which can beimplemented through blue toothtechnology.Need for blue eyes?- Is it necessary to make computerfunction what a human brain does.Yes,human error is still one of the mostfrequent causes of catastrophes(calamity) and ecological disasters,because human contribution to theoverall performance of the system is leftunsupervised.- The control instruments within themachine have automated it to largeextent, thus Human operator becomes apassive observer of the supervisedsystem, resulting in weariness andvigilance drop, but the user needs toactive.But Why?Is it really needed that a human brain beactive?- He may not notice important changesof indications causing financial orecological consequences, which is a
 threat to human life.- Thus, it’s crucial that operator’s brainis involved in an active systemsupervising over the whole work timeperiod.What can we do with blue eyestechnology?- It has the ability to gather informationabout you and interact with you throughspecial techniques like facialrecognition, speech recognition, etc.- It can even understand your emotionsat the touch of the mouse.- It can verify your identity, feel yourpresence, and start interacting with you.-The machine can understand what auser wants, where he is looking at, andeven realize his physical or emotionalstates.- It realizes the urgency of the situationthrough the mouse.- For instance if you ask the computer todial to your friend at his office, itunderstands the situation and establishesa connection.- It can reconstruct the course of operator’s work.
Key features of the system:
 - Visual attention monitoring (eyemotility analysis).- Physiological condition monitoring(pulse rate, blood oxygenation).- Operator’s position detection(standing, lying).- Wireless data acquisition usingBluetooth technology.- Real-time user-defined alarmtriggering.- Physiological data, operator's voiceand overall view of the control roomrecordingrecorded data playback.How can we give computer the humanpower?- It uses non-obtrusive sensing method,employing most modern video camerasand microphones to identify the users’actions through the use of impartedsensory abilities.- The blue eyes system checks thephysiological parameters like eyemovement, heart beat rate and bloodoxygenation against abnormal andundesirable values and triggers user-defined alarms when necessary.- Blue eyes technology requiresdesigning a personal area network linking all the operators and thesupervising system.- As the operator using his sight andhearing, senses the state of the controlledsystem, the supervising system will look after his physiological condition.- The use of a miniature CMOS cameraintegrated into the eye movement sensorwill enable the system to calculate thepoint of gaze and observe what theoperator is actually looking at.- Introducing voice recognitionalgorithm will facilitate thecommunication between the operatorand the central system and simplifyauthorization process.

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