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A Rising Horde

A Rising Horde

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Published by carlos chiu

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Published by: carlos chiu on Mar 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the latter part of the 21’st century, humankind’s advancements in technology gave birth to the greatdiscoveries of earthen type planets in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Fifty years later, thearea was being explored by over a dozen known countries and private organizations. By the beginningof the 22’nd century, the planets were being populated and still more, with earthen capabilities, were being transformed into ‘AIR BREATHERS’ by a variety of technologically advanced institutions. Thenew worlds were heralded as humankind’s great second chance at peace and harmony within theuniverse.So it was for twenty years until the voracious appetite and greed for conquest consumed the species asit has throughout its existence. All the worlds were plunged into war. At the end of what came knownas the ‘SECTOR WARS’, came the new order where border lines were staked out on computer generated models and border BUOYS began to emerge throughout the sectors. Whole fleets of modernized death machines began to patrol and uphold the new border agreements. The new worlds became just a greater version of the old world. So peace ruled the galaxy for thirty-five years.
JOCHI. Large moon of a double planet system stumbled upon by the retreating fleet of the Mongolian peacekeepers sent to the nearby sector during the warring years. Asked by the greater communitycouncil for help in quelling the violence, the small fleet was beaten back until they made their finalstand in this unknown system and were successful in holding the position. Since then a colony was placed here and within a ten-year span was able to explore their new system. The moon was found torevolve around two planets in a figure eight pattern thus being shared by the main earthen planet nowknown as CHING and the air breather planet known as SUBEDEI. The new Mongol system wasestablished and maintained. The JOCHI moon became a major source of mining for various materialsand a small mining community was placed there.Two years ago artifacts were found near a dig sight and whole buried structures were detected. TheMongolian empire decided to keep this within their community for now until more could be uncoveredfrom this great discovery. A large air dome was built over the sight and more excavations began. Today part of some ancient city is unearthed and yet more artifacts that litter the sight is being collected for research. Finally, on the eave of the empires announcement of this great discovery, the small team of archeologists ready themselves for what they know will be media frenzy.Head archeologist Li Tao steps into the air dome to inspect the sight and is in awe by the vast complexthat has been unearthed. “It never ceases to amaze me. This vision always takes my breath away.” Hesays to his assistant as he stares at the massive structure of smooth stone before him. Over a hundredsteps leading up to a large entrance. The massive double doors barred by two long rods crossing eachother like an X. appearing like over sized golden spears that have kept the great doors closed for whatwas projected to be over two thousand years ago. Surrounding the building are smaller structures of various sizes but none in as good of condition as the main building at the center of the small city. “Such beauty yet with the obvious marks of a major battle having been fought here. Leading up to themain structure.” Said Li Tao. “Anything yet on what the great spears are made from?” asked hisassistant Tim Dubai. “No. Nothing yet. So far we haven’t been able to find any known substance butonce the greater community gets involved in this I am sure that the collective minds of their scientistsand ours will be able to find something.” The pair Begin to walk towards the main building. The sandunder their feet, a fine powder that easily kicks up at every step, quickly spreads. They don protectivemasks. “In any case…” says Li Tao. “…we will be opening those doors today. The ancient rope bindingthe spears will be carefully cut and we will have our first glimpse into this ancient world and thewonders I believe is locked inside. The emperor is expecting the doors to be opened for our newcolleagues. We tried scanning but the whole structure is strangely impervious to any scans. I am surethere is something of greatness behind those doors. Why else would they have barred them?”

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