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Directors Journal

Directors Journal

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Published by rasakki

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Published by: rasakki on Mar 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Directors Journal - SamanthaLocationHeath Park 1:20pmGroup Members present Samantha Magney and Nicola GreenfieldCast members present Lorraine Walsh Susan Lear,Chloe Walsh – Jess Lear,Roy Magney - Evan Lear Started filming: 1:45pmFilmingThe park scene, car pulls upSusan and Jess go into the park Susan and Jess go up to the swingsProblems that occurredCut too soon on some takes, re-shot these takes.DirectingCar pulls up and stops, told her to keep the engine running so next shot could befilmed.Susan turns the engine off and gets out of the car.Susan gets out of the car with car keys in hand, directed her movements, where shewalked how and how slow/fast to walk.Problems that occurredSusan forgot car keys and switched hands in different shots so I corrected her mistakes and filmed again. Susan forgot to turn engine back on for different takeswhile in the car, I corrected and filmed again. Nicola films them getting on swings at 2:15pmGroup members present at 2:20pm Samantha Magney, Nicola Greenfield,Rachel JacobsonRachel starts filming at 2:30pmJess swinging on the swings.I showed Lorraine what she should be doing in the background and showed Chloewhere she should be looking when we are focusing on Susan’s dialogue.Showed Lorraine what to say and how long to wait before she said anything whilstshooting the conversation on the phone.Lorraine running around the park, I showed her where to run to and where to stop.
I told Rachel to film a point of view shot of the camera spinning round and round, tomake it look like Susan looking around the park for Jess.Problems that occurredContinuity with the phone and the car keys in the wrong hands corrected and filmed itagain.I thought what with it being a public park that different people would show up in the background but then I thought that would be more realistic and liked how many people came in and out of the park because that is the reality of it. The people whocame in and out acted for us so it worked out fine.Problems with getting Lorraine psyched up to act scared, really had to bring out thescared in her, got it and filmed.Finished filming Park scenes at 3:20pm.Location Naseby Road, Magney house.Started filming 3:45pmDirectingHad to show Chloe what do while she was being pushed into the house. I acted it outfirst to show her and she was okay after that.I had to tell Roy what to do with his face while he was Evan and how to push her.I had to tell Chloe how to act as if Roy pushed her really hard into the wall, she actedit out a few times before we stared filming and she was fine.I gave Roy a time to pull down the scarf from his face in.I showed Chloe how to react to the revealing of Evan’s face.Problems that occurredChloe had trouble getting into character so I acted it for her to watch and I talked her through it and she ended up doing very well. I had to remind them not to look at thecamera and keep in character the whole way through.Finished filming at 4:30pmLocation Naseby Road, Roy’s car Started filming at 4:40pm.DirectingI showed Rachel where she should sit in the car to get the best angle of Evan’s face. Itold Roy how to laugh and say his lines to sound more intimidating.I told him to do it three times so we could pick the best one.

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