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marketing research

marketing research

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Published by sam_discover

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Published by: sam_discover on Mar 09, 2010
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IIMT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, MEERUTFACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (FMS)MBA (III SEM) UPTUSUBJECT: MARKETING RESEARCHQUESTION BANKQ1 Objective type questions:a)Marketing Research should be regarded asi.Fundamental researchii.Theoretical researchiii.Applied researchiv.Pure researchAns Applied Researchb)Informal interview is a ________ format of data collection.i.Structuredii.Unstructurediii.Secondaryiv.PrimaryAns Secondaryc)Set of circumstances in a market that defines a situation in which a company can improve performance by creating modified or new marketing strategy.i.Market Problemii.Market Opportunityiii.Market treativ.Market SWOTAns Market Opportunityd)A computer-based system that works in conjunction with other functionalinformation systems to support the firm's management in solving problems that relate to marketing the firm's products.i.Marketing Information Systemii.Marketing Researchiii.Marketing Processiv.Market ResearchAns Marketing Information Systeme)A graphical device depicting the sequences of action-event combinationsand all possible sequences of action-event combinations are shown in a systematic manner in a decision tree.i.Decision Treeii.Bayesian Analysisiii.PERT Techniqueiv.Gnatt ChartAns Decision Treef)A set of procedures and data sources used by marketing managers to siftinformation from the environment that they can use in their decision making.i.Marketing Intelligence Systemii.Market Intelligence Systemiii.Marketing Research Intelligence Systemiv.Marketing Research SystemAns Marketing Intelligence Systemg)A method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable, empirical andmeasurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.i.Non Scientific Methodii.Scientific Methodiii.Observation Methodiv.Survey MethodAns Scientific Methodh)Original data that is gathered and evaluated for a specific research need.
i.Secondary Dataii.Primary Dataiii.Qualitative Dataiv.Quantitative DataAns Primary Datai)Sometimes referred to as â
research Datai. Survey Dataii. Case Study Dataiii. Qualitative Dataiv. Quantitative DataAns Qualitative Dataj)An attempt to identify the more â
aspects of job behavior and based on the assumption that jobs are composed of critical and non-critical tasks.i.Case-studiesii.Surveyiii.Critical incidentsiv.Portfolios.Ans Critical Incidentsk)A question that is answered only if the respondent gives a particular response to a previous question, known asi.Contingency questionsii.Matrix questionsiii.Closed questionsiv.Attitude questionsAns Contingency Questionsl)Likert scaling is also known asi.Staples Ratingii.Semantic Differential Scalingiii.Summated Rating Scaleiv.Multi-Dimensional ScalingAns Summated Rating Scalingm)An attitude measure consisting of a graphic continuum that allows respondents to rate an object by choosing any point on the continuumi.Graphic Rating Scalesii.Rank-Order Scalesiii.Paired Comparison Scalesiv.Constant Sum ScalesAns Graphic Rating Scalesn)It was developed to discriminate quickly among a relatively large numberof objects. This technique uses a rank order procedure in which objects are sorted into piles based on similarity with respect to some criterion.i.Thurston Scalesii.Q-Sort Techniquesiii.Guttman Scalesiv.Multi Dimensional ScalingAns Q-Sort Techniqueso)Mean or average value is used to estimate when data have been collectedusing.i.Nominal Scaleii.Ordinal Scaleiii.Interval & Ratio Scaleiv.Nominal & Ordinal ScaleAns Interval & Ratio Scalep)The long form of IMRB is:-.i.Indian Market Research Bureau.ii.India Marketing Research Boardiii.Indian Market Research Boardiv.Indian Marketing Research BaseAns Indian Market Research Bureau
q)A list, map or other specification of the units which constitute the available information relating to the population designated for a particular sampling scheme.i.Sampling Frameii.Sampling Unitiii.Sample Surveyiv.SampleAns Sampling Framer)Sample implies that where the population is divided into mutually exclusive & mutually exhaustive strata or sub â
groups & then a simple random sample isselected within each of the strat or sub groups. .i.Cluster Samplingii.Stratified Random Samplingiii.Multi Stage Samplingiv.Quota SamplingAns Stratified Random Samplingg) This part of attitude is related to the statement which affects another personi.Behavioral Componentii.Cognitive componentiii.Effective componentiv.NoneAns Effective Componentr) This is a seven point scale and the end points of the scale are associatedwith bipolar labelsi. Semantic Differential Scaleii. Stapelâ
s Scaleiii. Likert Scaleiv. Multi Dimensional ScalingAns Semantic Differential Scales) The approach in which products are decomposed (separate) into attributes which are rated on a semantic differential scale (Bi-polar)i. Perception data: derived approachii. Preference data approachiii. Perception data: direct approach.iv. NoneAns Perception data: derived approacht) The starting point of the semantic differential scale is neutral.False or TrueAns Falseu) The objective of such a study is to answer the â
who, what, when, where andhowâ
of the subject under investigation.i.Exploratory Researchii.Descriptive Researchiii.Casual Designiv.Cross-Sectional StudiesAns Descriptive Researchv) An interval estimate consists of two values between which the true populationvalue lies with some stated level of significance. These values are calledAns Confidence Limitsw) Z-test, t-test, F-test are parametric test Say True or FalseAns Truex) A statistical Technique used for measuring the relationship or inter-dependence of two or more variables, none of which is restricted by the researcher.Ans Correlationy) A Statistical Technique for deriving an equation that relates the dependent variable to one or more independent variables.Ans Regression Analysis

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