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Oráculo del DILOGÚN

Oráculo del DILOGÚN



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Published by Julio Rocha

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Published by: Julio Rocha on Mar 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hpìoych dic DKCHAÝJ 
Ic Hpìoych Dic DkchaýjOhjsyctl Ohj Ic OlplohcGh{ya`lVpisijtlokÿjKpë [ Hssha`hKa`hsOclskekolokÿj Di Chs HddyjsPiacls Tkpljdh Ic DkchaayjIcigijths Di Chs HddyjsIcigijths Dic I``ÿHddyjs Dic Dkchaayj<* Hnljl<'<* Hnljl Thjtk Hnljl "Hnljl Gicck+<'0* Hnljl Icckhnh<'?* Hnljl Haayjdl<'4* Hnljl Kph}h<'9* Hnljl Hsbi<'5* Hnljl H``lpl<'1* Hnljl Hddk<'1* Hnljl Hddk<'2* Hnljl Icciyjci<';* Hnljl Hsl<'<6* Hnljl Heyj<'<<* Hnljl Hmyljk<'<0* Hnljl Icckcl<'<?* Hnljl Gitljcl<'<4* Hnljl Gipkjcl<'<9* Hnljl Glpyjcl<'<5* Hnljl Gipkjdkcÿaayj0* Icckhnh0'<* Icckhnh Hnljl0'0* Icckhnh Thjtk Icckhnh "Icckhnh Gicck+0'?* Icckhnh Haayjdl0'4* Icckhnh Kph}h0'9* Icckhnh Hsbi0'5* Icckhnh H``lpl0'1* Icckhnh Hddk0'2* Icckhnh Icciyjci0';* Icckhnh Hsl0'<6* Icckhnh Heyj0'<<* Icckhnh Hmyljk0'<0* Icckhnh Icckcl0'<?* Icckhnh Gitljcl0'<4* Icckhnh Gipkjcl0'<9* Icckhnh Glpyjcl0'<5* Icckhnh Gipkjdkcÿaayj?* Haayjdl?'<* Haayjdl Hnljl?'0* Haayjdl Icckhnh?'?* Haayjdl Thjtk Haayjdl "Haayjdl Gicck+?'4* Haayjdl Kph}h?'9* Haayjdl Hsbi?'5* Haayjdl H``lpl?'1* Haayjdl Hddk?'2* Haayjdl Icciyjci?';* Haayjdl Hsl?'<6* Haayjdl Heyj?'<<* Haayjdl Hmyljk
'< '
Hpìoych dic DKCHAÝJ 
?'<0* Haayjdl Icckcl?'<?* Haayjdl Gitljcl?'<4* Haayjdl Gipkjcl?'<9* Haayjdl Glpyjcl?'<5* Haayjdl Gipkjdkcÿaayj4* Kph}h4'<* Kph}h Hnljl4'0* Kph}h Icckhnh4'?* Kph}h Haayjdl4'4* Kph}h Thjtk Kph}h "Kph}h Gicck+4'9* Kph}h Hsbi4'5* Kph}h H``lpl4'1* Kph}h Hddk4'2* Kph}h Icciyjci4';* Kph}h Hsl4'<6* Kph}h Heyj4'<<* Kph}h Hmyljk4'<0* Kph}h Icckcl4'<?* Kph}h Gitljcl4'<4* Kph}h Gipkjcl4'<9* Kph}h Glpyjcl4'<5* Kph}h Gipkjdkcÿaayj9* Hsbi9'<* Hsbi Hnljl9'0* Hsbi Icckhnh9'?* Hsbi Haayjdl9'4* Hsbi Kph}h9'9* Hsbi Thjtk Hsbi "Hsbi Gicck+9'5* Hsbi H``lpl9'1* Hsbi Hddk9'2* Hsbi Icciyjci9';* Hsbi Hsl9'<6* Hsbi Heyj9'<<* Hsbi Hmyljk9'<0* Hsbi Icckcl9'<?* Hsbi Gitljcl9'<4* Hsbi Gipkjcl9'<9* Hsbi Glpyjcl9'<5* Hsbi Gipkjdkcÿaayj5* H``lpl5'<* H``lpl Hnljl5'0* H``lpl Icckhnh5'?* H``lpl Haayjdl5'4* H``lpl Kph}h5'9* H``lpl Hsbi5'5* H``lpl Thjtk H``lpl "H``lpl Gicck+5'1* H``lpl Hddk5'2* H``lpl Icciyjci5';* H``lpl Hsl5'<6* H``lpl Heyj5'<<* H``lpl Hmyljk5'<0* H``lpl Icckcl5'<?* H``lpl Gitljcl5'<4* H``lpl Gipkjcl5'<9* H``lpl Glpyjcl5'<5* H``lpl Gipkjdkcÿaayj1* Hddk1'<* Hddk Hnljl1'0* Hddk Icckhnh1'?* Hddk Haayjdl
'0 '
Hpìoych dic DKCHAÝJ 
1'4* Hddk Kph}h1'9* Hddk Hsbi1'5* Hddk H``lpl1'1* Hddk Thjtk Hddk "Hddk Gicck+1'2*Hddk Icciyjci1';* Hddk Hsl1'<6* Hddk Heyj1'<<* Hddk Hmyljk1'<0* Hddk Icckcl1'<?* Hddk Gitljcl1'<4* Hddk Gipkjcl1'<9* Hddk Glpyjcl1'<5* Hddk Gipkjdkcÿaayj2* Icciyjci2'<* Icciyjci Hnljl2'0* Icciyjci Icckhnh2'?* Icciyjci Haayjdl2'4* Icciyjci Kph}h2'9* Icciyjci Hsbi2'5* Icciyjci H``lpl2'1* Icciyjci Hddk2'2* Icciyjci Thjtk Icciyjci "Icciyjci Gicck+2';* Icciyjci Hsl2'<6* Icciyjci Heyj2'<<* Icciyjci Hmyljk2'<0* Icciyjci Icckcl2'<?* Icciyjci Gitljcl2'<4* Icciyjci Gipkjcl2'<9* Icciyjci Glpyjcl2'<5* Icciyjci Gipkjdkcÿaayj;* Hsl;'<* Hsl Hnljl;'0* Hsl Icckhnh;'?* Hsl Haayjdl;'4* Hsl Kph}h;'9* Hsl Hsbi;'5* Hsl H``lpl;'1* Hsl Hddk;'2* Hsl Icciyjci;';* Hsl Thjtk Hsl "Hsl Gicck+;'<6* Hsl Heyj;'<<* Hsl Hmyljk;'<0* Hsl Icckcl;'<?* Hsl Gitljcl;'<4* Hsl Gipkjcl;'<9* Hsl Glpyjcl;'<5* Hsl Gipkjdkcÿaayj<6* Heyj<6'<* Heyj Hnljl<6'0* Heyj Icckhnh<6'?* Heyj Haayjdl<6'4* Heyj Kph}h<6'9* Heyj Hsbi<6'5* Heyj H``lpl<6'1* Heyj Hddk<6'2* Heyj Icciyjci<6';* Heyj Hsl<6'<6* Heyj Thjtk Heyj "Heyj Gicck+<6'<<* Heyj Hmyljk<6'<0* Heyj Icckcl
'? '

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