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Butler Magazine New Zealand 2009

Butler Magazine New Zealand 2009

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Published by Philip Duff

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Published by: Philip Duff on Mar 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Molecular Mixology –
the next step in bartending?
utler Magazine recently caught up with Philip Duff,renowned bartender and mixology consultant. Weasked to explain the concept of molecular mixologyand maybe share some advice on how to make a drink ortwo.
Butler: What is your interpretation of the term “molecularmixology”?PD:
To me, it's using knowledge, technology, psychology andcommon sense to make better drinks. Really, it's just veryadvanced mixology!
page 76
Butler: How long as this concept been around for?PD:
As we know it, about five years. Before then, it was the preserve of literally four or five chefs worldwide, the mack-daddy of course beingFerran Adria, who was making solid caipirinhas and the like alreadyeight or nine years ago. Then of course there’s Jerry Thomas, the world'sfirst real celebrity bartender and author of the first ever cocktail book in1862, who even then was making solid cocktails from jelly! 
Butler: Is it the future of bartending?PD:
No. Bartending is about more than just the drink, however amazingit may be. Just as molecular gastronomy is not the future of hospitality(in the purest sense of the word, not the broader meaning of the serviceindustry) molecular mixology is not the future of bartending. I thinkbartending may be the future of molecular mixology, though. 
Butler: Please could you explain two unique drinks that can be madeusing molecular mixology?PD:
Two of my favourite creations are:
The Anything Foam (my own creation)
Make a cocktail and choose an ingredient to emphasise or match. Forinstance, caramel or nutty flavours would logically go well with a SweetManhattan. Make the drink as normal (two shots bourbon, one shotsweet vermouth, three dashes orange bitters, stir with ice, strain into anempty pre-chilled martini-cocktail glass), then make a foam. Take threeshots of butterscotch liqueur, one of sugar, two egg whites and twoshots of water. Pour them into a whipped-cream ISO foamer and chargethe canister with one nitrogen dioxide capsule, or two if it's a one-litercanister. Shake it well. Carefully squirt the resulting caramel foam overthe drink, and drink the cocktail through the foam! 
Gin & Tonic Jellies (Eben Freeman)
Lay two sheets of gelatin in cold water for five minutes to soften. Gentlyheat two shots of gin and stir in the gelatine to dissolve it. Add threeshots of fresh cold tonic water and stir well. Pour the mix into ice-cubetrays and refrigerate for three hours. Serve on thin slices of peeled lime,and sprinkle the jellies with fizz powder, made by mixing equal parts of powdered sugar, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda. 

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