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Research Methodology Discussion

Research Methodology Discussion

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Published by santhosh hk

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Published by: santhosh hk on Mar 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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01. What is your view on educational research?
a) it is a futile activity for the teacherb) it is an activity which contribute positively to the efficiency of educationc) it is an interesting activity for the researcherd) it is an activity that adds to the insight of the researcher
02. Research aims at
a) control of concerned issuesb) understanding of concerned issuesc) probable solutions to concerned issuesd) predictions about concerned issues
For the conduct of a good research project, which of the following is most essential?
a) collective scholarshipb) a good research libraryc) a penetrating and analytical mindd) a touch of genius
04. The quality of research is best judged by
a) relevance of the resultsb) methodology followedc) competency of the researcherd) experience of the researcher
05. A good researcher should collect data
a) relevant to the objectives formulatedb) suitable to what he wants to provec) from all possible sourcesd) helpful to substantiate all the hypotheses formulated
06. The quality of research depends upon
a) availability of research facilitiesb) use of advanced technologyc) commitment on the part of the researcherd) training in research methodology
07. On academic matters a researcher should
a) depend on his guide in all mattersb) be open minded and logicalc) consider himself as a master of the subjectd) always adhere to the routine practiced by researchers
08. A good researcher concentrates on
a) a specific area with a view to understand all minute detailsb) several areas in order to understand the fundamental ideasc) an area depending on manpower and funding availabled) any easy topic that would fetch results with least effort
09. Which one of the following is the most essential characteristic of a research worker?
a) sympathy b) open mindednessc) systematic thinking d) emotional control
10. The most important quality of a researcher that would help to produce a useful work is
a) a general interest in research b) sound knowledge of research techniquesc) experience in conducting research d) deep interest in the problem area chosen
11. A good research always begins with
a) a felt problem to be thoroughly tackled b) preparation of the plan and design for studyc) study of relevant research methodology d) study of what research others have done
12. Lack of consistency in research findings amounts to
a) lack of reliability b) lack of validityc) lack of reliability and validity d) lack of sensitivity
13. Which one of the following is the usual sequence of scientific inquiry?
a) observation - verification - hypothesising - theorisingb) experimentation - observation - verification
hypothesisingc) observation - hypothesising - experimentation - theorisingd) theorising - observation - experimentation - hypothesising
14. In every field, research pursuits promote systematic and gradual advancement of knowledge. But innovative discoveries are rare because
a) research is a continuous and critical investigationb) a discovery require divergent thinking, which is not very commonc) sustained experimental work needed for discovery is not easily forth comingd) most people lack the depth of knowledge needed for making a discovery
15. In higher education, teaching and research are two different activities that
a) cannot go together as these are differentb) can go on, only in a sequential orderc) can go together supplementing each otherd) can go together only at the expense of each other
16. The main consideration for taking up a research project should be
a) improving qualifications b)
adding to the reputation of one’s institution
 c) adding to the existing knowledge d) meeting the job requirements
‘A good teacher is essentially a good researcher also’. How do you react to this
a) whole heartedly agree with it b) it may not be true alwaysc) it is only an opinion d) there is no truth in it at all
18. Objectivity in research implies
a) correct judgment of truth b) find links consistent with realityc) inter researcher agreement d) methodological sophistication
19. Action Research means
a) research related to school activitiesb) managing the class on the basis of research findingsc) research geared towards scientific solution of felt classroom problemsd) research on the activities of pupils
20. The process by which we proceed from some given truth to an unknown truth is known as
a) stating a conclusion b) stating a premisec) making a judgement d) making an inference
21. Sin-qua-non of good research is
a) a well formulated hypothesis b) a well formulated problemc) an adequate library d) a good research supervisor
22. In every research, one should
a) know everything in the area without bothering to learn the details in anyb) not try out anything blindly but wait until a sudden flash appears in his mindc) know more and more about less and less in certain sub areasd) none of the above
23. One undertakes research
a) to describe and explain a new phenomenonb) to refute what has already been accepted as a factc) to verify what has already been establishedd) to do one or more of the above
24. For a proposition to be true, it is necessary that it should have all of the followingcharacteristics except
a) it must be objective b) it must be in tune with accepted beliefsc) it must be consistent d) it must be testable
25. The objectives of research can be written
a) only in question form b) only in statement formc) both in question and statement form d) only in hypothetical form

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