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19933541 Mantra for Vanishing Diseases

19933541 Mantra for Vanishing Diseases

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Published by agg24ankit

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Published by: agg24ankit on Mar 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mantra for vanishing diseasesOm Rogansheshanpahansi Tushta Rusta Tu Kaman Saklanbhishtan, Tvamashritanam NaVipannrananam Tvamashrita Hyashraytam PrayantiThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of theseeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting is favourable and helps to cure from diseases-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for specific disease controlOm Aadesh Guru Ko Kali Kambali Vale Shyam, Kahaye Hain Unko Ghanshyam Rog NasheShok Nashe Nahin To Krishna Ki Aan Radha Meera Manaave, (Name the Patient) Ka rog doshJaveThe name of the patient of whose disease is to be controlled should be chanted at the right placewhile murmuring this mantra. The remembrance of Lord Krishna and Shiva be kept in mind.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for protection of pregnancyOm Rudra Bhi Drava Ho, Ha Ha Ha Hoo KaThe pregnant woman should chant this mantra for 108 times a day.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Riddance from Evil SpiritsAyeim Kreem Kreem Khrim Khrim Khichi Khichi Bhootnaathaay Pishaachaay Khrim KhrimPhat.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for protection against eye soreOm Namo Ramji Dhani Lakshman Ke BaanAankh Dard Kare To Lakshman Kuwar Ki AanMeri Bhakti. Guru Ki Shakti.Phuro Mantra Eswaro Vacha.Satya Naam Aadesh Guru KoThis mantra can lead to siddhi if chanted for 10,000 times.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for protecting oneself Om Shoolena Pahino Devi Pahi Khadgen Chambike, Ghanta Swanena Nah Pahi ChapajjanihSwanen Ch.This mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. It helps to get rid of enemies, fears and troubles. The
use of rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) whilechanting is favourable--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for pregnancyOm Hreem Uljalya Thah Thah Om HreemThe regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 108 times with lighting of lamps of MustardOil or butter oil helps in getting pregnancy.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for peace of ancestorsOm Yaam Medham Devganah Pitarasch Upasate, Taya Mamadya Medhayagne MedhavinamKuruThe regular chant of this mantra with red sandal beaded garland and pouring water helps to bring peace to ancestors.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for Longevity and getting rid of AilmentsOm Trayambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam, Urvarukamiva BandhananMrityormurksheeya Mamritat.This is called “Mrityunjaya Mantra”. The mantra is attributed to Lord Shiva. The mantra is veryeffective when diseases/ailment is continuously jeopardizing life or there is continuous fear of life. Even otherwise, the chant of this mantra is very beneficial. The regular and continuous chantof this mantra for 1.25 lakh times, following the procedure will produce early result--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for increasing profits in businessOm Kansonsmitam Hiranya Prakaram Aardraam Jwalantim Triptam Tarpyenteem, PadhesthitamPadhmavarnaam Tami Hope VhayeshriyamThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Lakshmi. The regular and continuous chant of this mantrahelps to increase profits in business. The use of a beaded garland of Tulsi (Basil Plant) isrecommended for better and early results-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting rid of Incurable DiseasesOm Hon Joon Sah Om Bhoorbhuva Swah Om Trayambakam Yajamahe SugandhimPustivardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormurksheeya Mamritat.Om Swah Bhuvah Bhu Om Swah Joon Hon OmThis is called “Maha Mritunjaya Mantra”. It is attributed to Lord Shiva. Its helps in saving life incase of attack from diseases, accidents etc.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mantra for getting rid of fear Om Sarva Swaroope Sarveshe Sarvshakti Samanvite, Bhayebhyastrahino Devi Durge Devi NamostuteThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The mantra helps get rid of fear and anxiety. The useof rudraksha mala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) while chanting isfavourable.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting rid of all kinds of adversitiesOm Sharangat Dinart Paritran Parayane, Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani NamostuteThis mantra is attributed to Lord Narayan. The use of red sandal beaded garland while chantinghelps in consolation from troubles and adversities.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting pleasure in lifeOm Hanumate NamahThis mantra is related to Lord Hanuman. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra for 1.25 lakh times helps to bring back lost pleasures and strength of mind. The use of rudrakshamala (A beaded garland of the seeds of Eleocarpus Ganitrus Tree) or a beaded Garland of redsandal is favourable and helps to attain early results.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting pleasureOm Ram Ramaya NamahThis is a very powerful Mantra. This mantra is attributed to Lord Rama or Lord Narayana. Theregular chant of this mantra leads to success in every field of life and worldly pleasure.Moreover, it brings along with it the blessing of the God.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting blessed with son and acquiring wealthOm Sarvabadha Vinurmukto Dhandhanya Sutanvitah Manushyomat Prasaaden Bhavishyati NaSanShayaThis mantra is attributed to Goddess Durga. The regular and continuous chant of this mantra between 08:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. will help get blessed with son and acquiring wealth.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mantra for getting all round successOm Shreem Hreem Kleem NamahThis mantra is called “Seed Mantra”. The Mantra helps to eliminate all odds and troubles. It’s

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