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The Woman That Hated God

The Woman That Hated God

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Published by Frank Nic. Bazsika
The woman behind the progressive movement to ban God from America.
The woman behind the progressive movement to ban God from America.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Frank Nic. Bazsika on Mar 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Woman that Hated God
Her Gruesome End  
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
I remember as a young boy in the early 1960’s while attending grade schoolthe early morning start to our school day. We would say a short prayer and theteacher would select a student to read a small portion of the Bible to the class of their choosing (I always chose Psalms). Then we would stand and while facing theAmerican flag and holding our right hand over our heart recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Within a couple of years as Irecall this customary tradition ceased.I vaguely remember asking a teacher why we stopped reading from the Bibleand saying a daily prayer and was told,”Because the government said we can’t anymore.” I was just a child and didn’t understand the whys and reason behind thischange. I just accepted it. I guess to a child if grownups make this decision for us itmust be correct. I didn’t understand that there was a
 progressive movement 
abreastthat wanted to destroy the framework of long standing American culture.Today students in our “educational” system don’t even have to say thepledge of allegiance if they don’t want to. High School football coaches are firedfrom their jobs if they dare to lead their team in a team prayer before a game.
Students today are taught to respect the cultures and religions of foreigners but notour own Judeo-Christian heritage. Why even witchcraft and pagan ritualisticreligions are held in high esteem for their “contributions” to mankind.Behind this progressive movement to eradicate God and moralistic virtuesfrom our culture is the joint effort to destroy the building block of any great society,- the family unit. They teach that a child belongs to
“the village” 
concept and theabrogation of parenthood as an authority in the child’s life. And the coup de graceto end the American family unit is the open teaching of sex in any manner or actthat pleases the parties involved. Homosexuality, underage sexual activity,pornography,-whatever one wishes to indulge in is acceptable and is not to be judged as immoral by others. I remember just a few years ago my 6
grade elevenyear old daughter bringing a permission slip home from her school health classasking if it was OK to teach her about oral sex! What happened to dodge ball andproper eating habits with diet being taught may I ask?Why has this happened to America? Most assume that our Constitutionprovides
of church and state. That’s not what it says at all! It states thatthe government will not make any laws to establish a state religion and that it wouldnot interfere in the free exercise of anyone’s religious faith. America was founded bythose that fled Europe that had state religions to come to the shores of Americawhere they could practice their own faith free of government intrusion.Our founding fathers,-the majority of them,-were God fearing Biblebelievers. Though they may have differed from one another on interpretation of their particular tenets they all held the Bible to be the Word of God and theframework for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This new nation conceived inliberty and based upon the Laws of God was to be a model for the world! And nowour leaders go to other nations and apologize for our being
In the early 1960’s our leaders and we as a people were afraid and ashamedto stand up for what our forefathers
to be correct. We allowed a woman thatbelieved in sexual perversion and fornication to get rid of our moralistic values. Herfoaming at the mouth anti-God propaganda ushered in the
 sexual revolution
thathas undermined parenthood and the fabric of American society. Most atheistscannot allow a God because then they would not have free rein to practice free sex!That may be simplistic reasoning to put that forth as the impetus behind the
 progressive movement 
but it is the
Two generations have passed since this anti-God change in American society.What are the fruits? Divorcé, single parenthood, and family break up. Politicallycorrect, openly “gay” activities. Teenagers in open rebellion against authority, streetgangs, alcoholism and drugs, perverted TV “shows” and movies. Violent andperverted video “games”. Politicians and our leaders involved in adultery andhomosexual acts. Big cities alluring “customers” with gambling and prostitution.And the
murdering of our children
in our educational institutions by fellow students.We as a people threw God out of our schools and then ask 
“Why did God allow this mass killing of children?” 
Yes why does He allow it? Examine our historyand you will know the answer. God is not mocked.And the woman that laid the groundwork for our present corruption? Hername was Madalyn Murray O’Hair. She with her family worked feverishly to getGod out of America. The rest of this writing is an excerpt from Wikipedia the freeEncyclopedia. You may read of her life and her “work” and her outcome. I concludeby stating,-“That God is not mocked”!

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