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attracting wealth

attracting wealth



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Published by Janus

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Published by: Janus on May 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Law of Attraction Info
 Attracting Wealth
Articles onThe Law of Attraction,Wealth, and Prosperity 
Thanks to all the contributing authors.
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Law of Attraction Info
©Copyright Law of Attraction Info 2004
“No man [or woman] is free until he learns to do his ownthinking and gains the courage to act on his own personalinitiative”
~Napoleon Hill~
The Universal Law of Attraction
What do you think of when you hear the word "attract"? How wouldit feel to be able to ATTRACT what ever you would like INTO yourlife? It's possible. You can come to depend on the Universal Lawof Attraction,just has you have cometo depend on the PhysicalLaw of Gravity.You may have heard the Law of Attraction referred to indifferent ways throughout your life, but it has no doubt shownup. Here's a few ways we have talked about it...1. What you sown you reap.2. What you put out you get back.3. Like attracts like4. Law of supply and demand5. What comes around goes around.6. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:77. Emerson called it the Law of CompensationCatherine Ponder, author of the Dynamic Law of Prosperity
file:///Users/bmelloh/LOA%20INFO/AW/aw.htm (2 of 81)5/27/2004 4:13:49 PM
Law of Attraction Info
defines the Law of Attraction like this: "What you radiateoutward in your thoughts,feelings, mental pictures,and words youattract into your life."Abraham-Hicks, defines the Law of Attraction like this: "Thatwhich is like unto itself is drawn." Yes, like attracts like.What does this mean for you? It means that when you are focusedupon what you WANT to create in your life you will attractthat....and when you are focused upon what you DON"T WANT tocreate in your life, you will attract that too. It means thatyou are indeed a magnet,and it means that you are a magnifyingglass. What you focus on gets bigger...and comes to youquickly.You may have had the experience in your life where you havewanted something very badly, and out of that passion, out ofthat pure desire, you were able to create it. There was nostopping you. You believed that it was to be,and you did notdoubt that it was to come into your life. You said YES! tohaving that “something" come into your life.You may also have had the experience in your life where you havewanted something very much, and have not been able to create it.Think about money for a moment... You want very badly to createthe flow of money into your life, but you don't. You say, Iwant more money...but I hate paying bills, I hate that othershave it and I don't, money is evil, or you just focus on thefact that you indeed can't create it. You take action, you ask,you pray and it still does not show up. You focus on the factthat it's not here, you focus on the lack of money in your life.What do you think you will create?So,if like attracts like....and you focus on the negatie aspectsof anything, or focus on what you do not have – you will createmore of what you do not have. If you focus on what is, you willcreate more of what is. If you focus (and sometimes we do verystrongly) on what you DON'T want in your life, for example, Idon't want cancer...I don't want poverty...I don't want this orthat or this or that....you are saying NO to it,and that as wellwill bring it into our lives. What we give our attention to
file:///Users/bmelloh/LOA%20INFO/AW/aw.htm (3 of 81)5/27/2004 4:13:49 PM

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