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Published by Brendan Schmidt

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Published by: Brendan Schmidt on May 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BLACK. NARRATOR SPEAKS1Screen is BLACK as the NARRATOR speaks to the audience.Sounds of LEAVES in the WIND can be heard in thedistance.NARRATORIt is the root of all our feeling.Humanity's most basic of emotion - thedesire for more. Yet something so simple,binds humanity to one. A consciousnessuntouched by our trifling rules. Manyhave sought the meaning to existence; theone tether that ties everything together.Many speak of deities as this means. ButI speak of more treacherous ventures;those whom are mortals amongst the gods.Testing the very meaning of what is to bealive. And it is in these Trails of theMind, we see the limitless power of thehuman imagination.Brief pause for title fade-in.Over Black - Trials of the MindNARRATOR (CONT’D)We begin near the end.Over Black - The EndFADE-INEXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY2The camera opens on ANDREW ESNER, 18, standing outside inthe city streets. The sound of LEAVES and WIND fade asthe effects of EXPLOSIONS take precedent. Andrew thinksto himself as war thunders in the background.ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHTWhat am I doing here? I once spoke ofhappy endings, only to find reality a saddisposition to a chaotic future. I fearthis will be the end. It’s just a feelingI can’t shake. But the end to what is thequestion?Andrew looks around, in an attempt to find somethingfamiliar.
EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY3Off in the distance a shock-wave hits the streets causingthem to buckle down into the sewers.The smell becomes overbearing, causing Andrew to fall tohis knees. The feeling is like a brick being forcedthrough his body.ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHTI need to collect myself - focus Andrew.In an attempt to do so, he sits back calming his body and mind. He inhales harmoniously - soothing his senses. Hebegins to count to himself. Each count causes his focusto shift to a sight of a dead super, done in by the mysterious villain.ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHT(CONT’D)One.EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY4A flash happens showing the audience the corpse of Naut,38. Sprawled out dead amongst the rubble.ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHTTwo.INT. METRO CITY BUILDING - DAY5A second flash happens, this time showing the dead bodyof Vanessa hooked onto a scrap metal piece hanging from abuilding.ANDREW’S INNER THOUGHTThree.The third and final flash occurs showing the audienceMausk, 26, dead. His head pulverized by a layer of curedconcrete.EXT. METRO CITY STREETS - DAY6From across the street the Super, Titan, 34, emerges from the back streets dressed in a Super’s costume. A blueline over the black cloth runs from his waste up to hischest where is splits and runs down each arm-forming a T.2.
TITANEsner!Titan runs across the street. Touches Andrews shouldersto sooth him. Andrew’s eyes open as he looks up at theSuper.TITAN (CONT’D)Andrew, we need to get moving, you don’tneed to be around this any longer.ANDREW ESNER(emotionless)They’re dead, Titan. Naut, Vanessa, evenMausk.TITANI know, but we cannot focus on that rightnow. There will come a time where we can,but now is what we need to concernourselves with.ANDREW ESNERDeath was their end and it should be mine. We cannot leave with so many dead,Titan.TITANIt’s not safe for you Andrew.ANDREW ESNERIt’s not safe for any of us. It wants us,it wants me. Why should more have to diein cause of my existence?TITANBecause you’re not ready to face thosedemons yet. You are young, life has justbegun for you, why even tempt fait?Andrew walks away and more into the city. Titan SIGHS athis stubbornness.TITAN (CONT’D)There will be many times to die, Andrew,does it really have to be this one?ANDREW ESNERWhat better time than the one where it matters? You know that Titan.Titan walks to Andrew and become parallel with Andrew.3.

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