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6.23.08 102.7 KISS FM (Los Angeles, CA) Cool Shades)

6.23.08 102.7 KISS FM (Los Angeles, CA) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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102.7 KISS FM -- On Air With Ryan Seacrest (Los Angeles, CA) -- 6/23/08DJs: Ryan Seacrest and Ellen Kay
Ryan: This guy owned the cougar vote. He owned the cougar vote.[
David and Ellen laugh
]Ellen: He owned every voteRyan: He owned-- that's right. He owned the tween vote.David: YeahRyan: And the cougar vote.Ellen: Didn't you say ninety seven million voted?Ryan: Did I say that?Ellen: I think it was...David: I think so.Ryan: Ninety seven and a half or something.David: Point five.Ryan: Yeah that's rightEllen: ninety seven and a half million.David: Don't forget that point five. They'd be very upset.[
Ryan laughs
]Ellen: That's a half a million people. That's a lot to leave out.Ryan: Your American Idol David Cook is with us this morning...David: Good morning.Ryan: ...on KISS FM. And remember that day. That was a long day at the Nokia.And that was a moment. And I, I looked up. And I said "David." Hold a beat. And Ilooked down at the name, and I thought: "Oh, it's Cook."David: You did hold a beat there, Mr. Tivo, didn't you? [
]Ryan: And, I, yeah-- you know, I had no idea, just for the record. Because peoplesaid to me: "You said: 'And the winner is...'" BANG! Right when the Tivos cut off.
David: Yeah, yeahRyan: If I
to plan that to time out...[
David laughs
]Ryan: ...I couldn't. That was pure coincidence. I mean, you know. We werestandin' there...David: Oh yeahRyan: It was a coincidence.David: It was one of the funniest things, though. Like when, the first time I heardthe story and, and actually got a chance to watch it, I mean...that kinda stuff'sfunny to me.Ryan: It literally...David: So it was hilarious.[
Ellen laughs
]Ryan: The tivo time -- the window -- stopped, I don't know, right, right when I said--David: It was either before "The winner is..."Ryan: It was right at the end of the show.David: It was right there...or...Ryan: Or it was "David."David: ...right after you said "David."Ellen: After David.David: YeahRyan: It was something you couldn't have planned if you tried it!Ellen: Oh my God.Ryan: Anyway, it's good to have you...David: Good to be here.Ryan: Back with us and see you again. What adjustments have you had to makesince winning this competition?
David: Uh... [
] ya' know honestly...I, I don't feel like I've had to make any.Um...I feel like I'm still the same person, it's just I get to do some cool things, andtravel, and...I got to go to New York after the finale for the first time and, and uh,and had a blast. So for me it's just uh, it's kinda...sensory overload more thananything.Ryan: Has it still sort of, just, I mean-- has it even resonated that you are on that listnow?[
David laughs
]David: Of being a winner on American Idol? Because you didn't even want to tryout-- originally you didn't even try out for the show.David: Yeah. I-- you know, no. I, I mean it--Ryan [
]: It's still-- it's real.David: It hasn't really--I haven't internalized it at all. It's just kinda...I, I just feel like Iget to, uh, I'm like the luckiest guy on earth. I get to do somethin' I love to do. Andthen...uh, occasionally, like in ten second spurts, I usually think about it. And then itweirds me out, and I have to go do somethin' else. So...Ryan: Cuz remember Ellen...Ellen: Uh-huhRyan: ...the story...Ellen: YeahRyan: He, he came to the auditions initially to support his younger brother Andrew.Ellen: YesDavid: YeahEllen: I remember.Ryan: And then David ends up auditioning -- doing OK...Ellen: Mm-hmmRyan: Then it's Lionel Ritchie night. And then it's...[
David laughs
]Ryan: ...you're the American Idol.

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