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Published by dboudagh

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Published by: dboudagh on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An excellent businessman and/or manager must be very professional and have a high sense of  professionalism at all times with no exceptions. This includes, but is not limited to, talkingeloquently with others, getting things done with external organizations from all over the world,always dressing sharply, and just having a certain sense of confidence radiating at all times.Strengths:My professionalism is very strong. Physically speaking, I usually dress casually but not to theextent of not being able to enter certain situations. There is a time and a place to where basketballshorts and a hoodie, and there are times where a pair of slacks and a button up are necessary. Itry to be cosmopolite, and understand what's going on around me. Former bosses havecommented on this strength numerous times. While working at Fedex and Champion Group,wearing jeans was not an option. When dealing with customers and dealing with high end clients,the client must be comfortable with whom he/she is dealing with and attire is one of thecomforting variables. I have very set goals that I will follow through with my life. Taking intoregard that entrepreneurship requires much professionalism; the
Entrepreneurship OrientationAssessment
showed that I am a highly potential entrepreneur. I have a high need for achievement. I am motivated to accomplish goals in a professional setting. At the age of 18, Istarted my own “business” buying Porsches, doing work to make them run smoothly and work  better, and selling them. I have been involved in a lot of different jobs and environments and because of that I enjoy seeing the skills that I have acquired to one day open up my owncompany where I utilize and use all the skills that were learned. Being confident enough to purchase those Porsches was one thing, but having the know how and the experience to makethem appealing and being able to resell them makes it all worthwhile.Weaknesses:Professionally speaking, I am not very flexible to others' ideas. It is hard for me to see whereothers are coming from, yet that is what I need to do in order to make the work place fair. Also Ican listen to others ideas, its just being able to put my ideas aside is the tough part. It is difficultto accept and understand their ideas when the only one that is being really and truly thoughtabout is mine. I know that professionalism requires having a bit of flexibility. This ties in toleadership as well. In addition, the
Are You Self Empowered? Assessment
showed thatalthough I can be self-empowered, I tend to be very negative at times. Being negative can be a burden on the other people that I can work with. It can strain relationships as well as stall work that should be getting done. But being that I realize this, I can change and work on that aspect aswell.
Leadership is the ability to influence and manage others in effectively getting tasks done.Leadership involves a hardworking individual who stands up for what they believe in andunderstands when and how to use their power to positively control a group of people. Goodorganizational and communicational skills are a must in this area.Strengths:In my
Leadership Style Self Assessment,
I interpreted that I had a high score in leadership toget a task done. As the leader, I will do anything for something to be completed through focusand determination. In addition, a leader must be persuasive, organized, and have a sense of  professionalism-- I definitely carry all three of these inclinations. The
Personal Power Profile
supported my leadership characteristics. In fact, according to the assessment, I scored just above
average in utilizing all five dimensions of power (reward power, coercive power, legitimate power, referent power, expert power). I can give a great example that underscores my leadershipskills. I was the chairperson of the AYF Chapter in San Francisco and there were severaloccasions where some members weren’t following procedures and needed to be relieved andresigned out of the organization. I used different types of power to influence others. I had toschedule meetings with the member at hand and let them know straight out that they needed toeither sign a letter of resignation or be banned from the organization due to lack of attendance aswell as help for the community that all the other members had been doing and showing. I believethat leadership involves this sense of likeness and one must
the fact that they are leading agroup of people; I know I definitely did. Lastly, in the
Global Readiness Self Assessment,
Iscored above average, meaning that I am receptive towards global mindset, global knowledge,and global work skills. I understand many standards of different cultures and can be respectful of cultural differences. Working, and particularly
 people from different cultures and backgrounds is not a problem for me.Weaknesses:The
Leadership Style Self Assessment
pointed out that I had leadership concern for the task, but it also showed that I was only average in leadership concern for the people. This shows thatwhen I am in charge or when there is a task to be done, I cannot sit there and wait for someone tofigure themselves out before I get my work done. Everyone needs to be on top of their game inorder for everything to work. I know that all leaders must think conceptually and realize to think outside of the box. Sometimes it is difficult for me to do so, I need to be able to be more openand understanding to other peoples circumstances and be able to see what they are goingthrough. If I can do that, then the people I work with will be able to be more open and vocalrather than shut off and reclusive. That is one major flaw that I need to work on, I need to be ableto understand that not everyone is the same and just because they see the goal it doesn’t meanthat they are fully focused and ready to take on the task at hand.
Conceptual Skills
As a manager, one has to be able to understand where they are working and be able to add on tothat company and understand who they are working with. Analytical observations, along withconceptual interpretations, can make or break a company. Conceptual skills involve seeing the big picture, without that vision and that sight to see the big picture, many operational ideas andgoals cannot be met at all.Strengths:I am very analytical when it comes to decision-making. I try to look at every option before jumping into anything and I have to analyze the situation before making a big decision. For example, I do not just throw my money into a vehicle that I know I cannot make any profit outof. I first have to see what the pros and cons are about it and see what type of return I will getwith all the extras also added to it. I tend to be objective and try my best to see the big picturewith outcomes to certain situations.Weaknesses:Overall, I scored very low on the
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
and the
InnovativeAttitude Scale
. It is hard for me to understand the big picture, even though I do believe I try my best in doing so. Sometimes, I tend to over-analyze the little things and thus not understand the
 big picture. Basic logic and over-analyzing situations override my ability to have innovativeideas, and I understand that this can be a hindrance in managerial positions. I lack in thecreativity department overall, and I know that I can work on this by self-improvement andcritical thinking classes, seminars, and books.
In any kind of setting, communicating well is a very important aspect for everyone in general.Communicating with students about classes, communicating with friends about social events,and most importantly, communicating with coworkers and bosses about jobs, are all differentsettings in which we must correspond well with each other. Communicating well involveshaving an open mind, speaking about what’s on your mind, and listening clearly to others with agreat deal of understanding.Strengths:In my opinion, I believe that I have strengths in communicating to people face-to-face or evenvia other means (email, phone…etc). I believe I am better at communicating verbally, though,since I feel that emotions, interactions, and other things can be taken up verbally rather than, for example, via email. Verbally, one can emphasize what’s being said and also change perspectivesand offer extra information more easily. An example of this would be as follows: if someoneasked me about my favorite subject in school via email, I would just type in an answer, send it in,and wait for a reply. However, if it were done verbally, I would be able to answer him withinteractions, and speak clearly about my subject if more questions were asked on the spot. Nonetheless, I tend to say what’s on my mind, no matter who the latter person is and our meansof communication, and back up my words with evidence and support. For example, if a friendand I are having a political conversation about whom we might vote for in an election, I willgladly argue my side of the spectrum. More importantly, though, I will let my friend argue hisside and listen carefully to what is being said. I try to never look down at another person and judge them because of their ideals. In addition, it is important to always communicate with asense of understanding where the other person is coming from. For instance, if I amcommunicating with a narrow-minded native from my home country who does not clearlyunderstand essentials of democracy, I will not get angry with their point of view. Incommunicating, I try to “put myself in the other person’s shoes” and at least try to understandwhere they are coming from, and hope that their ignorance is only ephemeral. This concept tiesin with the idea that communication involves having a very open mind. In fact, my
DiversityAwareness Assessment
score supports this aspect. I am comfortable with how I feel incommunicating my thoughts and feelings in a setting and sharing responses about diversity. Onanother note, I also have an amazing ability to utilize appropriate communications technology. Ican use various computer softwares (such as word processors, slide show editors, and evenmessaging programs) that definitely expand my knowledge in communication. I can easilyorganize communications into these programs, especially for times when verballycommunicating is not a possibility.Weaknesses:As much as I believe that I have much strength in communicating with others, I believe that I donot communicate as strongly when talking to a group of people. Class presentations, thus, are aweakness of mine. Sometimes I assume that I am not getting the respect I deserve if I am in frontof a classroom or group of people. I think to myself, “What if someone is not listening andthinks I am boring?” which leads to me becoming nervous and jittery in communicating in front

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