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Twitter Paper 498

Twitter Paper 498

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Published by scasta86

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Published by: scasta86 on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Twitter: A Case Study Of Best Practices 1Running head: A Case Study of Best Public Relations and Marketing Practices on Twitter Twitter: A Case Study of Best PracticesSergio CastanedaCommunication 498University Of Illinois at ChicagoSpring 2010
Twitter: A Case Study Of Best Practices 2Twitter has become an undeniably important facet of communication in the currentdigital age. Since its inception many people have used Twitter as a means to communicate withfriends, people and companies from across the world. Interestingly, Twitter lends itself tomultiple forms of communication. Besides the aforementioned forms of interpersonalcommunication, Twitter also serves as a platform for mass communication. Celebrities,companies and other public entities have seen Twitter’s potential as a form of disseminatinginformation to a mass audience simultaneously. Because of its ease of use and growing level of  popularity, Twitter has become an important outlet for public relations practitioners as a way of reaching and connecting with their publics. It is estimated that one in five internet users are nowon Twitter (Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2009). Along the same vein of newspapers,radio and television, Twitter has now become an avenue for sharing information on a mass levelfor many people. The purpose of this case study is to explore ways in which this is happening.There are two main underlying motivations for this case study. From a personalstandpoint, I want to further explore the way that public relations and marketing operate in adigital media landscape. As a potential career path, I want to be able to study the practicalaspects of this field as it is happening today. This in turn will help me further advance myunderstanding of public relations as a career. At the same time, this would allow me to presentmy case study as a way of showing a working understanding of this practice to potentialemployers. Furthermore, this case study contributes to the scholarly literature about publicrelations in the 21
century. This topic is applicable to the communication research becauseTwitter is a form of new media and thus has an ongoing importance in our field.An important starting point for creating discussion about the Twitter phenomenon is byexamining Twitter’s impact today. A report by The Hubspot organization entitled “State of theTwittersphere”, (2010) specifically analyzes Twitter’s users and how they utilize the service. As
Twitter: A Case Study Of Best Practices 3of January 2010 Twitter had approximately 5 million users. The report states that while Twitter’sgrowth has slowed in the recent months, the users that remain are more dedicated and avid usersof the service. This slowing rate of growth would indicate that Twitter’s diffusion as atechnology is approaching the “Late-Majority—Laggards” phase, according to Everett Rogerstheory of how new technology spreads. This point would seem to be corroborated by the report’sassertion that many of Twitter’s 5 million users have now become more engaged and involvedwith the service. Additionally a report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project (2009)found that the median age of Twitter users is 31. This gives interesting insight into the potentialof Twitter. Most Twitter users are adults who are at a point where they have a stable job and highamounts of disposable income. Twitter provides an underlying and untapped market audience for companies who can reach this purchasing power in a new way.Other entities have noticed Twitter’s potential. Late last year, Google announced thatthey would begin to index tweets into their search engine results. (Google Blog, 2009). Thisresurgence of attention on Twitter proves its importance as a communication tool on the internet.Users who search for corporations’ names and related keywords on Google will now be exposedto their tweets. This creates a potential new audience for these companies. Their impact of their tweets is now more significant than ever and the way that they attempt to connect with their audiences on Twitter merits further examination.
 Literature Review 
As a rather recent emergence in the field of communication research, there is not a greatdeal of previous study on Twitter. The few studies and research that have previously examinedTwitter are somewhat limited in their results because there are few other studies to compare them

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