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People Soft Bundle Release Note 9 Bundle16

People Soft Bundle Release Note 9 Bundle16

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Published by rajiv_xguys

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Published by: rajiv_xguys on Mar 10, 2010
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 
1748569001EAM: AMDPREPT Allocating PeriodDepr incorrectly on DB2The Load Depr Reporting table program nowallocates period depreciation correctly in the DeprReporting table.1772099002AMDPREPT inserts rows intoPS_DEPR_RPT_CF_SUM and thendeleting the rows, if the value of On-LineReporting switch is blank.The Load Depr Reporting Table program nowworks correctly even if the on-line reporting flag isclear.Conversion1775121001AM:AMIF1000 gives incorrectCustodian_DEPTIDThe AMIF1000 Transaction Loader program nowpopulates the Custodian table with the correctCustodian Dept ID.1752354002EAM: Depreciation with Limit code isnot calculating correctlyThe Depreciation process now correctly calculatesdepreciation with limit code.1763920003AM:Unique constraint in AMDPCALCafter BKS to F1 methodWe resolved the unique constraint error that wasoccurring in the Depreciation process when themethod was changed to F1 through BKS.1767527001Depr calc process giving a uniqueconstraint (SYSADM.PS_DEPR_TMP4)violated error on RET after the assetwas adjusted to zero.The Depreciation process now enablesdepreciation calculation to complete successfullyfor RET transactions after an asset is adjusted tozero.1770808003Depreciation: Cannot Find Schedule.The Depreciation process now enablesdepreciation calculation to complete successfullywhen you add an asset to a new schedule.1775980003EAM: Unique Constraint in AMDPCALCon PS_DEPRECIATION After REIWe modified the Depreciation calculation processto resolve the unique constraint error that wasoccurring when a Prior Period Depreciation [PDP]was being inserted upon reinstatement with a lowlimit value.DepreciationJuly-08
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft FMS, ESA and ALM products since the FMS 9.0 Bundle #15Amdprept processAssetManagementCopyright Oracle Corporation, 2008. All rights reserved.Page 1 of 1
 
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft FMS, ESA and ALM products since the FMS 9.0 Bundle #15Depreciation - Bonus1771313002AMSEC101 - is hardcoded for the deprlimit codeWe added the Depreciation Limit Code field to theSec101 Extract/Report page. This field is visibleonly when the Prepare for Depreciation option isselected. The added field eliminates the hard-coded depreciation limit code value of LIM2001-011767544002EAM - Unique Constraint error whenrunning AMALLOC - INSERT INTOPS_DSTLN_IU_TAOWe added a TRANS_TYPE field to the AMALCsystem transaction and modified SQL inAM_IU_PRCS so that the AMALLOC processcompletes successfully.1773975003AM: BKS transaction on tax bookschanges the last trans dt of the CORPbookA BKS transaction on the tax books now changesthe last transaction date of tax book alone.1776732001Peoplecode error in consolidate assetswhile doing search on Department IDWe modified PeopleCode to display the assetswhich can be consolidated upon searching byDepartment ID.Interface1772529001EAM: AMPS1000 creating negativeadjustment from second voucherThe AMPS1000 program no longer creates anegative adjustment from the second voucher,which is created by copying the remaining partialquantity from the noncapitalized PO/Recv.1763610003EAM 8.8SP1: Asset History ReportErrorsThe Asset History report now shows the correctvalues based on the year for which the report isrun.1770948001AM : In AMLE2200 and AMLE2100report the assets are not sorted by theAsset ID.The Reports AMLE2200 and AMLE2100 is nowsorted by asset ID.FunctionalityReportsAssetManagementCopyright Oracle Corporation, 2008. All rights reserved.Page 2 of 2
 
These release notes reflect application updates for PeopleSoft FMS, ESA and ALM products since the FMS 9.0 Bundle #15Reports1774072002Allow migrating customers to use OracleTIMESTAMP datatype for PSDATETIMEand PSTIME.We added date and datetime wrappers to theDate and Datetime fields--a change that preventserrors from occurring when you migrate PSDATEand PSDATETIME data types to database-specificdata types.Retirements1766653001EAM 9: Retirement Issue with MultipleDeptidsWe modified PeopleCode so that retirement withmultiple department IDs completes successfullywithout any errors.Update/Delete PendingTrans1772303001Invalid decimal value error whendeleting a pending transaction in adocument sequencing Business Unit.We modified PeopleCode so that deleting apending transaction in a document sequencingenabled business unit now successfully saveswithout any errorsUpgrade1771289001EAM 9: amps1000 roundS to 3 decimalsWe modified the AMPS1000 program so that itrounds the cost and amounts to the correctdecimal place.1765971002CA_BP_SCHEDULE is updated withincorrect amounts when later events arereadied on milestone bill plans forprepaids.We modified the application so that when yousave the bill plan of a prepaid that is applicable toa specific rate based contract line, the entries thatare created in the Bill Plan Schedule(CA_BP_SCHEDULE) now have correct amounts.1772814001Incorrect error msg on As incurredbilling- RUN_CA_BI when Letter ofCredit IDis populated and Bill To is notWe modified the message description of theMessage Catalog entry (9851,135) so that theapplication generates a correct message when BillTo is missing on the Contracts Run Control page.BillingAssetManagementContractsCopyright Oracle Corporation, 2008. All rights reserved.Page 3 of 3

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