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Ross Jeffries - Sensual Access - How to Seduce Women With Your Computer

Ross Jeffries - Sensual Access - How to Seduce Women With Your Computer



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Published by CDamionHarper
Ross Jeffries - Sensual Access - How to Seduce Women With Your Computer
Ross Jeffries - Sensual Access - How to Seduce Women With Your Computer

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Published by: CDamionHarper on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PREFACEThe concepts and suggestions in this book are based on the psychological principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In anutshell, it teaches you that feelings andemotions are generated by mental processespeople go through. When you feel love of,attraction to someone, you have gonethrough a set of mental processes whichmade you feel that way,An interesting thing about NLP is that youcan recreate specific feelings in someone bydescribing that process to them in detail. Asyou do so, they naturally access theexperience you're describing to them, andalong with it come all the feelings they hadduring that experience.This gives you the ability to producerepeatable results as far as making peoplefeel the way you want them to. Perhaps youcan recall a time when a woman wasattracted to you, and you didn't quiteunderstand why or how it came about. Whatwould it be like to discover the formula forattracting women, and having the flexibilityto apply that formula under any set of circumstances ... pretty strong feeling, isn'tit?One of the things NLP will allow is for youto elicit a woman's criteria, which 'is like aroadmap to whatever emotional states youwant her to experience. Armed with thatroadmap. you can follow the road that leadsto emotional bliss, having her fall madly inlove with you if you so desire.To use this book effectively, you first needto master the foundation and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I cannotteach that here, as entire volumes have beenwritten just on that subject. However, sinceyou find yourself wanting to have a solidunderstanding of the principles behind thisbook, you're going to be compelled to learnmore about these principles, as I have.I first became interested in NLP afterattending a short seminar by Ross Jeffries onSpeed Seduction. The concept fascinatedme, and as a result I went out into the realworld to practice the little that I knew. I wascaught by surprise by how well hisprinciples worked, and this was despite thefact that I had only scratched the surface of what there was to know about the subject.As a result, I took his weekend "Secrets of Speed Seduction'' seminar, and learned a lotmore about the subject.I strongly recommend that you gain a solidunderstanding of the principles of SpeedSeduction before you attempt what's in thisbook. It's important you learn how to adaptthese principles to the situation andcircumstances you encounter, rather thanmemorizing the limited examples I give you.Basically, while I can show you what myactions were given a certain set of circumstances, I cannot teach you how Iformulated my plan. As you find yourself wanting to formulate your own plan, youwill realize that the following materials aregoing to change your life-How To Get The Women You Desire IntoBed(a book by Ross Jeffries)- - or better yet - -Secrets of Speed Seduction Home StudyCourse(Complete 10 hour Ross Jeffries course)
available from
Straightforward Publications11918 Millpond CourtManassas, VA 22111-3283703-791-6421Keep in mind that I wrote this
book as aresult 
of studying the above. I can only layout the roadmap for you; it is you who mustfeel that desire to follow it now, and reap alifetime of rewards.INTRODUCTIONWe are all living in the "Information age",like it or not. What we all agree on is that itcontinues to expand by leaps and boundseach year, with no end in sight to thetechnological advances being made. As aresult, the price of computers continues tonose-dive to the point where PC's arebecoming as common a household item asVCR's or CD players.So why should any of this matter to us?
, that's why! It just so happens thatcomputers continue to capture the interest of more and more women than you everfathomed. As 'it turns out, many of thesewomen sit at home on their computer,"chatting'' with computer nerds who don'tknow how to ask them out!That's where Sensual Access comes in. I'mgoing to show you how to put yourcomputer to work at tapping thatunexploited gold mine of women. So, ratherthan sitting on the sidelines complaining,come and join in on the computer revolution... it can be a lot of fun, if you know how toplay the game. I'll show you how to givemeaning to computing, by turning yourcomputer into a Speed Seduction social tool... the medium by which you will meetexciting, eager and willing women.Take this book and use it to propel youforward into the hot and exciting world of computer bulletin board systems. Ratherthan starting from scratch and learning thehard way, you'll be able to use my tried andtrue shortcuts to get right down to thebusiness of Speed Seduction. It is a rare treatin life to have the roadmap to an opportunity... yet you can feel confident in knowing thatI've made this trip successfully many times.Above all, enjoy what the computerrevolution has to offer; women.GETTING ONLINE
What is a BBS system?
Computer bulletinboard system, more commonly known ascomputer BBS's or just BBS's, share severalthings in common. First, they all allow you(users) to call in using a phone line. Thatmeans if you have a home or office phone,you're already halfway there toward callingyour very first BBS system! What you willalso need is a computer (any brand) and amodem. The modem is just a smallinexpensive gadget which allows thecomputer to communicate over the phoneline.
 How fast a modem?
Modems come inseveral speeds, and for BBS use you caneven get away with using a slower 2400baud modem. This should cost you no morethan $39 new. If you don't mind spending alittle bit more, a high speed (14,400 baud)modem will cost about $125 these days. Thebenefit of high speed modems is that theycan transfer data, or characters, six timesfaster than the 2400 baud one. At 2400 baud,the computer 'is transferring roughly 240characters per second and at 14,400 baudthat jumps to 1,440 characters per second!Neither you nor I are able to read that fast,yet a high-speed modem can be justifiedwhen you want to start transferring colorpictures of BBS women! These large files

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