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Assignment No:-1 of Computer Architecture

Assignment No:-1 of Computer Architecture

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Published by sud3200

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Published by: sud3200 on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Assignment No:-1Of 
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Lect. Kuljeet kaurName:- Shami
Redg no:-10811543roll no:- D3803A17
Q1. Identify at least two application areas (discuss their roles also) for a)Encoder/DecodeANS:- Encoder/Decoder:- an encoder is a digital circuit that performs the inverseoperation of decoder . An encoder has 2 power n input lines and n output linesApplication of encoder are as given below:-1)By using encoder we can produce n number of outputs e.g of an encoder is the octalto binary encoder.Decoder:- an decoder is a digital circuit that performs the inverse operation of encoder .An decoder has n input lines and 2 power n output lines.Application of Decoder are as given below:-1)By using Decoder we can produce 2 power n number of outputs example of anDecoder is the NAND gate decoder in which we can produce 2 to 4 line decoder.2)Enable inputs are a convienent feature for interconnecting two or more circuits for the purpose of expanding the digital component into a similar function but with moreinputs and outputs.(b)Multiplexers/Demultiplexer ANS:- Multiplexers/Demultiplexer:- A multiplexer is a combinational circuit thatreceives binary information from one of 2 power n input data lines and directs into asingle line.(c)Flip FlopsQ2. Discuss the basic logic behind counters i.e. how will you obtain 1000(8) from 0111(7)? Howwill you implement the same? How many flip flops will be complemented in a 10 bit binarycounter to reach the next count after 1001100111?ANS:-By adding one bit to the 0111(7) we can obtain the 1000(8) or by complementing the0111(7)0111 0111 compliments is 1000 i.e 1’s compliment+ 1------------------ or 1000-------------------Reverse the case is compliments of 1000 is 0111 Q3. What will happen if buffer gate in the clock input of the register is removed? What is therole of clear and load signals in designing register with parallel load?Ans:- Buffer gate is mainly used for storage of temporary data whereas flip-flop stores only one bit either 0 or 1. Clock is common to all flip-flop. If buffer gate in the clock input of the register is removed then the new input will be entered but it will be produces load on the register and will become confusing for the register from which input output is produced.Clear Input goes to a special terminal in each flip-flop. When the input goes to 0 all flip-flops arereset asynchronously. The clear input is useful for clearing the register’s to all 0’s prior to its

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