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Homework 3 Course Instructor : Ms. KULJEET

Homework 3 Course Instructor : Ms. KULJEET

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Published by sud3200

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Published by: sud3200 on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homework 3 Course Code: CAP 211Course Instructor :
Course Tutor:Date Of Allotment : 5
NOV 2009 D.O.S : 20/11/09Student Roll No. : D3803b53 Section No.: D3803
I declare that this assignment is my individual work .I have not copied fromany other student’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement inmade explicitly in the text not has any part become written for me by any other person. KEWAL KRISHAN KAPOOR Evaluater’s comments____________________ Marks Obtained ___________ Out Of ____________ 
PART-AQ1. How is I bit useful in determining the type of instructionAns:
We can explain that how I bit is useful in determining the type of instruction.As consider the instruction code format shown in fig(a) below:(i) It consist of a 3 bit operation code,12 bit address , and an indirect address mode bit designated by I .the mode bit is 0 for a direct address and 1 is for indirectaddress. A direct bit address instruction is shown in fig (b) it is placed in address22 in memory . the I bit is 0, so the address is considered as direct addressinstruction format, the op code specifies th add operation .the address part is the binary eqivalent of 457. the control finds the operand in memeory at address 457and adds it to the content AC.(ii)The instruction in address 35 shown in fig(c) has amode bit I =1 therefore it isconsidered as indirect address instruction. The address part is binary equuivalent of 300.the control goes to the address 300 to find the address of the operand. Theaddress of the operand in this case is 1350.the operand found at address 1350 isadded to the content AC. (a)15 14 12 11 0IOPCODE ADDRESS(b)15 14 12 11 0I111 Registereference(c)15 14 12 11 0I111 I/Oreference
Q2. Why is micro programmed control better than hardwired? Identify somesituations when hardwired is preferred.Ans:
There are two types of control organization one is hardwired and the other is micro programmed.In a micro programmed control the control information is stored in control memoryand the control memory is programmed to initiate the required sequence of microinstruction. So when we want to change or want to do modification or updation then it will be done by updating the microprogram in the control unitwhereas in the hardwired control the contol logic is implemented by usinggates,flip flops,decoders etc and all the wiring among the various components will be need to change when we want to do any modification or updation.So that’s why micro programmed control is better then hardwired control.But there may be condition where no large instruction set is needed or no futureaddition of the instructions is needed then we may use hardwired control instead of micro programmed control. For example traditionally asewing machines stitch   patterns and awashing machine's wash programs were implemented as hardwired, usually mechanical, controls. In modern machines, these are instead implementedas software which controls a computer which controls the machine hardware. Thismakes it possible, for example, to download additional stitch patterns for a smallfee or upgrade a machine without having to buy a complete new machine.
Q3. Show the contents of E, A, Q and SC during the process of division of twobinary numbers, 10100011 by 1011.Ans
:Divisor B=1011B
+1 = 0101 Where B
is the Complement of BEAQSCDividend in AQ 010100011100Shl EAQ101000110

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