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I'Ve Played This Over in My Head

I'Ve Played This Over in My Head

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Published by api-26060621

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Published by: api-26060621 on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I've played this over in my head before and decided there are two lifestyles. Nomadic and Static.
 The following considers staking out a territory for a "homebase" where one is secure for the rest of his days. It also assumes "the grid" is down. No electricity or internet, some plumbing works.
Pre-Phase Phase
Before Anything: Sanitize the bathtub and fill it while you still have running freshwater. Eat Exotic Fresh Fruits while they are around. They come from so faraway that, odds are depending where you live, you will never ever get to have Banana, Pomegranite, Starfruit
or Mango again in your life. Savor every bite.Make Fruit Leathers and Freeze what you cannot stomach to consume. You will also need to bone up on Vitamin C while you're doing the most work.
Unless you plan on maintaining and protecting cows for the rest of their/your life... you're unlikely to have a fresh glass of cold milk ever again. There aredehydrated milks (Klim) but it's not the same.
Bacon. Eat all of what you can find. Cook it all up and dehydrate what you cannot stomach. Even if you hate it. You will never have the opportunity toconsume bacon again.
Phase 1 - Fuel for your Future
 The world is going to be vastly different in only 5-years time. Buildings willcollapse from non-maintained roofs. Cars and Trucks won't operate off of stalefuel. Uncut lawns will overgrow and cripple streets along with freeze/raincycles. Animals will grow unchecked and rampant predation will resume.Insects will rule the fields. There is no more weather channel, internet or foodstore. It will become an inhospitable world very shortly, you need to prepare.
Refined Gasoline and Diesel will be useless in 2 years. You CAN make yourown fuels (Combustion/Steam, Biodeisel) but there is a simpler answer.
Propane is everywhere and it's
shelf life is longer than yours. Walmarts,Home Depots and Millions of Tanks behind people's homes, half full fromthe previous Summer's
BBQ Season. Safely, stockpile the conventionaltanks (using trucks while they're still useful) making sure to properlymaintain them. Hydrostatic test facilities may be found in dive centers etc.
Wikifact: North American propane is stored in salt caverns located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada; Mont Belvieu, Texas and Conway, Kansas.
If you're lucky enough to be near gas stations with those huge aboveground tanks, secure passage to them and secure their protection. Mapout every one of them in a 50-mi radius. Expend the furthest ones first. O-Rings and valves can corrode and fail on the conventional ones, but thebig boys aren't as likely to fail. Don't ever think about moving them.
Store canisters away from your domicile but within reasonable distancewith good ventilation. Keep Oil-Based paint nearby and paint them everyfew years to stave off rust.
Go out and find Propane Powered Appliances. Forklifts, Bobcats,Refrigerators, Lanterns, Ovens, Weed Wackers, Generators. You'll need toknow the location of nearby warehouses, camping supply stores.
 Yes, if you really want to you can dick around with Solar Panels / Wind Turbines and work on a battery farm and keep some modern conventions.DVDs will work for 10-40 years depending on the press and plastics used.
Keep growth down inside the compound. The rest of the world will becomeovergrown, last thing you want are a ton of thornbushes
and poison ivyinvading your space. Keep your paths clear with weedwackers
andmachetes. The roads won't completely overgrow in your lifetime, but atleast clear the cars out of the way with bulldozers while you still can.
Phase 2 - Secure your Food
 There's a ton of food still around in the world that'll be good for the nextdecade. Rice and Beans, Canned Fruits and Veggies.
 The AverageDomesticated Human relies on these foods and cannot subsist "off of the land."
One of the first things you should consider doing is getting a freezer farmup and operating off of generators (or using propane freezers which can befound for RVs.) Scour the lands for processed meats, hoping that they'restill in a frozen state. Fruits, Veggies, Variety. Nobody will be farming thesethings anymore and odds are,
the world will eventually become tooinhospitable for you to maintain a farm without insects plaguing it.
Stockpile sugar, salt, active dry yeast and flour for baking and makingpreserves. If farming
possible, get seed stock, fertilizer and pesticides.
Sysco Trucks are refrigerated and can probably stay cool a week or two,and are likely chock full of the meals you'd otherwise be served afterthey've been microwaved
at Olive Garden, Johnny Carino's, Applebees, TGIFridays, McDonalds, etc. etc. If they haven't been looted already, they'rea great solution to a "freezer farm." Now that you have all the time in theworld, figure out how to use RV Propane Freezers to keep these trucks cool.Move them to your home, reinforce them in concrete and keep them free of bugs and animals. Build on elevated ground to avoid flooding.
 The Nearby Ocean may become tarnished in 2-5 years as runoff fromhumanity's downfall pours off the coasts and out of the unmaintainedsewers. If you're a sailor and can sail out a couple miles for some mahi-mahi to freeze, that's awesome. Also, after the death of Gasoline, you canprobably rig a Propane-Powered Weed-Wacker
to be an Outboard Motor fora boat. However convenient this is, always be prepared to man the oars.
Hunting is useful if you know what you're doing. Avoid protein poisoning byeating fats. Cook well-done, always. There's no cure for food poisoning now.
Find a nearby river where no humanity is upstream for your water source.Use a Propane Forklift to carry a water
back in a large container. Treat itwith Chlorine Dioxide, Bleach or use Ceramic Filters. There's probably stillusable water in water towers but no telling if whatever killed humanity hascontaminated those. Activated charcoal can remove tastes and odors too.
Incinerate your leftovers (there shouldn't be any...) to keep down on insectinfestation. If you're in a pinch, dig a hole in the ground somewhere dry.

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