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6767099 HACKING Getting Credit Card Numbers and How to Use Them

6767099 HACKING Getting Credit Card Numbers and How to Use Them

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Published by sangayyauk

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Published by: sangayyauk on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting Credit Card Numbers AndHow To Use Them
COPYING: You're welcome to distribute this document to whoever youwant, post it on your website, on forums, newsgroups, etc, AS LONG asyou DON'T (DO NOT) MODIFY it at all.SHOUT OUTS: I would like to give a shout out to ever one on #PV-WarezEpidemik, Kumra, Violator, Same3R and Plague-Viper
DISCLAIMER: This document is intended for educational purposes. The author (FalconSwoop) is not responsible for your actions in any way.
I would like to state that I got a lot of this information from a document by DIzzIE Ihave never actually done any of this credit card stuff I do not take responsibility atall for anything-Falcon SwoopIf you can’t tell from the title, this file teaches you how to get credit card numbers.Why get credit card numbers? Well, if you can’t answer that, I don’t think youshould really be reading this.The Fun World of Dumpster Diving.Just put on your swimsuit and dive right in. Just make sure that the dumpster isbehind a popular store that has un-coded credit card numbers on the receipts.Popular stores are Nordstrom, Robinson’s May, and Albertson’s. If you find onereceipt and the card number is coded (has the annoying little astrek marks ******)then don’t bother looking for more receipts in the same dumpster, unless thedumpster has receipts from other stores which don’t have encoded credit cardnumbers. Other good places to dumpster dive besides stores are the dumpstersbehind restaurants. Those receipts often have the person’s name and address too.Credit Card Generators.Those are programs that generate false credit cards numbers that still passthrough most checks. Credit card generators are especially good to use whenordering stuff online. To find credit card generators just got to your favorite searchengine and type: “credit card generators,” or “credit card numbers.” A couple goodgenerators are “Credit Card Wizard v1.1” and “Fraud3r,” Fraud generates aphony address too.Stealing Numbers on the Job.
Get a job at a popular clothing store, where lots of people use credit cards. Whenthe person hands you their card you can:a)
Place a piece of play-doh under the counter and press the card against it, sothat all the information is copied.b)
Attempt to memorize the number. Yeah, like you can memorize 16 numbers.c)
Write down the number from the sales receipt.Which ever method you choose, make sure to do it away from the security cameras.The safest method is probably a).Mailbox Raiding.Go to an area where there are a bunch of houses (not apartments), and themailboxes are left unlocked. Look inside every box and feel the envelope. When youfeel a small, hard, rectangular shape take the envelope and look inside. BINGO!Now you have a brand new card. You can actually use this card in stores becausethe person doesn’t even know he has a new credit card. Or if he does he’ll call thecard company, they’ll say that the card has already been used, then you’re in deepdog excrement. So, use the card in stores for about a week, then start using it online,until it’s canceled. Then when the person gets a new card you can get that one too!Blue CarbonsBlue carbons are exsact copys of the credit card you will need blue carbons used in acredit card transaction at your local department store. These can usually be foundin the garbage can next to the register, or for the more daring, in the garbagedumpster behind the store. But, due to the large amount of credit card fraud, manystores have opted to use a carbonless transaction sheet, making things much moredifficult. This is where your phone comes in handy.First, look up someone in the phone book, and obtain as much information aspossible about them. Then, during business hours, call in a very convincing voice -"Hello, this is John Doe from the Visa Credit Card Fraud InvestigationsDepartment. We have been informed that your credit card may have been used forfraudulent purposes, so will you please read off the numbers appearing on yourVisa card for verification." Of course, use your imagination! Believe it or not, manypeople will fall for this ploy and give out their credit information.Now, assuming that you have your victim's credit card number, you should be ableto decipher the information given.Recognizing information from carbon copiesCard examples:
Explanation:MM/Y1 is the date the card was issued, and MM/Y2 is the expiration date. The
American Express Gold Card has numbers XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX,and is covered for up to $5000.00, even if the card holder is broke.
Explanation:XXXX in the second row may be asked for during the ordering process. The firstdate is when the card was new, and the second is when the card expires. The mostfrequent number combination used is 5424 1800 XXXX XXXX. There are many of these cards in circulation, but many of these are on wanted lists, so check these first.
Explanation:Visa is the most abundant card, and is accepted almost everywhere. The "*VISA" issometimes replaced with "BWG", or followed with a special code. These codes areas follows:
[1] MM/YY*VISA V - Preferred Card[2] MM/YY*VISA CV - Classic Card[3] MM/YY*VISA PV - Premier Card
Preferred Cards are backed with money, and are much safer to use. Classic Cardsare newer, harder to reproduce cards with decent backing. Premier Cards areClassic Cards with Preferred coverage. Common numbers are 4448 020 XXX XXX,4254 5123 6000 XXXX, and 4254 5123 8500 XXXX. Any 4712 1250 XXXX XXXXcards are IBM Credit Union cards, and are risky to use, although they are usuallycovered for large purchases.Testing creditYou should now have a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card number,with the victim's address, zip code, and phone number. By the way, if you haveproblems getting the address, most phone companies offer the Address TrackingService, which is a special number you call that will give you an address from aphone number, at a nominal charge. Now you need to check the balance of credit onthe credit card (to make sure you don't run out of money), and you must also makesure that the card isn't stolen. To do this you must obtain a phone number thatbusinesses use to check out credit cards during purchases. If you go to a departmentstore, watch the cashier when someone makes a credit card purchase. He/she willusually call a phone number, give the credit information, and then give what iscalled a "Merchant Number". These numbers are usually written down on oraround the register. It is easy to either find these numbers and copy them, or to waituntil they call one in. Watch what they dial and wait for the 8 digit (usually)merchant number. Once you call the number, in a calm voice, read off the accountnumber, merchant number, amount, and expiration date. The credit bureau will tellyou if it is ok, and will give you an authorization number. Pretend you are writing

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