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The Affair (Part Four)

The Affair (Part Four)

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Published by Elisa
Riley is starting to regret her choices mroe and more, lettign the guilt eat away at her for what she has been doing. Has she finally made a choice?
Riley is starting to regret her choices mroe and more, lettign the guilt eat away at her for what she has been doing. Has she finally made a choice?

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Published by: Elisa on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Rye, you okay? You haven’t spoken a word since you got here?” His arm rubbed my shoulder,keeping me warm as I lay next to him.I had wanted to end it. To tell I’m it was over and to move on from each other. But whenhe answered the door; his eyes lighting up to see me there for just him. All thoughts of leavingvanished.The next thing I knew, I was in his arms; being led to the bedroom for another one of our sexual encounters. Nothing was said, and nothing had to be said. I was just there for the sex atthat moment; to feel like I was worth something when I felt like I was screwing up everything.“Rye?” he stopped rubbing my arm, as if it was distracting me from answering him, andmoved it to my waist. He was now holding me like we were some normal couple, instead of two people sneaking around.“Drake, why did you let me stay with you that night?” I looked down at his chest,keeping my focus on his body and not the way his eyes were analyzing my face.“You were upset, and I wasn’t going to send you back to your place while it was empty.Rye, do you regret coming over?” he was apprehensive when he asked this, like he didn’t want toknow the answer to this question.“No, I’ve just been thinking about how this all started. That’s all.” I kept my head focusedon his chest still, trying to keep myself calm when I thought about what was going on.It was quiet after that, both of us thinking about the others thoughts. The silence wassuffocating, with neither of us wanting to say a word.What was I doing with him?“How long till Tom comes back?” His hands stopped moving on my body, rubbing andtouching me like I wasn’t really there. He had decided to be the one to stop the lack of noise between us.“Not sure. He doesn’t know yet, and he has limited time to call and check on me.” Ifinally looked up at him, deciding that I needed to see how he was reacting to this.“That’s going to make this harder, but I can live with that. How about we go and getsome food then?” he started to get out of the bed, grabbing a pair of boxers off the floor as hesmiled to me and started to pull them up.“Drake, it’s nearly eight. Where are we going to get food?” I sat up slightly, ignoring thedull pain I felt in some places as he went through his draws and pulled out some clothes.“We’ll find somewhere. Come on.” He smiled at me again; his face lighting up as hethought of some place where we could go and hang out like two love struck people.Love struck? No. I wasn’t love struck; just infatuated with him. I needed to end this. Stopthis behavior and be the grown up for the two of us.“I have work tomorrow, and Tom will call soon. I need to get back home.” It was a lie;Tom wasn’t going to be able to call me today, he had told me so during our last talk. But I neededsome time to think, to sort out what I was going to do now that Tom was out of town again.“You’re lying Rye. Now get that dishy arse of yours out of bed and into some clothes sowe can get you food. I’ll drop you off at work tomorrow, and Tom will never be the wiser  because he is out of town.”He stared down at me, positive that our plan would work perfectly and that I wouldcomply with what he wanted for this one mad moment he was having.I didn’t move yet; just kept staring at him to see if he was serious about this. To see if hereally wanted to go out somewhere at this exact moment, and act like some real couple. Not like two ex-lovers who had some odd relationship. Not a girl who was cheating with
her lover while she had a boyfriend she loved. Not a guy going out with the girl who wassupposedly in love with someone else, and yet cared for him as well.Just a couple.I got out of the bed with ease, ignoring the dull pain I felt in my back and thighs. Igrabbed the pair of kickers I had worn here, and that had been carelessly thrown somewhere inthe middle of our small time slot together, and pulled them on.I dressed quickly, into some outfit I had stashed here incase of emergencies, and took hishand. For now, we would be a couple.Even if I felt like I was hurting all three of us with this small act.“Oh Tom.” I ran into his arms, jumping up as my legs wrapped around his waist and hesupported me in our little hug. It had been one whole month since he left of his trip, and I wastoo excited to not keep my display in check.“I missed you Rye.” his mouth was on my neck, the words tickling my skin as hewhispered them to just me.The entire world seemed to be at a standstill as we stayed there in our embrace; his handsholding me up while I was just hanging on to him for dear life.“I missed you too.” I replied without a second thought.And it was true, somewhat. I’ll admit that while he was gone I stayed with Drake. That Ihad gone out on a few dates with Drake, and we had even gone out with friends on group dates.He had even been with me to Penny and Sean’s wedding rehearsal. Dancing with me andlaughing as our group laughed and practiced the dancing steps.Shit, the wedding.“Tom, we have to get a present for the weeding. It’s in a week.” I hopped off him,grabbing his hand and leading him to the baggage claim so we could go and shop soon.“Relax Rye, the wedding is in a month or so, right?” he hurried with me as best he could,chuckling at how emotional I was getting at someone else big day.“One week, and we have no gift. Penny will kill me if I don’t bring something. Sowelcome back sex will have to wait.” I came to a halt to where we needed to wait.“We have time Rye.” His hands worked on my shoulders, trying to calm me down as Ithought about what I would do about this urgent situation at the moment.“Still have time love. How about this?” his fingers pressed deeper into my skin, makingme gasp as he started to relieve the tension I had kept built up since he left me. “We go home andhave one or two quick rounds in the shower and hall, then we go out and get whatever the ruddyhell Penny and Sean want. Then come back and go for a long round of pleasure.” His mouthhovered over my ear as he whispered his idea in my ear lowly; doing all that he could to makeme cave in.“Gift then sex.” I tried to stick to my guns on this idea, but the way his fingers pushedand pulled at the muscles in my shoulders. His mouth kissing my neck and trying to persuademe; inching closer and closer to the spot Drake has used to get me to do what he wanted.“Oh, Dr- Tom.” I moaned quietly as I melted to his touch even more.Fuck I had almost said Drake’s name. I had almost fucking said Drake’s name while with Tom.I had almost said Drakes name combined with a moan!Shit.
“So, what do you say?” He seemed unfazed by what I said, or had even almost said, like Iwasn’t about to moan out someone else’s name instead of his own.“All right, but we have to get their gift today.” I turned to face him, to search his face for any hint of anger or pain at my almost remark.I saw none. Just a guy happy to be home with his girl, and wanting to make it up to her for being gone so long.God! Why had I almost slipped up? Why had I almost hurt him in ways unmentionable,even though this has been going on for months now? God Rye, how could you be so stupid?“Rye, you okay?” A hand was stroking my cheek, bringing me back to the real world andout of my internal thoughts.“Oh, I’m fine. Just trying to think of what I should do to you.” I smirked, or what I hopedlooked like one as I took his hand and lead him over to where his bag had been waiting for us of some minutes.“I like the sound of that.” He grabbed his bag quickly, before leading us off to where mycar waited for us.“She better like our gift.” I whispered to Tom nervously as I saw all the other presents laid out onthe perfectly done table.I placed our gift on the table next to one with bright ivory wrapping paper on it. I couldsee Emily and John’s name scribbled in hurried handwriting on top of some pale pink sticker thatwas placed on the top of the big box.Figures they would get her something big.“Rye, relax. It was on the list, so she should like it.” Tom whispered in my ear calminglyas he guided me away from the table and over to where we could sit down at our assigned table.“Rye, what’d you think? Any ideas popping in your mind?” Alice winked to Tom and meas we sat down at the same table as them.“Unlike some people, I don’t plan my wedding years in advance. Though I did like thewild flowers she had all over.” I gestured to the small center top that was in the center of our owntable.“What else would we go with?” Penny beamed at us as she walked over in her dress,lifting up the white and embroidered skirt so as not to trip.It was classic, and yet it wasn’t. The top was heart shaped with designs and beads goingdown to the top of the skirt, and then continuing halfway to the bottom of the dress. The skirt being pleated in parts with small beads designing flowers at the areas; then a delicate tiara in her  pulled back hair topped off the look.It was Penny’s style.“White? Penny, I hate to break it to you, but that color is a little too pure for you.” Lenasnickered behind her hand as she nodded to the dress.“My mum’s idea; she still thinks I’m a virgin.” She shrugged her shoulders off handedly,not really fazed by what her mum thought of her.“Besides, aren’t all of you wearing nonwhite for her?” Sean appeared next to his newwife, resting his head in the crook of her neck as he smirked at us; amused with our small group.“How is it all of us seemed to wear these un-pure colors?” Emily looked at us around thetable we were seated at, trying her hardest not to snicker as we all looked at our own dresses.“There is nothing wrong with a black dress.” I countered casually as I moved closer to

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