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Lokas or Planes

Lokas or Planes

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Published by shaileshkaran

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Published by: shaileshkaran on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lokas Or Planes: The Seven Planes
By Sri Swami Sivananda
). Tapasvins dwell inTapoloka.If you keepdifferent kinds of  lights in a room such as kerosene oil light,  mustard oil light,petromax, candlelight, electriclight; the various lights interpenetrate in the room. Even so, theLokasinterpenetrate. Each plane has its ownmatter of an appropriatedegreeof destiny,which interpenetrates thematter of the plane next below it. Theastral plane, or  Bhuvarloka, interpenetrates theearth planeand extends for some distance beyond it. Themental planeinterpenetrates theastralbut also extends further  intospace than does the latter. Thevibrationsof the astral worldare more rapid or  quicker than those of the physical plane. Thevibrations of themental planeare more rapid or quicker than those of theastral plane.Thevibrationsof the Satyalokaare more rapid or quicker than those of themental plane. In each planethe souldevelops a new and higher senseof power.When you pass from one plane to another you do not move in space.You simply change your consciousness. You change your focus of consciousness. You can have different sorts of visionthrough thetelescopeor microscopeby using lenses of different degrees of   potency or power. You have got differentvehicles within yourself which correspond to different planesand which can function in different planes. In thedreaming stateyour astral bodyfunctions. In thedeep sleep stateyour  causal body  functions. Even so, in theastral planeyour astral bodyoperates, in themental planeyour  mental bodyoperates, in the Brahmaloka your causal body functions. Each plane is formed bymatter  of different degrees of density. In the mental plane thematter is subtler  than in theastral plane. In thecausal plane thematter is subtler than the matter of mental  plane. The planes occupy the same positioninspace.Heavenis here.Brahmalokais here. Have a different vehicle or body and a different subtler eye. You can function in any plane.In the physical planeone getsknowledgeof objectsthrough the five Jnana-Indriyas or  organsof knowledge, viz.,ear , skin,eye, tongue, nose.In themental planeor  heavenhe does not hear, see and feel by separate and finite organs. He gets aDivyaChakshus or  divine eye, an extraordinary new power or faculty. He can hear, see, feel and know everything of an object instantaneously, through this newmental eye. He gets an accurateand perfectknowledge of allobjects.He is not deceived or misled by any external appearance. There is no misunderstanding.
Inthe mindall the powers of all thesensesare blended. Mindis a mixture or compound of all theorgans. It can hear, see, taste, smelland feel. He can get everything by mere Sankalpaor willing. If he thinks of a celestial car , it is there before him at once. If he thinks of a place, he is there immediately. If he thinks of a person, he is before him at once. There is no distance for him. There is nofeeling of  separation for him. He reads the thoughts of others. Hence, questions and answers are notnecessary in themental plane.The interchange of ideas is very quick. He can know the past and thefuturealso. He is endowed withclairvoyance and clairaudience. He can simultaneouslymanifesthimself in various forms. Heavenis a plane of enjoyment only. It is a place toreapthe fruitsof one’s goodKarmas done in theearth-plane. One cannot do freshKarmasthere. He cannot attainMokshaor  thefinal emancipation from there. He will have to come down to this earthagain for  trying for hissalvation.Indra, Varuna,Agni, etc., are the originalDevatasor godsof  heaven. There areKarma- Devasalso here. These are men who have raised themselves to the status of  Devas  throughmeritoriousactions done in theearth-plane. ADevahas a luminousfirebody. Firepreponderates. TheDevas exhibit different degrees of brilliance in accordance with different degrees of advancement.There is neither day nor night for aDeva, or an inhabitant of themental plane, or  heaven. He is neither sleeping nor waking. When he entersheaven he experiences intense happiness.This is hiswaking state. He sinks into a state of  unconsciousnesswhen the term of life inheaven terminates. Brahmalokais the world of Brahma or Hiranyagarbha. This is also known by the name Satyaloka.Those who go bythe pathof  Devayanareach this plane. Those who perform meritoriousactions without expectation of fruitsand who lead the life of  purityand righteousness and those who worship Hiranyagarbhaand all realised Bhaktas will go to this realm. They attainKrama-Mukti or progressive emancipation.They enjoy all theDivine  Aisvaryas of theLordand in the end of thecycle mergethemselves inPara Brahman  along withBrahma, theCreator . BrahmalokabecomesVaikunthaor appears asVaikuntha for adevoteeof Lord Hari. It  becomesKailasaor Sivalokaor appears asSivalokafor adevotee of Lord Siva. It is the attitude that works.
* * *This was an excerpt from the book What Becomes Of The Soul After DeathbySri Swami Sivananda.

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