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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

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Published by: api-26616562 on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Romeo and Juliet 
Act II summaryName________Josef_______________________Prologue:
Now that _____ Romeo _______________ is in love with ________  Juliet____________,he has forgotten his old love, Rosaline. However, because the two lovers are from enemy families,he does not have access to her, and she does not have the means to _________meet___________ him anywhere.
Scene 1:
Romeo’s friends search for him, but he leaps over an orchard ___ wall _________________. Thefriends try to get Romeo to reveal his hiding place by saying rude things about ______Rosaline ______________, but he is not in love with her any more, so it does not work.
Scene 2:
In the ______Capulet ____________’s orchard, Romeo sees Juliet talking to herself and isoverwhelmed by her beauty. He compares her to the ____ sun_  _______________ in the east. Hesays her eyes are brighter than ________light ____________. He says he would like to be a _________ finger___________ on her hand so he could touch her cheek. He calls her a bright ________lightning ____________ from the heavens. Juliet, unaware of Romeo’s presence, says a ___________name_________ is not really a part of a person and therefore not important. Evenso, Romeo is afraid she will not accept him because his last name is ______ Montague ______________. Juliet is afraid her ________relatives____________ may findRomeo and kill him. She asks Romeo to ______leave______________ his love to her, but thenchanges her mind, thinking their actions are “too rash, too _______sudden _____________, too _____________ harsh _______.”They finally agree that Juliet will send a messenger to Romeo at ____ nine_  _______________ o’clock the next day, and Romeo will send word to Juliet if heintends to _________marry __________ her.
Scene 3:
At the beginning of the scene, ______ Friar Lawrence ______________ is gathering plants andherbs. He mentions that even weak flowers have both ________ poison ____________ and ______ medicine_  _____________ in them, just like people, who have both grace and rude will.When Romeo tells him that he wants to _________marry___________ Juliet, the friar cannotbelieve that Romeo has changed his mind so suddenly. However, he agrees to perform theceremony because it may turn the two ________households ___________’ hate into “pure ______ love ______________.”

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