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ABC You Can Draw - Art Teachers Exercises and Notes

ABC You Can Draw - Art Teachers Exercises and Notes

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Published by afiliadosvmms
Art Lessons for Graphic Designers with Black Line Masters
Art Lessons for Graphic Designers with Black Line Masters

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Categories:Types, Maps
Published by: afiliadosvmms on Mar 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discover the 6 step system that will haveyou creating beautiful drawings, even if right now, you can
t draw a stick figure!
If you can hold a pen you CAN draw!
Use this simple proven step by step system.
Everything you need to get started is available
s begin at the beginning... 
GOOD NEWS FOR YOU parents, students, designers, business people and this list continues...
In fact ANYONE who needs to understand the basic skills of drawing but doesn't know where to start. At last! a
Surefire proven skill based system 
that cuts the time you spend trying to get started with your drawings.Discover the simple skill system taught to over
2,000 art and design students, teachers and illustrators over the past 18 years 
These unique techniques get you in full control no matter what your current skill level.
Get maximum impact from your ideas quickly, easily, and confidently! Case study: - Trevor a designer from Brisbane 
A word or two from me to you. 
Jenni Gibson - Trainer and Professional Illustrator, Brisbane - Australia 
 Dear friend,If you want to learn how to create drawings that are satisfying, useful, and that get the results you want toachieve... then this could be the most important message you've read all year.The good news is
You can start at
level and learn to draw easily. I know I’
ve seen it time and time again.
Jenni You have saved me more that you can know... I 
m delighted to say that business is up and clients are happy. Your 6 secrets made all the difference 
Ever since your drawing workshop, I've been amazed at the difference to my work. The 6 Secrets and principals you taught me are the foundation of great work. They are truly necessary to be effective.
It is imperative that I am able to work effectively at the source, and that means,
In the past I lost designs because I could not draw well enough to pass on a concept to the client.
Inspiration for designs come in an instant. Now I can draw and capture that essence of a unique structure. For me personally, it has made a huge difference both now and 
in my future. I bring to the client more than they expect and with that my confidence
Thank-you. Jenni,
http://abcyoucandraw.com/?hop=vmms60Page 1 / 10
You'll soon discover how to create drawings that are skillful and fascinating ... artworks that are uniquely yours,professional, and a pleasure to display. You won't be frustrated by trying to transfer your ideas from yourthoughts to your canvas when your creativity gets into gear.There are times when you MUST be able to put something on that page!You'll soon see the ability to draw is a skill that can be learned.There is a formula that works.And now it's never been easier. Here's how...My name is Jenni Gibson, and I am an artist and author with many skills which are all related to the ability to
draw. I also have many years of teaching behind me in Schools and Universities and I still do commissionedwork and have clients.
So what have I done that qualifies me? 
I am an
Author and Illustrator 
with published works commissioned by several publishing companies.
 I also write Design, Multimedia and IT Courses for colleges andschools.Teaching subjects include:Nationally accredited training subjects in Dip GD, MM, ITDrawing
technical and commercial illustrationDreamweaver Intro and Advanced web developmentFlash Intro and Advanced animation and interactive projectsFreehand Intro and AdvancedFireworks Intro and AdvancedCorel Draw Intro and
InDesignPhotoshopWeb authoring and CSSMultimediaI have been the
Art Director and Editor 
for an
internationally recognized company
and the
Project Manager and Editor of a prize-winner in the Asia Pacific I T & T Awards
So what really qualifies me:-
This, Students from a Multimedia Degree who sent me a card with this inscription inside 
Now this is the stuff of real qualification.
s place all that aside for now because that is not why you are here.
My First Student 
The very first student I taught was
and so drawing seems very natural to me.
I have watched others attempt to do these things that I find so pleasantly effortless and have noticed that nearly
all people go about it in a different way.
For this reason I produced a series of workshops
which begin right at the very beginning.
http://abcyoucandraw.com/?hop=vmms60Page 2 / 10
If you can hold a pen in your hand, you can learn to draw well
Even if you can
t draw two simple lines you
ll be able to improve by using these exercises.I have taken people
of all ages
from preschoolers to people in their 70s
and in 20 minutes or less
I wouldsee the light come on in their eyes when they suddenly realise
that this process works
works for them
 and that they can, despite all previous experiences to the contrary,
draw in ways that are pleasing to them.
s a simple case study in picture format.
Pandanus Palms are palms with leaves that cluster at the top of the branches and can be complex to decipher
in relation to perspective and proportion as the pictures above show.Confidence with line placement dramatically improves the look of any drawing.
So just how do you develop this all important confidence? 
One of the first secrets is
learning how to work without an eraser
Knowing where to place the pen inthe first place is one of the secrets to being able to draw
Confidence allows you to draw with flourish andthat sense of unleashing your creative flow.It was evident that so many
people did not have the opportunity to take time out and seek a greatteacher to impart enough knowledge to get started
There are great art classes you can attend but many people are too embarrassed by their level of skills to front
up to an art class.
There are great art books you can buy but they usually begin at a level which is already beyond the reach of
many developing artists. In frustration you may just stay where you are with limited or negligible skill and decide
that anything more is just beyond you.
The foundation of knowing how to draw with confidence is of immense value
to graphic designers,web developers, school teachers, painters, business people, hobbyists, interior designers, creativeprofessionals, parents, students, teacher aides and school librarians in fact anyone who want to draw.
Why did I write these books in the first place?
I was illustrating a set of books for a publisher who asked me how I got so good at drawing. I told him.
He said
Would you like to write a series of books for us?
I said
I wrote the series.
I hold the electronic rights. I now make this series available to you at a fraction of 
the cost of the printed books and I
ve added some other goodies to go with.
 In response to a request from a publisher for whom I was illustrating a series of books, I decided to create myown drawing exercises based on a workshop approach, except you can follow these successfully without aninstructor.
The concept is to allow you, the student, to draw what you see orwhat your
s eye sees
I spent over two years documenting the methods that I teach
and how to best get the fundaments across
to students without needing me to be present in person.
This allows for everybody to have the samebeneficial instruction no matter where you are.
Using these exercises at workshops
I was able to determine that 100% of the people
working with theseparticular exercises
were able to draw past their initial expectations.
http://abcyoucandraw.com/?hop=vmms60Page 3 / 10

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