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Bella and the Cullens Reunited

Bella and the Cullens Reunited



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Published by Alexus Jones
What happens when the Cullens come back?
What happens when the Cullens come back?

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Published by: Alexus Jones on Mar 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella and theCullens Reunited.
Bella p.o.v.
It has been weeks since Edward and hisfamily had to take care of some business inDenali. I didnt know when he was coming backbut I knew he was. I sat at the table with someof my human friends. "When is Edward comingback?" Mike asked as if he cared.Mike was glad Edward was gone. "I dont knowbut hopefully soon"I said and laid my head inthe table. 15 minutes had passed. ThenI heard a velvet and musical voice call myname. "Bella!!!!" I looked up and saw Edwardwith his arms open. I smiled a huge smile.I got and ran without tripping into his arms. Iwrapped my legs around his waist. He spun mearound. The tears started to fall.He smiled. "I have missed you so much!!"Igushed. "I missed you too" I said. Everyonewas staring at us. I didnt care. He lookedinto my watery eyes. Then he pressed his lipsto mine. We stood there like that until I heardEmmett's voice. "Are you going tokiss him all day who are you going to give me ahug?" Emmett boomed. I let go of Edward and
have Emmett a hug. He gave me abear hug. I laughed. Then Alice came in. "Donteven think your going to skip me!" She said.After all the hugs we sat down at theold table. I would not leave Edward. He wouldntlet go of me. Then Mike got angry. He cameover. "Are you going to play withthese freaks or are you going to come backover to our table?" He scolded. Edwardgrowled. "I think I am going to play with theCullens" I said. They all laughed. They soundedlike music. He glared. "Why do you have tocome to this school? There are millionsof other schools in the world but you just hadto choose this school!" He complained. "Whatwe do is none of your business!"Edward growled. "Run along now. Dont comeback either"Emmett said. He just stood there. Jasper got in his face. He looked scary."Do you really want to play that game withus?"He said. Mike nodded. Man was he S-T-U-P-I-D. "You really dont know what yougot yourself into" Edward laughed. This time Ilaughed with him. We all got up. "Watch yourback because you wont even know whathit you" Rosalie said. The bell rang. Edwardand I headed off to Biology. We walked in andtook our seats in the back. Mr.Molinawalked in. "Welcome back Edward" He said.Edward smiled. "Thank you" Edward said sugar
sweet. When class started, we didnteven pay attention. We just stared into eachothers eyes. Smiling at each other. Jessica sawus and raised her hand to tell on us."Mr. Molina will you tell Edward and Bella tostop staring at each other like idiots?"Shewhined. I glared at her. He smiled."No I will not. Edward and Bella you areexcused from my class"He said sweetly."Why?" Jessica demanded. "Look at them andtell me what you see. I see love. Let them betogether. Leave them alone."He said. "Thankyou Mr. Molina"Edward said.He smiled and went back to teaching. wewhispered to each other and laughed quietly.We never were too loud. We would kiss attimes. Then class was over and it was time togo home. Edward walked me to my truck. "WillI see you later?" I asked."How about I pick you up when you get homeand then we could go out, just the two of us?"He said. I smiled. I loved that idea."Yes!"I said. He laughed. He leaned in andkissed me. I wrapped my arms around hisneck. For a first, he didnt stop. We kissed untilEmmett got mad. Then I went home. Charliewas still at work. It was 30 minutes than therewas an knock at the door. But itwas Mike. "What do you want?" I demanded. "Iwas wondering if you wanted to go out

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