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PBOR New Pension Scales

PBOR New Pension Scales



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Thanks to MoD / PCDA(P)
Thanks to MoD / PCDA(P)

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Published by: navdeepsingh.india8849 on Mar 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 MOST IMPORTANT CIRCULAROFFICE OF THE PCDA (PENSIONS), DRAUPADI GHAT ALLAHABADCircular No.430 Dated: 10.03.2010.To,1. The Chief Accountant, RBI, Deptt. Of Govt, Bank Accounts,Central office C-7, Second Floor, Bandre- Kurla Complex, P BNo. 8143, Bandre East Mumbai- 4000512. All CMDs, Public Sector Banks including HDFC Bank3. CMD ICICI Bank4. CMD IDBI Bank5. CMD AXIS Bank6. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal7. The Defence Pension Disbursing Officer8. The Treasury Officer9. Pay and Accounts Officer10. Pay and Accounts Office, Govt of Maharastra, Mumbai11. The Post Master Kathua (J&K), Camp Bell BaySubject: Improvement in the pension to bridge the gap in pension of Pre01.01.2006 and Post 01.01.2006 discharged Personnel BelowOfficer Rank (PBOR) of Armed Forces.-----*-----*-----
A copy of Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. PC10 (1)/2009-D (Pen/Pol) dated 08.03.2010 on the above subject is forwarded herewith forinformation and necessary action which is self explanatory.2. The above Government letter provides improvement in pension to bridge thegap in pension of Pre- 1.1.2006 and Post 1.1.2006 discharged PBOR of the ArmedForces.3. The revision of pension as per the above Government Order is to take effectfrom
and payment is to be made in a time bound manner at the earliestin any case within 2 to 3 months
4.1 The provisions of the Government letter, however, do not apply to theCommissioned officers and their families and to all family pensioners of PBOR.These orders also do not apply to UK/HKSRA pensioners, Pakistan and Burma Armypensioners.
4.2 The provisions of this letter, do not apply to JCOs granted Hony.Commissioned rank of Lieutenant and Captain in Army and equivalent rank in Navyand Air Force vide Para 5.1 of MOD letter dated 08.03.2010.4.3 These order also do not apply to Reservist Pensioners.
5.1 These orders apply to the PBOR pensioners discharged prior to 1
January,2006 and who were/are in receipt of the following types of pension as on
-(a) Service Pension(b) Special Pension(c) Invalid Pension(d) Ordinary Pension/Mustering Out Pension to Pre 01.06.1953 retirees.(e) Service Element of Disability Pension(f) Service Element of War Injury Pension(g) Service Element of Liberlised Disability Pension.These orders also apply to TA personnel and non combatants (enrolled)(NC’s (E)) of regular Army and Air Force and Ex-State Forces Pensioners drawingpension as on 1.7.2009 under the respective Pension Regulations as well aspension rules of erstwhile state forces and under various orders issued from time totime.5.2. Special pension/Invalid pension/ Service element of disability pension inrespect of PBOR discharged with less than 15 years qualifying service and servicePension to TA personnel irrespective of their qualifying service would also need tobe revised in terms of these orders by Pension Sanctioning Authorities. Specifictable indicating revised rate of pension for the purpose have not been prepared.PDAs will refer such cases to PSAs concerned as per specimen given in
to Ministry of Defence letter dated 08.03.2010 .5.3. Similarly revision of Service element of war injury pension and Serviceelement of liberalised disability pension cases will also be required to be done by thePSAs concerned. Such cases will also be forwarded by the PDAs to the PSAsconcerned through respective Record office in the enclosed Annexure- B to Min ofDefence letter dt.08.03.2010. The addresses of Record offices are given below
to this circular.
Revision of Pension with reference to Pension Tables Matching of ExistingPension.
6.1 PDAs are required to revise the pension on their own as per these tables afterascertaining the qualifying service and rank and group for which pensioned from theinitial grant PPO matching Existing Pension as shown in relevant columns of thetables
without calling or waiting for any applications from the affected
Existing pension as on 01.01.1996 in respect of Pre- 96 pensioners isthe same as shown in RCP Column of respective Tables to MOD letter No. 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Sers) dated 14.07.1998.There may be instances where Existing Pension in these cases may notmatch because of either of the following reasons: -(i) PDAs may not have revised pension w.e.f 01.01.1996, correctly as per ibid-MOD letter No. 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Sers) dated 14.07.98 and w.e.f 01.01.2006 underorders of improvements in pension vide Circular No. 350 and under 6
CPC ordersas contained in Circular No. 397. In such cases, correct amount of RCP may beascertained as per MOD letter dated 14.07.1998, MOD letter No. 14(3)/2004-D(Pen/Sers)/VOL-V dated. 02.05.2006(Circular No. 350) and MOD letter No.17(4)/2008(1)/D (Pen/Policy) dated 11.11.2008 (Circular No. 397 dated 18.11.2008).(ii) Pension may have been sanctioned as per special orders of the Governmentin individual cases.6.2 Existing Pension of Post 1.1.1996 and Pre 10.10.1997 pensioners and Post10.10.1997 pensioners will be the one as notified in the original Pension PaymentOrders issued by PSAs. For this, PDAs have to carefully see the relevant PPOs ofthe pensioners for matching the pension notified in PPOs with the existing pension(EP) shown in the Pension Tables.6.3 The Government had also merged 50% of DR as Dearness Pension (DP) withbasic pension w.e.f 1.4.2004. Therefore the appended tables indicate theimprovement rate of pension with as well as without Dearness Pension (DP) as perMin of Defence letter No. 14(3)/2004-D (Pen/ser)/Vol-V dated 02.05.2006 circulatedvide this office circular No. 350 dated 19.05.2006 which has been paid by the PDAsare also shown separately.6.4 Consolidated / Revised pension (Annexure –I or Annexure –III) of MOD letterNo. 17(4)/2008/ (1)/D (Pen/Ser) dated 11.11.2008 (Circular No. 397 dated18.11.2008 VI th CPC) is also shown separately. Wherever the revised pension asper Circular No. 397 dated 18.11.2008 is not matching with that shown in theenclosed tables, then exiting revised pension may be revised and corrected. Suchcorrected pension should be then used as the basis for pension revision as per thepresent circular.
Qualifying Service.
7.1 The PSAs have shown qualifying service rank and group for pensioner .forwhom PPOs have been issued since year 1988. Therefore the qualifying service canbe ascertained from the PPO and revised pension as appearing against thequalifying service as per last column of relevant table can be arrived at and paid.7.2 In the case of pensioner who was discharged prior to 1988 or in cases ofdischarge in 1988 on wards, where the qualifying service for which pensioner waspensioned is not available from records, the PDA may ask the pensioner to producehis discharge certificate (IAFA-369) where qualifying service rendered is endorsed.In such a case, the PDA will also match the pension paid to pensioners at different

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ShivcharanDas Sharma added this note
Ex.210296 Sgt. Shiv Charan Das Sharme Group 1 Length of Service(1950-1968) 18 Years. E-mail : scdsharma@gmail.com Kindly intimate me my pension entitlement. Thanks.
ShivcharanDas Sharma added this note
Sir, I am Ex.210296 Sgt. Shiv Charan Das Sharma. Group.1 Duration of service. (1950-1968) 18 Years. Kindly tell me my entitled pension.
ShivcharanDas Sharma added this note
I Ex. 210296 Sgt. Shiv Charan Das Sharma Group. 1 Service- 18 years (1950-1968). Kindly intimate me about my scale of pension. Thanks.
Supriya Karmakar added this note
I,JC 640940 Sub Kamdev Karmakar retired from army service on 31/3/2008.At present i am drawing pension @Rs.10,970 vide Corrg.P.P.O.No.S/CORR/178409/2009 dt.26/8/2009 but other JCO's who have retired during the same period are drawing pension @Rs.11,970.To this effect i have written two letters to ASC Records(South) but no reply has been received yet.Request forward latest Corrg.P.P.O. of Rs.11970
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Gopinath Kasal added this note
Sir, Gopinath Pandurang K o0f asal I retired on 28/2/1990 as SGT of Eqpt Asst . I am getting less pension compering to other sgt of same rank &group as well lenth of service. you are requested to forward the detail of my pension which I supose to gate with cfomparing chart on my email e.g. kasalgp@gmail.com.
Anil Kumar Menon added this note
Sir I Ex No 15373831M NK (TS) anilkumar VG retd on 01 Mar 2008 . What is my current pension & What is my current Disability pension .I registered my name in APN and deposited Rs 300 for registration . APN permt NO OR 69836 but till they didn't informed about job. plz mail me on anilkumarharipad@gmail.com
Patrick Soundrapandian added this note
sir pls enclose iaf cir for revision of pension for sergeants of pre 96 retirees am 657294 sgt.hps.pandian dt of rtmt 300690 my email patrick.soundrapandian@gmail.com

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