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Knowledge management Definitions and Outline

Knowledge management Definitions and Outline

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Published by vikyadhvaryu

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: vikyadhvaryu on Mar 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Knowledge Management and Engineering Class Notes
2009These notes are to supplement the textbook and provide other viewpoints. I apologize for the lack of references. These notes were originally just lecture notes and not given out. Need for intelligent systems (smart machines)Acronyms (learning the language)
DSS decision support system
IS intelligent systems
BI business intelligence
KM knowledge management
AI Artificial intelligence
CRM customer response system
ERP enterprise resource planning
BAM business activity monitoring
SAP the enterprise software
SAS statistical software company
SOA service oriented architecture
OLAP online analytical processing
SQL query language
KPI key performance indicators/metrics
CSF critical success factors
Part 1 Overview
Today’s Environment
According to a recent survey, the top businesspriorities, in order, from one to 10 werebusiness-process improvement,security breaches and disruptions,enterprise-wide operating costs,supporting competitive advantage,data protection and privacy, the need forrevenue growth,using intelligence in products and services, focus on internalcontrols, shortage of business skills and faster innovation and cycle times. The top 10 technology priorities were security enhancement tools, businessintelligence applications (BI),mobile workforce enablement, workflowmanagement deployment and integration, enterprise resource planningupgrades (ERP), storage management, voice and data integration overInternet protocol, customer-relationship management, business-processintegration tools and server virtualization.
remember the old days when1. people had to know prices, determine tax and then make change. Now hit product keyand the rest is done1
2. Programmable thermostats
Global Differences and the Flat World
The basics and fundamentals of the knowledge/DSS never talk about the decisions thatvary according to geographic locations. By geographic locations I mean, a problem indecision in USA may not have the same solution for the same problem in India or elsewhere, because of geographic constraints. The constraints might be the people, their mindsets and most important "buying power-Money".
Of course geographic locations affect decisions but so does culture, history, religion, social status, education, financial, intelligence etc.We are focusing on developing DSS techniques to make better decisions. Better decisionsmust take all aspects under consideration. “Tailored approach”
Fundamental change
 Huge organizations are often the leaders in implementing and/or deploying technology. New technology development and/or deployments require resources that many small companies do not have. Also many small companies develop products for the big companies
for their first customers.Small companies are often at the mercy of the larger corporations and their decisionsand they will be a part of their system and as a system they will never be able to makedecisions on their own. It’s all a chain mechanism. Example of UTA andPeopleSoft, SAP
 For example, in the 60’s only large companies had computers; today everyone does. In fact at Lockheed Martin many other large companies use Excel. Excel does not cost much and only requires a PC.You could therefore ues Excel to schedule your labor pool, how to best buy power bykeeping records of energy costs, analyze them analytically and then make better decisions, etc. Use excel to determine how much taxes you owe. Look at the many low cost technologies that available today. Internet, cell phones withinternet, GPS and camera, smarter cars, ATM, Gas pumps with credit cards, bar codes, RFID.Companies are always at the mercy of something (government, competition, vendors,trends, consumers,economic conditions , new technologies etc.)Many large companies transition to failure (Jeep, Digital Equipment, Enron, Pan Am,locomotive companies, telegraph, etc. )
 New large companies are being born every year – Google, Apple, Virgin Airlines, Inofsys, Face Book Some thoughts:
Study history but:
 Do not believe that you can correctly predict the future? (economy,technologies, world events)- only fools predict the future
The consensus view is often wrong.
You should be prepared to work in different companies, industries and countries.
“I can, however, guarantee that you will be using software to make better decisions.” Be a leader not a folllowe
Part 2 - Overview of Knowledge/information/data, KM, KE, BI,DSS
“It’s all about data, information and knowledge and knowing the difference.” J Priest,2005.Ordering pizzaOrdering A Pizza in 2010
This is scary because it might possibly be true one day. Be
sure that your speakers are on and the volume is turned up.
Just click the link below.
Need to differentiate - 1967 Webster’s dictionary
1.Data – factual material used as a basis for calculating or reasoning (factual maynot be correct!)2.Information – Data that has been processed and presented in a form suitable for human interpretation.3.Knowledge – the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gainedthrough experience or association4.Actionable knowledge – knowledge where correct or “best” decision can betaken. (satisficing – efficient but not necessarily optimal)Our focusKnowledge (
)- right collection of information at the right time (accurate, usefuland timely) or ( 1.contextual, 2. relevant, and 3. actionable) – lets go with blueKnowledge (
our task 
) - ability to detect relationships between objects and events,and reason about those relationships to arrive at judgments, decisions and3

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