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After Breaking Dawn CH12

After Breaking Dawn CH12

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Published by Amber
Yes, I wrote this, yes I'm 13, and yes, it is unedited, go to http://www.wattpad.com/user/ambernicolecullen if you want it edited.
Yes, I wrote this, yes I'm 13, and yes, it is unedited, go to http://www.wattpad.com/user/ambernicolecullen if you want it edited.

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Published by: Amber on Mar 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 THANKS A LOT TO:GABII (mrsgpattinson) You've been really helpful, and I appriciate your help more then you know.I thank you for your character Ciaran, though I still can't pronounce itproperly.He'll be quite the handful in the future.(:ANNEKE (annekewenzel)I thank you for your devotion, without it I may have stopped this in thebegining, but with you cheering me on I didn't. Your character Blair is going to turn into something more powerful then therest, and I can't wait for you to see.(:I can't wait to work further on this with you, its going to blossom intosomething big; I can feel it. Thanks so much to both of you.-Amber You'll be introduced to a multitude of new characters, but not all of them.As in you'll be set to remember some more in the future.((:Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!CHAPTER 12: ODE' TO PREPERATIONRENESMEE CULLEN
So today is Thursday, its a mad house here. All thanks to Alice. Shehad to get a permit for those massive strobe lights that they use inHollywood, which did I mention we don't need? She has about seven-hundredfeet of red carpet, shes hired vallet people. Its way over the top, and drivingme insane. Today she has Jake, Rachel, myself two of Jake's friends and two of my friends tasteing the food and drinks shes going to have at the party. Iinvited Catlin from our dance class and this boy Alex from gym. Jake had twofriends coming over, one was named Ciaran and another named David, plusthe whole pack from Forks was coming out. I couldn't wait for Rachel to meetthem, but I didn't tell her they were coming yet. Currently we were changingout of what we wore to school into something more appropriate for guests, orthats what Alice had said.Rachel and I have become accustomed to going into either closet andwearing whatever, we didn't care. "Hey, don't be afraid but theres a pack of wolves coming over, too." I told her as I walked into her closet, I didn't haveanything in mine I wanted to wear. She looked at me, and smiled. "Howmany?" she asked, and I laughed. "Sixteen, and their grilfriends. I think someof them have kids now, too." I admitted, and she laughed. "You know howCarlisle told you about the imprinting?" I asked her as I looked through theracks of cloths, she nodded. "Well one of them imprinted on a two year old,but she's eight now. I don't know if she'll be coming. If she does she can hangout too. There are enough Cullens and wolves to watch her." I said, and Iheard Rachel laugh again. "Its been a little while since we visited with them,before we got your little butt actually." I told her as I pulled out a little cocktaildress. Wheres Alice when you need her.. I thought."You needed me?" Alice said walking in the closet, I smiled, thanks dad,"Too dressey? I don't have any idea of what to wear..." I mumbled, and sherolled her eyes. "Its you, Rachel, four friends and a bunch of wolves with theirgirlfriends. Too difficult? But on a sun dress and flat shoes or something. Werenot going to L.A... though maybe-" Alice said and I cut her off. "Im only six, Iam not going to L.A. Alice." I said, and Rachel laughed. "You don't look six..."Alice muttered as she ran out of the room.
After finding a casual dress with flat shoes, why I don't know, wepranced downstairs looking like twins. Jake was sitting on the couch with twoboys, my guesses that they were David and Ciaran, I could be wrong. "HeyNess, Rachel." Jake said as he got off the couch and came to us. He pulled meclose and kissed me quick before hugging Rachel. She smiled, and someonecleared their throat. "Ahh, shut up. Haha." Jake said, his arm around me,walking towards the two boys. One boy was pretty tall, almost as tall as Jake,with wavy brown hair and little highlights. He was pretty cute, but he hadnothing on Jacob, in my oppion. He looked pretty muscular, not compared toEmmett, of course. He had pretty eyes, too, they were kind of blue, kind of green. "Hi, my name is Ciaran." the boy said, standing up to shake my hand. Ismiled, "Hi Ciaran, my name is Renesmee." I said, and he smiled. He lookedat Rachel and there was a sudden twinkle of excitement in his eyes, Jake sawit too. "Hi, you must be Rachel." he said to her, shaking her hand. He wasreally tan for Washington, but then again look at Jake. Rachel seemed asthough she couldn't speak. "Yes, this is Rachel." I said for her, laughing. "AndI'm David, if you couldn't guess that much." The other boy said, approachingus. He had red hair and was tan as well, but in no way compared to Ciaran."Hello David, its a pleasure to meet you." I said, my smile dazzling the poorboy. I wondered when Rachel would finally talk.Alice danced into the room, "Jake your family will be in the drive waysoon, right? I don't feel the need to wait. And Ness, your company is here."Alice said, and I smiled. As if on cue Catlin rang the door bell and a echoingcrash went through the house. "Loud enough?" I asked as I pranced over tothe door. "Hey Catlin, come inside." I said to her as I opened the door. Shesmiled, "Your house is beautfiul." She said stepping inside. "Ah, Alice. Catlinlikes your arctiecture skills." I sang aloud as I walked out the door. "We shouldhave more company momentarily. And Jake, keep your head on I invited aboy." I said, pulling Rachel outside with me. Once we were a good distnaceaway I heard Alice taking Catlins coat, and they went into the kitchen. Iturned to Rachel, "Someone's got the hots for Ciaran." I said, and shelaughed.

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