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Transcripts.01.14 Shane Buczek

Transcripts.01.14 Shane Buczek

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Published by shanebuczek
False Arrest Case Shane Buczek
False Arrest Case Shane Buczek

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Published by: shanebuczek on Mar 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTWESTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK-------------------------------------UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,-vs-09-CR-121SSHANE C. BUCZEK,Defendant.-------------------------------------Proceedings held before theHonorable William M. Skretny, Part IV,U.S. Courthouse, 68 Court Street,Buffalo, New York on January 14, 2010.APPEARANCES:ANTHONY M. BRUCE,MARY C. BAUMGARTEN,Assistant United States AttorneysAppearing for the United States.JOHN F. HUMANN,BRIAN P. COMERFORD, ESQ.,Assistant Federal Public Defender.Appearing for Defendant.Michelle L. McLaughlin, RPR,Official Reporter,U.S.D.C. W.D.N.Y.(716)332-3560
21THE CLERK: Criminal case 09-121S, United2States of America versus Shane Buczek.3MS. BAUMGARTEN: Morning, Judge.4THE COURT: Good morning, Miss Baumgarten5and Mr. Bruce.6MR. BRUCE: Good morning, Judge.7MR. HUMANN: Morning, your Honor.8MR. COMERFORD: Morning, your Honor.9THE COURT: Okay. Mr. Buczek, good10morning.11THE DEFENDANT: Morning, Judge.12THE COURT: How are you doing today?13THE DEFENDANT: Good.14THE COURT: Are you doing all right? And15I have Mr. Comerford and Mr. Humann here as well.16Just give me one second please.17Okay. And there's really a trilogy of cases18that you are involved with, Mr. Buczek, and I do19have in connection with the February 16th trial20date, a request for an adjournment of that, and21that's under consideration. The government objects22apparently to that adjournment, and -- is that23correct, Mr. Bruce, or --24MR. BRUCE: It is, Judge. There's one25added factor that we didn't know at the point in
31time when we objected. One of our witnesses is a2witness from -- he's one of these professional3witnesses from the Department of Treasury who will4come out and testify concerning Mr. Buczek's5accounts or lack of accounts with the Treasury6Department. He actually works for the controller7of the currency, and he does this in any number of8cases, and, fortunately, the week that he -- the9week that the Court has already scheduled for trial10is a week that he has open, but he has other trial11commitments to other assistants in other courts in12other weeks, including the week Mr. Humann asked13for an adjournment to, so that's a little bit14problematical as well.15THE COURT: Okay. Well, Mr. Humann, the16date that you are asking for is what? I don't see17it necessarily.18MR. HUMANN: Any other date than that19week, your Honor. I don't think I asked for a20specific date.21THE COURT: I don't think so either. But22my inclination was to grant the request over the23government's objection, and I was looking to back24up the trials a little bit, and I guess you can25check with your witness and see if your witness is

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