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Avenue Springs Trailer

Avenue Springs Trailer

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Published by benbraziercvhs

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Published by: benbraziercvhs on Mar 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Avenue Springs Trailer 
By Ben Brazier 
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?
From the start, we knew what wewanted to produce because of theresearch that we did. From thebeginning, we looked at a few differenttrailers for soaps, such as ‘Hollyoaks’and ‘Eastenders’. We liked the waythese trailers were presented and thecontent within the trailer so we tried touse some of the techniques within our own. By researching these trailers weknew how to layout our trailer. Each of us looked at individual trailers andpicked up on the certain aspects of theclips, for example the transitions used,the effects, the sounds and so on.Eastenders Trailer – IsPeggy still under hiscontrol?Our Video ‘AvenueSprings Trailer’As you can see from this screenshot of our trailer that we chose carefully howwe would lay out the text and theeffects we used for the trailer. Whencreating each individual text slide, wethought about a lot of different things.For example, we had to decide whatfont to use so that it didn’t look cheesybut on the other hand was not too over the top and make it look like we weretrying to hard. We also had to thinkabout the colour schemes and thelayout of the slides.When deciding on all of the slides, weasked people outside of the group for their opinions to see if they appealed toour target audience. From this, we tookwhat they said and changed our trailer to fit these opinions.When our group had produced the finalproduct, we were all very pleased withhow all the individual slides turned outand how it made the entire trailer lookrealistic and we were proud with our efforts that we put into the end product.A shot taken fromour final product.
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?
Taking this screenshot again from our trailer, you can seehow we edited it to make the words appear out of thedarkness, to add that certain spooky affect. The original trailer we based this on had the same look. We based ours aroundthis but made it our own by add the different effects i.e. thesmoky section to the right of the text that leaves some of thetext in darkness. The reason we wanted to make the text clipsseem spooky was that the scenes in the trailer are meant tocatch the audience’s eye. Even though it is a soap opera,most of them are quite depressing and have a lot of mysterious happenings. I believe ours portrayed this toobecause the text made the clip seem a lot different to thegenre of the programme.The way our film flowed and the pace of the trailer was basedentirely on all of our research and how existing clips had beenproduced. As you can see from the trailer, we produced it sothe start was relatively slow, and giving the audience anunderstanding of the setting, characters, what has happenedand so on. Once the dark figure walks into the room and putsthe hand over the screen, the pace of the trailer speed s up.We got this from other trailers from soap operas. It is used inour clip to build the suspense to the end, making theaudience glued to their seats. We also wanted the transitionsto be quick, so that it did not drag and not look very effective.

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