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I'Anatut Tholibin Juz 4

I'Anatut Tholibin Juz 4

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Published by Classic Books

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Published by: Classic Books on Mar 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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نيبلاطل ةاعإ
ج ايمدل ركبل4
دممح ديممسلا ديممسلا نم مبا رممكلا ديممسلب وهممشلا ركب ىبأ ةعل نيلطلا ةإ ةي يدلا ط 
طم م دم مح ديم مسلا نمبا رممكلا ديممسلب وهممشلا رم مكب بأ ةعل نيلطلا ةإ ةي  زممزعلا دمم نممب ندلا نزل ندلا تهب نيعلا رق رشل نيعلا ف ظلأ  ى يدلا.لا يلا
ىلا ةعطلا رل ةوحلا طلا إ يج 1418/ 1997 
،بدمم أ ممجا ممار أ ممرك وممك :ممكأ مميب ممف أ طلا ممف ممصف :ممكلا ممجا ق يف ا ،رصلا ف هيلإ ر  ةكلا ف ةي ىلإ ر وك أ ف ف ،ر دعب ةعجرلا  ذلا طلا د أ * (ر طلا) * :ىلع لو * :دممعب ىلممع ا ق لذل * (سب رس أ) * :ف ؟ ةثلثلا نأ () ئ دق ، * :ىلممع لومم * (رمميغ ممج ممك ىمم دممعب نمم ل ح ف) * ةثلثلا أ * (ه ف):ممل مف ممرج ممأ :() لوم ةمسلا * (نهدعل نوطف ءسلا  اإ لا ه).نممس ممب رمميغ ا وممبأ ا ةلا ف ج هإ ،ةاوق ةاو هف ةص جا ةمميلا أ ممع - ةمما ذمم ممصخ نمم يف ،ررب رشلا ءج ج ل طلا مم نممبا ريممس ممف .ثلا ممف رممصح  نممكل ممضأ ةصعلا  ف وعس او مم ،دمم  رممص رمميغ نم م وممط ءادممبا ممف مملا  :ق ريبزلا نب ر  دممصب ممهعجا مم ،لذمم ممه مم ممهعجا هدمم ءممضا بممق اممف ،أرا ط جرلا،دممصق ،ةيمم ، :ةممسخ ممأ .* (ممر طلا) * :ةا ذ لزف ،هض ممف ممع طلا أ أ (دمميلا مم ةل و :لوق)  ن ع ه .ي ة ،ح  لذف .ةصعل :وع أ ،ةيهلا دي :يس ديلا ل  ءاو كف أ :ديلا  ةلاىممعلا نمم .وممع دممعلب مم رممعلا يف ديلا  رشلا ىعلا ن أ ولا ىعلامما وممق ممف  ضأ  .ديق ب ةر  اإ ديق وح أ :ةل ةق هلوق ولاممهك ةمملازغ ديممص أ ةقحلا نف ةاولا حلب وي ديق ديق ةبكلا دي علا :ل :لوق ف يلا اذ ض  هضعب  دق ل لا نيب 
)1:ةا ،رلا و (229) .2:رلا ] (سب رس أ رعب سف) :ةركلا ةا ىلإ ريش (229) .[ 3:ةا ،رلا و (230) .4:ةا ،طلا و (1.
ممف ممب ءرلا ركف  ف ضلا اذحلا ع  ن ركف ادبأ  طب ديق نمميجزلا نيب لا ةعلا ةلاإ حلب ارلا (لا  ر :لوق) عف ء  اإ ق  ممطيف مم ب دممح زممل و رص ب ذه ف ولا رشلا طلا ر دمميب رمميغ ريممع نمم ارلا ف رأ دعب ريع ،يل ةفا :كلا د :لوق .كلاممإ ومم :لوق) ل ريغ ار ارف ، ش و ،حب ع (ا لب :لوق)ممأ وممج ممف ل لا ريغ ه ر ،ةسلا كا رع حلا (لا ج (ومم ط :لوممق) هب  ريغ ن هؤب س س  ههش ل اإ ب و اممف ممج ممط  أ لممحلا و - لا رس يلا ضب - ىلولا .جاولا طل يث م مي م مج ممبأ ممف ،ولممب ل رهأ ةعبأ ض ف ،رهأ ةعبأ ن ادا أ رعلاممكلا م مح دم ما - بممب م مف يمم مم - دا ة ي حلا ه بأ ف ،طلا ومم أ :وممل ةمم ةمملا :ومملا ر ل لوق .ضأ جا وهف أ إ نيكحلا  م م - نممي م م مم اإ ممي نم مكل ، ف اأ م مف ،وملا رمم ل وكب وو  أ (ممهقوحب مميلا نمم زممع مم :لوممق) ممجا ىمم وممطع (د أ :لوق) - ي :هيلإ يلا دعل ص زعلا  ول أ :يلا دعل ول لوق .دل يث و ،ةجزلاههممش ممل لوممق نمم ارلا  ههش ل اإ ب لا ا روص اذ ف  ةيكلب أدممجو ممل دمملا ممف (ممحلا) .ة ريغ د وه وجوب  و ة وه أرمملا م ممهيب فمم ف م م رمميغ ممكل مي  دجو لا ف ،أ ي  مم نمم ىمملأ  .ا .ريغ أ ل ه ف ريص ول طلا حس :ر أ - ةممي رمميغ وممك مم أ أ .زع ى وطع صلب (لا وك أ :لوق)  ومملا مم ممل دممعب ،لوممب دييلا  إ ،هب ولا ريب هسف دي أ  - ةف مم ممل مم هق د ح أ ةيبدلا ف ديق (هب ولا  ل  :لوق) ر ريغ هب ممف ممهل ومم ممهبا ممف  بدمم وك ف إ ،ه ول هب ريلا وف أ :هب ولامما  ه ل ءا ه ول هب ريغ وف  إ أ  ، وك ب ،ةلاةئيمم أ :لوممق)   ممف اذمم . ح   هب  ل إ هق ةر ص ف  ميحب أ) :لومب هب ارلا نيب لا ةئي وك أ أ :ةي ريغ ى وطع (لانمك مل إ أ .ملا إ لومق .مل مف دمحلا تم مب أ (م هرش ى ريص ةئيمم أرمما مم  ممج  ممل د ج  أ ز  ص ف ر  هب ارلا(مملا دممحلا ممف :لوممق) لا ةئيسب سيل ق أ ف أرا دجو هأ وص  لاممف ذمملا مملا ةئيمم دمملا أ مميف ،مملا ةئيمم رمميغ أرا وج د ى يل ق دمم زممس مملا ءممإ إ مم أ إ رمم ممل يل ممص ف ةحلممصلا أرمملا دممحلاةمم ممصا ارلمم لوممق أ أ (لا ة :لوق)  .ىدلا يف للا ف صلامميبأ ومم ممصا إ :لوممق) لذمم وذمملا ارمملا  ةحلممصلا أرمملا وممج دمم نممأ نمميجرلا مميق نيمملا مميبأ ومم مما إ :ةممحلا مم ، اذ أ (نيلاىمم أ زممع ىمم ممط ممصلب وممهف ،رمم  أ (ر أ :لوق) ا لذ ادإم مف ،يحم رمل ومك مب أ (مع ريغ ن :لوق) طلب أ :ب لوق .وك رأ اإ طلا د ف - تها ءبا ن ىحلا  و  - لذل وك  ب عب ف ب دلا دأ
:مع ءمج مم .اأ مي عص  زلأ ي د أ - يع  :ولاومم ،دمملا طل أ :دل لوق .جا ى ط (ار أ :لوق) ل ل أأ ربدمملا ممف وممل أوو أ :هب وخد  :لوق .دلا أ (و :لوق) ارحل يث ممي وممح ممف ممهق أ :ممهقطب ممع :ممي وممح ممف لوممق .رحلا ء ةخدس  مم نمم ،ممه ممسح  ه ةيب إ :دعلا وطب رضل يف طلا ر إ ، رممح أ - ةممرحلا ممف دمميق :ممه ومم ب :لوممق .ممولب هدمم  ي ف رح ومعب مهق مم اإ م ممب رمخ .ممه  و ب  إ ي وح ف طلالوممب دمميق .مما ارممل ارطممب رعممش لا هلذب  ل ،يف رح ف ه  ممض  ممعخ  ممل ،يف ضأ رحيف جأ ن ا وعلا  اإ  ريل ه أ أ :ردلا - ي وح ف ى وطع (يف هعج ره ف أ :لوق) يلإ ارطاممخ ءاومم ،رممهطلا ممف ممؤ رممشلا أ ىمم  .يف هعج ره ف هب وخد  إ مم .اارم م مميل م مق ممهب وخدم ملا ارا ن  ه ف - هي خد ل أ ق هي مم - ةممر ف إ ممهب مم وممه د ه ر دعل ح نيف ل ةر ح وهف ،دل لوق ى وطع (لا وس ل ن ط :لوق) هلا ن ف ب ر ممق طلا ل ول .ةر ف إ ،سلا دعب ر ل  ر ح ضأ ارحل يث ،ممب ممطلا حب ب - ا فا ،ةعفرلا نبا ثحب  - رح ل سلا ن ه هياوم م ةم وم :م لومق .ه ب رلا هلاؤ نضل ل ،شزلا ع :لوممق) م م هممص مم ممهب ارمملا ،مما أ لمميلا نمم تم مجزل زم ملا ىمم رمم  أ ةممرحلا ف ديق :لا دصب لوق .ضأ دل لوق ى وطع (لا رلا ط رمح  :لومق) رمح ف إ ،ا نم مهر دمصق اإ مجزل رلا  رح ارومم  رح ل إ ،ارحلا سق ف جأ رح إ ق ن ى ا ب ىأ إ (لاا .ممي ممهرحب () مما ومم رمم أ ممق مم ممه ممأرا ن ل علا(دمما ىمم ممصقا نممس ممب :لوممق) رض ن أ و عيل  هل ر وف ،يشلاب :لوق) جا ى وطع (رك أ :لوق) ةسلا خ ثلا نيب لا وكيف ذئي (يحممصلا رممل :لوممق) ةممرحلا أ دمملا أ وجولا ض  أ ( ل ن حلا  حلا أ دممي ممب دممحلا كممشا (طلا مما ىمملإ حلا ممبأ :لوممق) ةمماركلا مميل حلا نمم ارمملا ب يجأ .أ   حلا أ  ضب دأ طلا أ ،و ،زمملا م م ارمم ممط  حلب  ل ف  ،حلا اوأ ر  ف ركلارم ميغ نم ما ىلإ ضب دأ طلا ،ز ه  ىه   و ركلا  إ ممهأ ةممجزلا ءاذممإ ن يف ل ،كلا ن ا وصلا و ذلا سلا طق ن يف ل ف  ارحلا ف وك إ اذ ،اإ أ ا لا ةي ب ضأ كشا .أ ممل ىلع ضب تإ لوب  اولا ىلإ شلا أ ركلب  ى ى حلامف ،رم م ىلمع  ف لا ةي أ يس ى اذ ، ريلا   وصلاةممي أ :هفل لوق .كإ ف ةحلا د ب رلا د ىلع  ف هب ارلا  أ طب أ :نممب رمميغ ةجزل أ (نب ريل  إ :لوق) طلا أ :حل لوق .لاممب رممص :ةمميعج  ول لوف .يعج ق ةطلب ةطلا ريب  ريلا سف ممهلا ةحمم ا ممف .مم تممجزلا ممك ممف ممه ةمميعجرلا طلا ممحل إ ،هف ةمميعجرلا لوممب  ا  عفشلا ا  ةسلا ذ - د  - علا ءا :هد  ل لوق .ىلع ا  ن تآ خ ف ةج 

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