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8.09.08 Always Acoustic

8.09.08 Always Acoustic

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Published by annlah1

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Published by: annlah1 on Mar 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This transcript of David Cook's interview with Always Acoustic was taken from AA's web site.AARON KEKER: Hey everyone! This is Aaron Keker from Always Acoustic™ on the line withDavid Cook from American Idol. How you doing David?DAVID COOK: I’m good! How are you?AARON KEKER: I’m all right man! First, of all I would like to congratulate you on winningAmerican Idol.DAVID COOK: Oh, thank you!AARON KEKER: So, when Ryan Seacrest announced David Cook as the winner on AmericanIdol, what were you thinking at that time?DAVID COOK: You know I wish it would’ve been something really poignant. But I think more thananything, I just wasn’t thinking. It was kind of a weird out of body experience anyway. I felt like Iwas watching it. So, I don’t know. I guess my brain just kind of shut off. [laughs]AARON KEKER: [laughs] Right. In your wildest imagination, could you have ever dreamt this anybetter?DAVID COOK: No, not really. I mean you know the schedule has been nuts since the finale. It’sbeen with all these things that you know I’ve always wanted to do. You know to work on a major label record and to tour the country. But to be able to do them both at the same time, I mean it’s alot… You know my worst day doing this still beats my best day of doing what I was doing before.AARON KEKER: Right. Did you enjoy the new format of American Idol, which allowed thecontestants to play an instrument?DAVID COOK: I think it was integral to me in having any sort of success on the show to behonest with you. I think… to allow us the opportunity to showcase other sides of ourselvesmusically as opposed to just being, you know, singers. I definitely think it upped the ante on theshow this season and you know it allowed us all to flourish a little bit more. So, I necessarilyenjoyed it and I definitely see it as an integral part of what worked for me.AARON KEKER: Yeah, I know. I think actually a lot of people… enjoyed seeing instruments…being played you know with musicians this time around.DAVID COOK: Exactly. Yeah.AARON KEKER: How much rehearsal and non-rehearsal time did it take to prepare for eachweek on American Idol?DAVID COOK: Really it was constant. I think once we got to that Top 12, I don’t think I ever reallygot out and really did much… Everything kind of revolved around getting ready for the next week.You know the toughest part for me was… in order to do well on that show I feel like you got to domore than just go up and sing the song. You got to really kind of invest yourself in it and onceyou’re done singing it. The hard part for me was to immediately disconnect from that song andstart looking forward to next week. So, it’s a constant thing especially on the show to just reallyconcentrate on what you’re doing musically and up the ante every week.AARON KEKER: Right. Did you ever get nervous when you actually were on stage?
DAVID COOK: Never got nervous. I always got anxious… I’m more comfortable I thinkperforming than I am doing anything else. And so you know I get more nervous doing interviewsto be honest with you. [laughs]AARON KEKER: [laughs] Oh, really? You’re not nervous about this one are you?DAVID COOK: Well you know. I am more nervous about this than about performing, I guess is abetter way to put it ––AARON KEKER: Right.DAVID COOK: but I’m not necessarily nervous.AARON KEKER: Right. Before American Idol, you were the lead singer and guitarist in the bandAxium from 1999 until 2006.DAVID COOK: Uh-hum.AARON KEKER: Why did Axium break up in 2006?DAVID COOK: You know it had just run its course. We’d gone through some lineup changes andhad a less than amicable split from one of the founders. You know some opportunities come upfor me to go down to Tulsa and join a band down there. For me the time had come to just go dosomething else. Axium was the only band that I’ve ever been in and I think in order to be a morewell rounded musician I needed to have some different experiences… But I still talk to, you know,a couple of the guys from the band and still consider them good friends. They actually came outto check out one of the tour stops. So ––AARON KEKER: That’s cool.DAVID COOK: it’s definitely a cool part of my life but I just think like most things its just run itscourse and I needed to do something else.AARON KEKER: Right. Did Axium release any albums during that time?DAVID COOK: Yeah, actually we released a lot of records. I’m actually glad you bring that up.AARON KEKER: [laughs]DAVID COOK: … It’s been a real bittersweet for me because through the process of this showpeople have really started to grasp on to like the stuff that I was a part of before the show.Unfortunately, I’ve had an old band member really try to take advantage of that situation and hasbeen selling Axium CD’s ––AARON KEKER: Oh, wow!DAVID COOK: for just awful amounts of money and really kind of gouging the people that havesupported me through this process. So, let me use this platform to say I really hope that peoplestop giving him a reason to keep doing it.AARON KEKER: [laughs] Well Axium was very successful between having “Hold” played beforepreviews on over 10,000 AMC screens nationwide. ––DAVID COOK: Uh-hum.AARON KEKER: Were voted as one of the top 15 bands in the “Got Milk” contest and was
chosen as the best band in Kansas City in 2004. ––DAVID COOK: Uh-hum.AARON KEKER: Were you surprised by your earlier success as a musician?DAVID COOK: Yes and no. I mean… I don’t know if you can ever expect anybody to reallygravitate towards what you're doing. But at the same time I mean we all put a lot of work into ityou know. And so… the old adagium if you work hard enough good things will happen. I thinkwas kind of how we operated and so when good things did happen, I mean it wasn’t surprising inthe aspect like wow we really didn’t have to do anything. But it was surprising just in the fact thatwow these people are taking notice of what we’re doing which is cool. The only success I think,you know, has to be attributed to the collective. I thought everybody really pulled their weight.AARON KEKER: Right. Well it’s good. Besides Axium, you released a solo independent albumtitled Analog Heart ––DAVID COOK: Uh-hum.AARON KEKER: in 2006. Is that album available online?DAVID COOK: I don’t believe that it is other than just through sharing it, which I think is great, youknow. I’m really proud of that record. Obviously, you know it was my first foray in doing somethingby myself. I think it was a good kind of photograph of where I was at that point of my life andhopefully moving forward, I think the positive response that I’ve gotten from that record bothprevious to Idol and after it. You know I feel like if I can make a positive step forward from thatrecord, hopefully the skies the limit with this new one.AARON KEKER: Right. Now are any of those songs going to be on this new album? I thought Iread somewhere online about that.DAVID COOK: I’m sorry?AARON KEKER: I thought I read about some of those songs might actually make it on your debutalbum?DAVID COOK: They were submitted for the record but you know I just want this record to be arecord. In that, I don’t want it to just be a collection of songs. I want there to be some cohesion. Iwant the record to flow. So, it’s just a matter of whatever songs fit. But I’ve been doing a ton of writing, since the show ended. I actually have another record done that I never released. So, Imean we have quite a lot of material to sift through - its just a matter, you know, letting the creamrise to the tops so to speak.AARON KEKER: Right. Well you have been singing since second grade and relocated to Tulsa,Oklahoma in 2006 to pursue a musical career, correct?DAVID COOK: Yep. Yeah.AARON KEKER: Well obviously, you possessed singing talent between growing up, Axium andyour solo project, so why didn’t you want to originally audition with Andrew on American Idol?DAVID COOK: You know that it had nothing to do with the show really. I just have been workingon a record and was really proud of where I was going. And I just kind of wanted to see it throughon my own terms. And I think that was my mindset like going into Omaha. And then obviouslyother things intervened you know. It was never a lack of respect for the show. I mean, I think thecommon misconception of the show is people look at it like it’s just a pop machine and I don’t

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