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[1] Put the Words in the Right

[1] Put the Words in the Right

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Published by Ivana

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Published by: Ivana on Mar 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Headway Pre-Intermediate
[1] Put the words in the right order. (5)
0 bath / I / when / home / will / get / have / a / I
I will have a bath when I get home.
1 hear / if / I / news / any / you / I / phone / will 2 pay / as / you / I / back / soon / can / I / as / will 3 you / feel / stop / better / if / will / you / smoking 4 car / Peter / enough / when / he / buy / a / has / will / money 5 problem / help / I / you / have / you / a / will / if  
[2] Write questions. Use the first conditional. (5)
0 I – pass my exam – I – work hard?
Will I pass my exam if I work hard?
1 you – ring me – they – be late?2 Jack – come and visit – he – have time?3 what – they – do – Mary – not come?4 what – he – work – he – leave his job?5 who – you – ask – you – have a problem?
[3] Circle the correct conjunction of time and write correct form of theverb in brackets. (10)
0 When / Before they arrive, (bring)
them to me.1 While / After we (leave) San Francisco, we’re driving to L.A.2 While / As soon as I (arrive) , I’ll ring you.3 Let’s not go out while / until the rain (stop) .4 Water the plants as soon as / while I (be) away.5 I’ll cook dinner until / before I (go) out.
[4] Complete the sentences with when or if. (5)
0 I’ll tell my cousin
I see her.1 He’ll give me the photo he can find it.2 I get back from my holiday, I’ll stop smoking.3 I’ll be surprised England win the World Cup.4 I’ll ring you I get home.5 He’ll cook dinner his wife gets home.
[5] Write true sentences. (5)
0 When I get home,
I’ll have a beer .
 1 If I stay at home tonight, .2 , I’ll leave a message.3 , I’ll ask my teacher.4 I’ll stay in a hotel .5 When I go on holiday, .
Headway Pre-Intermediate
[6] Choose the appropriate answer. (10)
1 They will go to the park if the weather fineA will beB beC is2 I’ll phone you when I home.A shall goB goesC go3 She’ll start reading the book when she more free time.A will haveB haveC has4 Peter will go for a walk after he his English.A will doB doesC do5 I’ll pass my exam if I hard.A will workB worksC work6 I’ll send you a letter if you me your address.A will giveB givesC give7 She’ll meet her at the station when she .A arriveB arrivesC will arrive8 We’ll talk to him if he in time.A comesB will comeC come9 They will help him if he.A wantB wantsC will want10 It will take them several hours if they straight ahead.A goB goesC will go
[7] Put the words and phrases in the correct columns to make verbphrases. (10)
angry back home care friends me a favouron well with sba photograph a reservation some shopping upyour mind a cold
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