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Edward and Bella 26

Edward and Bella 26



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Published by peyton
i don't own anything! COMMENT AND ENJOY! :D xoxo, peyton
i don't own anything! COMMENT AND ENJOY! :D xoxo, peyton

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Published by: peyton on Mar 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edward and Bella 26BPOVI woke up to the sound of a monitor. I lookedaround. I was in the hospital.“Morning love.” Edward said. I hadn’t realizedhe was sitting next to me until now. I lookedaround again. There was my whole family here.Alice and Jasper, Rose and Emmett, Ashley andEsme and Carlisle. They all smiled at me.“Morning cous’”. Ashley said. I smiled at her.She stayed!“So, how bad am I?” I asked Edward. He grewstiff when I asked.“1 broken leg, 3 of your fingers are broken onyour left hand, 4 broken ribs, a cut from on your right leg from your knee down to your ankle andcuts and bruises everywhere.” He finished.“Oh.” I replied. My injuries where worse thanI thought.“You really should have let me come withyou. Sometimes being stubborn isn’t such agood thing.” Edward smirked.“Well then, maybe you should take your ownadvice Mr. Stubborn.” Alice said. Edwardgrowled and we all chuckled.
“Can we please have an explanation?” I said toAshley.“Um, okay. Where do I begin?” Ashleythought.“Well, after the fire, I was severely hurt. Butthen…” She paused.“But then a vampire Anne changed me. All Icould remember from there was the pain. It wasexcruciating. When I woke up she was stillthere. She brought me to Volterra where she andthe coven explained everything to me.” She said.We all looked at her with wide eyes except for Edward.“They explained the rules and everything. Janestarted to make rude remarks toward me, that’swhen I learned about my power. I can do similar to what Jane can do. But, my power is fire. If Ilook at a person, concentrate very hard, I can putthem on fire. I gave Jane the dirtiest look I couldmanage and then all of a sudden, she was onfire. I snapped out of it quickly and Aro lookedat me with fascination. He asked me to stay withthem and I said yes. Where else would I go?”She said.
“That’s when they told me about my diet. All Icould pay attention to was the thirst. They didn’tsay anything about vegetarianism. After a while,I grew tired of watching people plead for their life. I got tired of killing people with dreams andmemories. One day, the Denali clan visited theVolturi. They told me about the vegetarianoption and I decided I would do that Then Arotold me we had to come here for a problem. So,here I am.” She said. We all stared at her inwonder.“How long have you known?” I asked Edward.He looked at me shocked by me question.“Just now.” He said smiling. He kissed me andI felt once again, calm.“So, when’s the big day?” Ashley asked. Ismiled.“Wait. I have one more question. So you’restuck forever at 16?” I asked. Ashley nodded.“Okay, now answer mine! When is it?” Ashleyasked eagerly. Before I could ask Seth and Jacobcame in. Edward growled and everyone in theroom stiffened.“How you doing Bells?” Jacob asked. Ismiled.

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