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Suicidal Tendencies From a Horoscope

Suicidal Tendencies From a Horoscope



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Published by Varaha Mihira

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Published by: Varaha Mihira on Sep 13, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Judging Suicidal Tendencies from Horoscope
© Sarajit Poddar
1. The fourth house is the house of happiness (Sukha) and a person takes such step as suicide only when heis facing very troubling time. A person faces such miseries in life, if the 4th house is placed with maleficssuch as Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu. This also generates Matsya yoga, which makes a person verycompassionate and makes him understand others sorrow. If the 4th house is afflicted by Papakartari yoga,then also the person suffers misery. If the lord of the Sign in Marana Avastha or the in Debilitation ordefeated in planetary fight then it is incapable of protecting its house from evil influences. The personsuffers a lot if the karaka of 4th and 5th, Moon and Jupiter are also afflicted.
2. The 5th house is the house of Chitta (inner self) and this shows how much harmony do we have withinour self. If this is afflicted then the person can become insane. The person who is peaceful within can takemore miseries than someone who is not. It is not a good thing to have enemies of Jupiter in the 5th such asSaturn or Rahu.
3. In the previous step I only talked of the natural nature of planets. However, in the happening of this life,the functional nature of the planets have a lot more say. The lords of Dusthanas afflict the houses, wherethey are placed, with problems from enemies (6th) from our own past karma and weaknesses (8th) or pastdebts. If the lord of any houses are placed in these dusthanas, they also suffer similar fate.
4. Badhaka is very important for the matters of health and such things. Badhaka represent unknown evil forces, such as black majic or similar things. If Badhaka is placed in the 5th house, there is high likelihoodthat the person can go insane. Similarly the lords of the houses suffer because of the mentioned things, if they are placed in the badhaka sthana.
5. In all the cases, one has to see the reinforcing factors and salvaging factors. The factors which canreinforce evil is papakartkari yoga, aspect of natural malefics or placement of natural malefics in strengthin the kendras or trines to the bhava. The factors which salvage are the lord of the house, karaka of the houseaspecting the bhava or placed in kendra or trikona to the house, aspect of natural benefics etc. One has tostudy all these before finally pronuncing the results. The extent of affliction shall decide, the level of affecton the houses under consideration.
+-----------------------------------------------+|As Me |Su Mo |Ke |Ma Sa A7 || | | | || | | | || | | | || | | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||Ju Ve | | ||HL | | || | | || | | || | | ||-----------| Rasi |-----------||AL | | || | | || | | || | | || | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------||GL |Ra |Md Gk | || | | | || | | | || | | | || | | | |+-----------------------------------------------+ 
Suicide tendencies are seen when the fourth house is under affiction. 4th is the sukha-sthana andaffliction to that house cause depression which might culminate in suicide. In the horoscope, wefind that the 4th house is under heavy affliction because of Saturn-Mars fight and the lord of 4thhas gone to debility. The 5th house shows inner harmony and such thing like suicide can occur ifthere is strong internal unrest and turmoil. We see that the 5th lord is placed in Amavasya yogaand aspect by Rahu (the dire enemy of the Karaka Jupiter) from the 9th house. More to this theKaraka for inner harmony Jupiter is placed in the Rahu's house and in the 8th from the Sign,sufficiently weak to protect its significance. This person died by drinking alcohol. Can we find out why- Alcohol? A person can be addicted toalcohol if Saturn (karaka for Alcohol) aspects the lagna by Graha Drsti (Desire to take alcohol).The cause of death can be found from the stronger of AL and A7 (3rd and 8th from them). HereA7 is stronger and hence 3rd and 8th from it can show the cause of death. 3rd from A7 is empty but aspected by Gulika and Mandi who rules poison.The 8th house is aspected by Rahu and Ketuand the house being Saturnine. Showing that the native has faced a difficult death, whereby hepoisoned him by overdrinking of Alcohol.The aspect of Rahu on 8th on a saturnine house is asure case of Dustamarana (Bad death) Yoga. 
+-----------------------------------------------+|Ke HL |Mo GL |MaR Md | || | |Gk | || | | | || | | | || | | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------|| | |As || | | || | | || | | || | | ||-----------| Rasi |-----------|| | | || | | || | | || | | || | | ||-----------+-----------------------+-----------|| |Sa |Su Me |Ra || | |Ju Ve | || | |AL | || | | | || | | | A7|+-----------------------------------------------+
 Here we see that three benefics are placed in the 4th and although Sun is placed, it is weak because of debilitation. This shows a good fourth house. However, this doesnot remain the samewhen we cognise the presence of the Malefics Rahu and Saturn in the 12th and 2nd, causingpapakartari yoga. More than that, you notice the functional nature of the planets now. Merc is 3rdand 12th lord, Sun is a maraka and Jupiter is the 6th lord. Venus is although the lord of 4th is alsothe badhakesh. Now you can see that functionally all of them are causing troubles.As I mentioned before Saturn's placement in the 5th is not a good thing as it opposes the force of Jupiter to keep the inside of the person at peace. Now this evil is fortified by the Saturn- Marsopposition, showing tremendous internal conflicts and termoil, which has caused enoughrestlessness inside him. Moon is the only salvaging planet as it is aspecting both the 4th and 5thhouse by graha and rasi drsti, showing that the native's mother could only confort him from thetrouble. To see the circumstances of death, we see that AL is stronger than A7. From AL, 3rd is notoccupied but aspected by the nodes and the 8th is occupied by violent Mars. The aspect of Nodesindicate un-natural death (Rahu) and mistake (Ketu) and the involvement of Sagittarius showsfalling from height. Mars influence shows use of power or such violent means. The native diedwith hanging himself. I think the planetary postions justify it well. 

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i tried to commit suicide and I have an excellent 4th house: moon with venus in sag. but 5th house is affliected by shani. january 27th ,1976- 21:30- rio de janeiro, brazil. I was hearing hare krisna by the time i tried to commit suicide, but i couldn´t succeed so I gave up and admitted to face my fate. then incredible things begun to happen in my life. I´m got more customers ( I´m an astrologer )
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