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2008.11.07 101.9 WTMX Eric and Kathy (Chicago, IL) Cool Shades)

2008.11.07 101.9 WTMX Eric and Kathy (Chicago, IL) Cool Shades)

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Published by coolshades

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Published by: coolshades on Mar 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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101.9 WTMX -- Eric and Kathy (Chicago, IL) -- 11/7/08DJs: Eric and Kathy
Eric: American Idol Champion David Cook, now with his solo CD out. We just-- heyDavid, we just played "Light On."David: Oh thank you very much.Eric: Yeah and...Kathy was telling us uh, right afterwards...how did you describe--and, and tell me if this is exactly how you said it. He wants people to feel how fromthis album, Kathy?Kathy: I, I don't have it verbatim, but from what I remember, you said that afterlistening to this album, you want people to like that they just ran a marathon.David: Yes. I'd say that is an accurate, uh, quote.Eric: Ok. And I gotta tell ya' I, I feel as though I got put through the first few miles. There's a lot of emotion and passion and, and energy goin' in to that song.David: Uh, yeah yeah. I think uh...it was, it was fun to sing. Ya' know, I mean,obviously the vocal's all over the place. But uh...it was uh, it was interesting. Thesong kinda...came to fruition very quickly, so...Eric: Mm-hmmKathy: And a lot of the songs that you have on the CD, did you, uh, work with otherpeople? Like I heard you worked with Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls.David: Yeah we worked, uh, I got a chance to, to sit down with him actually in uh, inBuffalo, where he's from. And, and uh...and write with him. And we wrote, uh, Iwrote with Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace, and...Zac Maloy from The Nixons, andKevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra. It was...it was like, uh, you know, they, theybasically said: OK, what...what bands did you like, uh, you know, in, in high schooland college? And, and you're gonna write with them. So...Kathy: WowEric: WowDavid: it was a trip.Eric: Wow. Now uh, you know we uh, know Johnny pretty well around here, JohnnyRzeznik from The Goo Goo Dolls. I, I, I have to ask. When you sit down to write withhim, is it hard to keep him focused?[
Kathy laughs
Eric: Cuz you know, he seems like the kinda guy...[
David laughs
]Eric: ...who's just kinda like: Hey! Oh hey, what's goin' on? Oh look at the balloon!Oh hey!David: Um, he's a...he, he, he was actually really...uh, really focused in on what wewere doin'. I mean, we knocked-out, uh, actually the, the song "Declaration" that Iplayed on SNL...um...he uh...he really focused in on that. I mean we, we knockedthat song out kinda quickly I, I think, given, given the, the, the circumstances. So itwas uh...he-- I, I never got the vibe that he was too spacey.Eric: Now uh, you, you mentioned uh, Saturday Night Live.David: YeahEric: Boy oh boy, did you ever dream of the day you would...Kathy: HuhEric: ...be doin' that, huh?David: Uh...y-- I m-- uh, yeah. I mean, I, I, I, I-- obviously like, you know, anybodythat picks up a guitar has a dream of, of doin' cool things like that and, and so uh...I,I didn't expect it this soon. I think uh, I figured I'd have to pay my dues a little bit.Um...Kathy: I like--David: But it was...it was amazing, just to, to be involved with that process in anycapacity. Especially with, with it bein', ya' know, as big a show as it was with theelection and everything.Kathy: I like how you put it in Entertainment Weekly: "I'm kind of a goober from theMidwest who hit the lottery." [
]David: Yep, that's uh...it's-- again, a very accurate depiction. [
]Eric: WowKathy: So SNL behind the scenes, did you, you know, with John McCain there, didyou run into him?David: Uh y-- you know, I, I, I met him uh, I met him during end credits, uh,essentially. I, he was uh...I, I'm sure busy doing a million other things getting readyfor that, that uh, the following Tuesday. And, and um...ya' know but he, he seemed,he seemed like a, a, you know, a very nice guy from what I gathered.
Eric: And uh also, uh, Kathy correct me if I'm wrong too, and David as well. Uh, gotto meet Oprah?David: I di-- yeah, yeah. I met Oprah, um...God, it was, it was still during the tour,so I think maybe early September.Eric: Mm-hmmDavid: Went to Chicago and played uh, for the-- played "Time of My Life" for theOlympians.Eric: And uh...Oprah. Which is uh...which one...David: Yeah, yeah. It was Oprah.Eric: ...which one was more, uh, which one was more uh, im-- impressive from astandpoint you're like: Whoa! Was it John McCain or Oprah?David: Um...uh, ya' know, I--I know it's stupid...Eric: That made you go: Whoa!David: ...but none whatsoever. But I, I think I gotta go...I gotta go McCain. Youknow you never, I never expected to meet um...ya' know, a presidential candidate,I, I think, through all this. And, and uh...so, it, it was cool. But I, I don't know that I,I necessarily expected to meet Oprah either, so...[
David and Kathy laugh
]Kathy: YeahEric: Yeah, you just never know when you're gonna meet Oprah. Yeah.David: Yeah I know, right?[
Eric laughs
]Kathy: So how hard was it for you, because you put this album together prettyquickly, but you were on tour the whole time. Was it difficult...David: Yeah it was uh...Kathy: ...to do all the recording?David: It was definitely uh, a juggling act. I, I think I owe uh, some sort of gift towhoever did my schedule over the summer, but...um, you know just, uh, it was, itwas crazy. I think, you know, a, a lot of days I had writing sessions and shows. Andthen any day w-- that we had off I either had a writing session or was recording. Sothe idea of an off day was pretty foreign. Uh...

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