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Published by Kelly

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Published by: Kelly on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AN: Hey guys it’s me Ali and I just wrote this down starting a new story which I willhopefully constantly update this time… Well so I hope you all enjoy it don’t forget tocomment or review and thanks to my beta Brown-EyesxGold-Eyes she is totallyawesome.Oh! And I don’t own twilight or any of its characters sadly, Stephenie Meyer does
LockdownBella POVI was having one of the best dreams I had ever had and it was rudely interrupted bya little pixie waking me up by bouncing on my bed yelling “Wakey wakey Belly timefor school!” I buried my head in the pillow and yelled at her to go away.As I thought that didn’t make her stop she jumped gracefully off my bed andcrouched next to my head. “But Bella,” She said “It’s already 5:30.” ‘5:30!’ Ithought why she woke me up so early. As if she read my mind she said “I came overso I could pick out your outfit and do your hair.”Reluctantly I got up; Alice looked as cheerful and as peppy as ever in her designeroutfit and flats (On profile). “Good now go take a shower and I will leave yourclothes on your bed.” I headed over to the bathroom first checking that Charlie hadleft for work. I turned on the shower on the hottest wanting to warm my body forthe chilliness of the day.
I quickly got in and washed with my strawberry shampoo and body wash and gotout. I threw my hair up in a towel and wrapped myself up before walking into mybedroom. On my bed I found a blue silk top along with dark wash jeans and a notefrom Alice. (Outfit also on profile.) The note said:
Dear Bella,Here is the outfit you are to wear. Get dressed and meet me downstairs for breakfast.P.S. I have your shoes and if you even think about arguing with me about your outfit I will burn all of your sweat pants.Love, Alice <3
‘Jeez’ I thought ‘Alice read my mind yet again.’ I quickly got changed and walkeddown the stairs carefully trying not to trip. When I got down to the kitchen I smelledthe unmistakable aroma of my favorite, blueberry pancakes yum. I ran to thecounter and tried to gracefully jump up and slide onto the counter but since whencan I do anything gracefully.With my luck I slid right off of the counter and landed on the floor. I landed with abang as Alice turned around from the pan. “Ow?” I said sounding more like aquestion than a statement. “Bella silly human what are you doing on the floor?”Alice asked.
What did it look like I would purposely try to land on the floor? “Oh I thought itwould be comfier than the chairs.” Alice rolled her eyes at me and turned back tothe pancakes. I got up off the floor and walked over to the stools in front of thecounter and sat down.“So where are my shoes oh great Alice?” I asked Alice sarcastically and wonderingwhere my shoes were. “Don’t get sarcastic with me Bella if you didn’t have me youwould be a fashion disaster,” She told me with her back still to me flipping thepancakes, “And your shoes are over by the door.”I carefully got off the stool and walked over to the door where I found a pair of black low top converse. ‘Wow’, I thought, ‘Alice thought about my safety in shoesfor once.’ I quickly put on the converse and ran to the kitchen, which was a badchoice on my part.When I was almost into the kitchen being myself I tripped over something invisibleand landed on the carpet. “Why hello floor I believe we haven’t met this morninghow are you?” I said with my voice being muffled by the fact that it was on thecarpet. Alice being Alice laughed her chime sounding laugh at my inability to walkacross a flat surface without tripping and falling on my face.I groaned as I got up feeling the bruise that would hurt later on my arm fromlanding on it. I walked gingerly towards the kitchen and carefully sat on the chair asAlice slid a plate of pancakes towards me. I started eating the pancakes andmoaned in pure pleasure from the taste.They were so heavenly I couldn’t help how the question came out of my mouth,“Alice, how can a person who doesn’t eat make such good food?” Alice laughed

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