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People Soft Interview Questions

People Soft Interview Questions

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Published by satishpkumar

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Published by: satishpkumar on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Which of the following links are found in PeopleBooksa. Customer Connection, Process Scheduler, People Code Language Reference b. Developer’s Portal, Query, Tree Manager c. Query, Process Scheduler, Application Engined. None of the above.e. All of the above2. Which of the following two servers used by Process scheduler to run a processa. PSPRCSRV b. PSDSTSRVc. PSAESRVd. PSMSTPRCSe. None of the abovef. All of the above3. Which of the following data type accepts null value?a. Date b. Binaryc. Number d. Long Char e. None of the abovef. All of the above4. Department Manager should approve the each Business activity before it goesto next step. How would u implement this in Work Flow?a. Rule b. Rolec. Usersd. None of the abovee. All of the above5. A Business manager logged in to the system. He is not able to see the specificmenu name in that. What would be the reason?a. Permission is not granted b. Setting has to be done in Configuration Manager.c. Options has to be set in Application Designer d. None of the abovee. All of the above6. In which of the following code would be automatically generated when u dragthe component? (multiple answers)a. File Layout
 b. Component Interfacec. Application Engined. None of the abovee. All of the above7. What is the default format of SQR Reports?a. Txt b. PDFc. HTMLd. CSVe. None of the abovef. All of the above8. Which of the following is applicable for UPG Convert?Options likea. Conversion of Data, consists of Cobol programs b. Conversion of Data, consists of SQR programsc. Data conversion consists of AE programs.d. None of the abovee. All of the above9. Criteria in PS Query refers which of the following in SQLa. Where b. Selectc. Insertd. Commite. None of the abovef. All of the above10. Where report would be processed?a. Process Scheduler  b. Application Server c. Clientd. Workstatione. None of the abovef. All of the above11. Which of the following would be stored in to the database? (Choose 3)a. SQL Table b. SQL Viewc. Dynamic Viewd. Derived Work/Recorde. Temporary Tablef. None of the aboveg. All of the above
12. How many keys you can set for Dynamic View?a. 1 b. 2c. 3d. 4e. 0f. None of the aboveg. All of the above13. Which of the following are the ways to execute AE Program? (choose 4)a. Application Designer Run Button b. Process Scheduler c. People Coded. SQR e. Cobolf. Bat Fileg. None of the aboveh. All of the above14. Which is correct SQR Comment Syntax?a. ! b. /* */c. <* *>d. Remark e. None of the abovef. All of the above15. Which is correct People Code comment Syntax (choose 2)a. <* *> b. /* */c. Commentsd. None of the abovee. All of the above16. People Soft Partner wants to know the implementation information. Where hecan get it?a. Partner Connection b. Partner Alliancec. People soft Universityd. None of the abovee. All of the abovef. Customer Connection17. U downloaded some patches. What are all the things that might come withthose patches?

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