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Savage Heresy

Savage Heresy

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Published by armornick

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Published by: armornick on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7. Feburary 2009
- Published.
8. Feburary 2009
- Added optional Homeworld step at request of "Yuri" of thePeginc.com forums.
9. Feburary 2009
- Some spelling and formatting errors as well as adding a fewpowers.
Character Creation:
 Step 1) Race.You belong to the human race. Whether you were born onboard one of the manyspaceships that travel the stars for generations without ever setting foot on a planet or
you’ve been born on a hive world, a feral world, or maybe a traditional impe
rial world.Because of your human ingenuity and versatility you start play with a free Edge (asnormal for Humans).Step ?) As an optional rule, the player may draw from a standard deck of cards (Jokersleft in) and consult the following table to randomly determine origin.
Feral World.
Feral worlds are tough places in which to survive. Whether living ina steaming death-filled jungle or upon the burning sands of a desert planet, yourpeople has reverted to a more primitive existence, living in tribes, gangs orcreeds without much care for technology or the soft living ways of the so-called
”civilised folk.” 
You were born on a world devoted to producing food. Perhaps yourhome world supported a nearby hive world, or the Imperial tithe inexplicablydemands it. Your people likely seek excitement and the exotic to vary the dullroutine of the farm.
Developing World.
These worlds are split into geographical areas with widelyvarying levels of advancement and culture. Depending on the prevailinggovernments, these might be countries, states, power blocks or tribalhomelands. It may be the case that higher levels of technology and wealth areconcentrated around original colonisation sites. Other planets might exhibit grossvariations in culture due to environment, with areas weak in natural resourcesbeing similarly weak in terms of military power, economic muscle and so on.Some planets preserve a great divide due to ancient tribal taboos, religiousnotions or plain old-fashioned habit.
Hive World.
The Imperium most populous worlds are its hive worlds. Thepopulations of these planets are so high that the people live in huge cities, trulyimmense many-layered structures that reach high into the sky, each housingbillions of individuals. Most hive worlds have become severely polluted, the areasoutside the hives reduced to ash wastes or radioactive desert by the never-ceasing industry. Equally dangerous can be the hives themselves. The crime-ridden, poverty-stricken areas, almost always found in the most polluted anddecrepit lower levels of the underhive, are home to violent gangs, criminals andassorted scum as well as mutants and heretical cults who hide there from theauthorities.
Paradise World.
Your home world is one of the rare and coveted paradiseplanets, where it is forever summertime and the living is easy. Aside from beingobjects of envy and scorn for the rest of the Imperium, your people are likely tobe somewhat bemused by the cruel nature of the universe, with a naïveoptimism that others find highly foolish.
Forge World.
Much of a forge world is like an immense factory, with industrial
complexes soaring into the sky and mine workings burrowing deep into thecrust. They are ruled by the Adeptus Mechanicus, whose training and researchfacilities are located here, along with the grand cathedrals to their deity; theOmnissiah.
War Zone.
Whatever your home world once was, it is now a seething mass of bloodied ruins, struggling soldiers and whistling ordnance. Perhaps civil warrages, or maybe Orks seek to destroy all. Whatever the case, your people arelikely to be grim, tenacious and dedicated.
Shrine World.
Your home world is controlled by the priests of the Emperor.Perhaps it is covered in gleaming spires and vast temples, or perhaps itwelcomes countless pilgrims to its holy battle sites. Whatever the case, yourpeople are likely to be devoted servants of the Emperor, pious, dependable andhonest.
War ship.
You were born amidst the crash and thunder of battle, and grew upamidst the gun crews and the troopers, crammed into rank-smelling bunks orthe stultifying formality of the officers' quarters. You are likely to be a greatrespecter of authority, with a liking for procedure and a no-nonsense attitudetowards slackers.
You were born upon a vast and ancient satellite, orbiting some star,moon or planet. Likely part of a scientific mission, isolationist retreat or militarystationing, you grew up in a world of routine and repetition, with endless orbitalcycles, ritual of observance and maintenance rotes. You are likely to be verymethodical, with a secret desire for rebellion and indulgence.
Dead World.
Your home world is little more than a habitat perched upon someblasted rock. Maybe a mining colony upon an airless moon, or perhaps anexpedition to uncover some long-dead alien race, your people are likely to bethoughtful, melancholy types, with a curiosity for greenery and the outdoors
Feudal World.
Your home world is a primitive planet, with but the simplest of technologies, such as swords, chariots and black powder. Your people are likelyto be loyal, practical and highly superstitious.
Chartist Vessel.
You were born upon one of the great trading vessels of old. Aspart of a crew endlessly plying a traditional route, you grew up within the gloomyholds, packed with exotic riches you could never own. Fearfully accepted intoport, yet welcome at none, you are likely to be materialist in nature, with a greateye for deals and a cynical view of human nature.
Space Hulk.
You were born upon a ragged mass of flotsam and jetsam
spaceworthy, but only just. Probably the survivors of some terrible accident stuckaboard an abandoned wreck, you grew up in a world of leaking door seals, dark
corridors, haunted decks and the knowledge that ”things” were aboard ship just
out of sight. You are likely to be cautious, superstitious and trigger-happy.
Faith (Spirit)
 The belief in the God-Emperor is important in the 41st millennium, and although it ispossible to be faithful without this skill, members of the Ecclesiarchy and the likes findgreat use from this skill. Similar to a Knowledge skill, it deals with the knowledge aboutSaints, the Emperor, Shrine worlds and prayers against Chaos and heresy.
Knowledge (Smarts)
 Some suggested Knowledge focuses (and possible uses are):
No one planning on fighting in a large-scale conflict should be without it (Usedin Mass Combats).
Perhaps that artefact you’re looking for was once recorded in historicaldocuments? Or perhaps that family you’re investigating used to be part of a cult that
was later found heretical?
Imperial Lore
You know about the Imperial culture and know a great deal about the
people who live in the Empire. It’s always useful to know who the movers
-and-shakersof a particular planet is before you accidentally sabotage yourself.
When finding out whether a particular cult is heretical, it pays of to know a
thing or two about it beforehand. Of course, you can just hope that they’re all telling
you the truth?
Sometimes you need to identify the chemical compound, sometimes you
need to do some calculations and sometimes it’s ju
st useful to be able to go undercoveras an innocent scholar.
Also known as the Immaterium. The Warp is home of daemons and is both
Humanity’s greatest enemy and the thing the Empire is built upon. Whether you believe
in knowing your friends or your enemies, the Warp cannot be ignored.
Weird Science (Smarts)
 While a lot of people have learned how to maintain a lasrifle and some can even createone from salvaged parts, a person versed in Machine Code is needed to create anythingmore complex than that, and without this skill understanding the texts of the AdeptusMechanicus is a largely futile task.
New Hindrances:
Dying (Minor or Major)
 As Ailin' (Deadlands).
Expensive Taste (Minor)
 It's not like this character specifically chooses to buy only the most expensiveequipment. It's more that the items that he likes have a tendency to be the mostexpensive ones available. Whenever the character buys equipment, he pays 25% morethen the listed price for the purchased item.
Heavy Sleeper (Minor)
 As per Deadlands.
Intolerant (Minor or Major)
 The character is especially prejudiced or bigoted against those different from himself.When you take this hindrance, choose a group, with the GMs approval. This can be sex,race, culture, religion, species, or any other common characteristic. The characterwants to avoid this group, and in some cases, kill them. Innately evil things like ChaosMarines and daemons would not be appropriate.
The character strongly dislikes this group and accepts most negative stereotypesabout them. S/he will avoid them when possible, and must make succeed on a Spiritroll do deal with them in any non-violent way. Examples: Buying things from them,going to a party hosted by one of them, believing that one is not guilty of an accusedcrime, or letting one marry his/her daughter.
The character is violently hateful of these people. The character will nevervoluntarily cooperate or deal with the group s/he is intolerant of. Given the opportunity,s/he will kill a member of this group, provided that s/he thinks s/he could do so withoutbeing caught or punished.
Motion Sickness (Minor)
 Whenever the character makes a trip by plane, boat, car, or other fast moving vehiclefor more than an hour, s/he must make a Vigour roll. If s/he fails, s/he suffers a point

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