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Savage War Hammer

Savage War Hammer

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Published by armornick

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Published by: armornick on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Version 29.03.2009 – Page 1
A Netbook by Pythagoras (www.hardpoints.de)
During character creation, the player picksa general theme for his character and rollson one of the following tables to determinehis starting career. Each career gives asmall bonus of the following kind:
+1 trait check bonus under limitedcircumstances
A “lesser” skill at d4 at charactergeneration
An edge that only works underlimited circumstancesExcept for the starting skill, these bonuseswill be nullified later by better(professional) edges.
Fighter Backgrounds
1 Bounty Hunter2 Charcoal Burner (Dwarf:Shieldbreaker)3 Estalian Diestro (Dwarf:Shieldbreaker, Halfling:Fieldwarden)4 Hunter5 Mercenary6 Norse Berserker (Dwarf:Trollslayer, Elf: KithbandWarrior, Halfling: Field Warden)7 Pit Fighter8 Squire9 Woodsman (Dwarf:Shieldbreaker)10 Zealot
Academic Backgrounds
1 Apprentice Wizard(Dwarf/Halfling: Scribe)2 Hedge Wizard (Elf: Envoy)3 Initiate (Halfling: Tomb Robber)4 Scribe5 Student6 Tomb Robber
Scoundrel Backgrounds
Version 29.03.2009 – Page 2
1 Agitator2 Barber Surgeon3 Entertainer4 Grave Robber5 Outlaw6 Rogue7 Smuggler8 Vagabond
Exotic Backgrounds
1 Boatsman2 Bone Picker3 Burgher4 Jailer5 Miner6 Peasant7 Rat Catcher8 Tollkeeper
Career Game Effects
Persuasion d4
Apprentice Wizard:
Knowledge(Supernatural) d4
Barber Surgeon:
+1 on heal checksperformed on characters with 3 wounds ormore.
Can make Boating rolls tosoak damage to boat by spending a benny.
Bone Picker:
+1 Vigour to resist disease.
Bounty Hunter:
+3 hours knockout timewhen making a nonlethal attack.
+1 on trait checks made tonegotiate prices.
Charcoal Burner:
Danger Sense edgewhile in forest.
+1 on Agility checks madefor acrobatics.
Estalian Diestro:
Gains +1 on first trick manoeuvre in a combat.
Hedge Wizard:
-1 on roll to avoidTzeentch’s Curse. Gets Extra Power Pointsedge.
Arcane Resistance but with only a+1 bonus.
Intimidate d4
Fieldwarden (Halfling only):
+1 todamage with sling.
Grave Robber:
+1 on Guts checks madeagainst undead and on graveyards.
+1 to stealth rolls in forests.
Kithband Warrior:
Marksman edgeagainst enemies that have not yet acted in around.
Streetwise d4
+1 Notice underground.
Norse Berserker:
Offhand penalty forhand axe is -1 instead of -2
+1 Stealth in forest.
+1 on strength checks tomove/push things.
Pit Fighter:
Has Frenzy edge for his firstattack in combat.
Rat Catcher:
+1 Stealth/Notice/Climbingin sewers
+1 Climbing in urbanenvironments.
+1 on Investigation rolls whenresearch is based on books.
+1 Stealth to conceal items.
+2 on Vigour checks to resist theeffect of alcohol.
Danger Sense whileunderground.
Riding d4
Version 29.03.2009 – Page 3
+1 on Notice checks to findconcealed items.
Tomb Robber:
+1 Notice to find hiddendoors.
Gains Parry edge againstcreatures of size +2 or more.
+2 common knowledge forgeography, history and similar topics.
+2 damage with axes againstinanimate objects.
Has Frenzy edge against enemiesof his faith as defined by the GM.
These professional edges represent theadvanced careers in Warhammer. Theprofessional edges from the main rule book are also available.
Assassin (Veteran, ScoundrelBackground):
The character deals anadditional 1d4 points of damage when hehas
the drop
on somebody.
Demagogue (Veteran, Scoundrel orAcademic Background):
The charactercan attract followers that are not wildcards. When one of the followers suffersdamage, the Demagogue can spend abenny and roll his Persuasion to soak thedamage.
Engineer (Veteran, AcademicBackground):
Character can useexperimental weapons without the risk of failure.
Flagellant (Seasoned, Nerves of Steel):
 When wounded, the Flegellantautomatically passes all Guts checks.
Ghost Strider (Veteran, Elf):
Thecharacter gains +2 Survival and +1 Stealthin wild areas. When using a bow-likeranged weapons, add 5 to each range band.
Giant Slayer (Seasoned, TrollslayerDwarf):
The character has +1 parry andthe Dodge edge against creatures at least 3size categories greater than him. Typicallycombined with the Giant Killer edge.
Guild Master/Merchant Lord (Veteran,Persuasion d8, Streetwise d6):
Thecharacter is well-respected in his city andprovince and gains +2 on Persuasion,Streetwise and Intimidate while in hishome province. Also, the character has asteady income of $50.000 (that does notstack with Rich or Filthy Rich).
Physician (Veteran, AcademicBackground, Heal d8+):
The charactergains +2 on heal checks. Characters underthe supervision of the Physician can add+2 to their natural healing rolls.
Witch Hunter (Veteran, Spirit d8,Intimidate d8, Fighting d8):
+1d4damage vs. mutants and followers of Chaos.
The backgrounds available are listedbelow. There are magic users and priests.The powers available depend on the god orcollege of magic.
Curse of Tzeentch
When a magic user caster rolls a 1 on hisSpellcasting check, he has to make a Spiritroll to avoid the effects of Tzeentch’sCurse:Raise No effectSuccess ShakenFailure 2d6 fire damageRoll of 1 Small blast of 2d6fire damage,placed by GM.Priests on the other hand, suffer from thewrath of god. When their Faith roll is a 1,he has to make a Spirit roll to avoid theeffects of the Wrath of God:Raise No effectSuccess Shaken

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