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Swh40k Character Creation

Swh40k Character Creation

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Published by armornick

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Published by: armornick on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 In the grim dark future, there is only war!
At least, that‟s the underlying theme of the Warhammer 40k universe. In this campaign,however, you‟ll be fighting a different kind of war. As part of an Inquisitorial Entourage,
you fight constantly to uproot and destroy the three great enemies of the Imperium of Man:Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus. That is to say, aliens, daemons, and heretics.All characters within the campaign must be humans, although you may encounter aliensfrom time to time.Basic character creation works exactly the same as in Savage Worlds in that you start outwith $500 (or Imperial Eagles), One Edge, 5 Attribute points, and 15 Skill points. However,because characters in the 40k universe are often larger than life, you have the option of taking an additional Major Hindrance to gain 2 Hindrance points. This is in addition to therequired 1 Major and 2 Minor Hindrances that all characters must take (the Hindrancepoints from these is already calculated in.For 2 Hindrance points you can gain a new Edge or raise an Attribute 1 die type. For 1Hindrance point you can gain an additional Skill point or double your starting money.
New Skills
 This is the skill Psykers use to manifest their warp abilities. It is linked to Spirit.
Knowledge (Astronavigation)
 This is the skill used b
y a ship‟s pilot or Astropath to calculate a course through the
Empyrean. It is linked to Smarts.
New Edges
 No character may have more than one Adeptus Edge.Untouchable (Background)
Novice, Arcane ResistanceYou are a psychic dead spot in the world, and as such are highly resistant to the powers andabilities of even the strongest psykers. Everyone within a SBT centered on you gains a +6 toresist Psyker powers and +6 armor against direct damage from Psyker attacks.Unfortunately the deadening aura you emit puts everyone you meet on edge. You suffer a -3to Charisma. A character with Untouchable may not also take Arcane Background (Psyker)(or vice versa). This edge replaces Improved Arcane Resistance.Adeptus Astartes (Background, Adeptus)
NoviceYou are ranked among the mightiest and most feared of all human warriors: the SpaceMarines! Genetically engineered to be the most lethal soldiers the human race has ever seen,
the Space Marines are the Imperium‟s first, and often
last, line of defense. At charactercreation, you start with a d8 in Vigor and a d6 in Strength, the Brawny and Fast HealerEdges, and a d6 in Guts. To compensate for the extreme advantage this gives you over otherplayers (with the equivalent of 30 Experience), you advance only every 10 XP until youreach 100 XP. Of course, you also have to take orders from your higher ranking battle-brothers, not to mention the Inquisitor.Brave (Combat)
Novice, Spirit d8+
There‟s not much out there that f 
azes you. Your character has +1 Grit.Take the Hit! (Combat)
Novice, Vigor d10+ Characters with this Edge are good at rolling with punches, are lucky, have fate on theirside, or are perhaps just really tough. They add +2 to Soak rolls made to eliminate wounds. Sucker Punch (Combat)
Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Intimidation or Taunt d6+
The character doesn‟t know the meaning of the words “fair fight.” If he succeeds in a Test
of Will against an adjacent opponent, the character receives a free Fighting attack. Thisattack does not incur a multi-action penalty.Combat Sense (Combat)
Seasoned, Fighting d8+, Notice d8+ This character is adept at fighting and keeping track of multiple foes. Opponents gain noGang Up bonus against him. Dirty Fighter (Combat)
Novice, Fighting d8+, Agility d6+, Smarts d6+
You know every trick in the book, and aren‟t afraid to use them all! You gain a +2 on all
Smarts and Agility Tricks during melee combat.Really Dirty Fighter (Combat)
Seasoned, Dirty FighterNot only did you write the book, you left a few things out for your own personal use.You may spend a Benny to automatically get the drop on any one target in melee.Savant (Professional)
Novice, two or more Knowledge skills at d8+This edge replaces the Scholar Edge from the Savage Worlds Core Book.Interrogator (Professional)
Novice, Smarts d8+, Intimidate d6+, Persuasion d6+Few people can keep secrets from one such as you, trained by the Inquisition in the fine artof interrogation. Gain a +2 on all Intimidate and Persuasion rolls. Also, you have +2 toSmarts rolls to detect when another person is lying.Adeptus Mechanicus (Professional, Adeptus)
Novice, Repair d6+, Knowledge (Computers) d6+
Trained by the Imperial techpriests, you know some small portion of the Machine God‟s
secrets. You gain a +2 on Repair rolls and any Knowledge rolls made concerningtechnology. In addition, you may be able to call on support from other members of AdeptusMechanicus.Adeptus Arbites (Professional, Adeptus)
Novice, Investigation d6+, Streetwise d6+You are a member of the elite Imperial law enforcement corps known as the AdeptusArbites. Thanks to years of training and field experience, you gain a +2 on all Investigation
and Streetwise rolls. In addition, you may be able to call on support from other members of the Arbites.
New Hindrances
 Thin Skinned (Major)
You‟ve never dealt with pain very well. You suffer an extra
-1 penalty when wounded (so -2 at one wound, -3 at two wounds, etc.).Warped Dreams (Major)Every night the Warp calls out to you in your dreams, tormenting you terribly. You haveone less Benny because of your constantly tired state.Slow (Major)During Initiative, draw two cards and act on the lower one, unless one of them is a Joker (inwhich case, lucky you). A Slow character may not also have the Quick Background Edge,although Level Headed cancels out with this Hindrance.Timid (Major)You never really learned how to talk back, and have trouble holding your own in mostconversations, especially with strangers. Take a -2 when rolling for a Test of Will(Intimidate, Taunt, Persuasion).
Grim Servant o‟ Death (Major)
 As described in the Deadlands: Reloaded sourcebook.Heartless (Minor)
You may not enjoy killing, but you don‟t let it stand in the way of your goals either.
 Psychic Frailty (Minor)You are particularly susceptible to Psychic powers, and suffer a -2 on all rolls made to resistthem.Slowpoke (Minor)You suffer a -1 to Pace and when rolling to run. This stacks with Lame and similarHindrances.Tenderfoot (Minor)Not everyone is cut out to deal with the horrors assailing mankind. You suffer a -1 to Grit.This Hindrance may be bought off by sacrificing an Advancing opportunity.
 Ranged WeaponsRanged Weapons come in three categories: Pistol, Basic, and Heavy. A Pistol may be heldand fired in one hand. A Basic weapon may be held and fired one- or two-handed, althoughfiring one-handed results in a -
1 to Shooting due to the weapon‟s unbalancing weight.
Heavy weapons must be held in two hands to fire.
 Las Weapons

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