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Renesmee Falls in Love With Alec

Renesmee Falls in Love With Alec

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Published by Alexus Jones
What happens when Renesmee and Alec fall in love?
Will Jane seek revenge?
What happens when Renesmee and Alec fall in love?
Will Jane seek revenge?

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Published by: Alexus Jones on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Renesmee falls inlove with Alec.R.P.O.V.
My family and I were on our way to Volterra to seethe stupid volturi. They wanted to speak with us. Iwas sitting by mom and dad. When we got there,I was still tired and thirsty. We walked with the stupidbig vampire Felix. I hated him. Behind my mom'sback my dad gave me a thumbs up."Ahhh my dear Cullens!" Aro exclaimed. I rolled myeyes. Grandpa Carlisle stepped forward. "Aro" Hesaid sweetly. "Renesmee! How are you dear?"Heaskedme. "Fine. Can we go now? Alice can you redecoratethis room? Its like an old ladies house or sonething" Iasked. Emmett and Jasper cracked up.Even mom and dad laughed. Carlise, Esme, Alice andRosalie tried not to. Aro chuckled. "Yes it does needto be redecorated"He said. Then Alec came toAro's side. I never really saw him. Only when theycame to destroy us but that was 10 years ago. I wasonly a little girl. He was good looking. Had acute smile. Made me feel fuzzy inside. Wait wait,what am I saying? He is a Volturi guard!! But I likehim.ALEC P.O.V.
Man Renesmee Cullen was so beautiful. Even if Itried to make a move her father would kill me. Hewasnt even paying attention to my thoughts.I looked at her and saw her blush. She had the mostbeautiful blush I had ever seen! I love that girl! I dontreally know her but I just do. Then Edward lookedat me. Oh god he was listening!! But to my surprisehe smiled at me. A friendly smile. "Alec!!" Aro yelled.I didnt relize I was so wrapped up in Renesmeeworld, Aro was calling me. "Yes Master?" I said."Show them out please" He demanded. "Comeplease" I said. As I was walking I noticed Renesmeelooking at me, no, gazing at me. "Alec can I speakwith you for a moment please?" Edward asked. Inodded. We walked away from his family toa room. "Yes Edward?" I said. He smiled again. "Youlove my daughter, right?"He said. "Yes I do Sir" I saidhonestly. "Then I will give you permisson toer date her" He said. I was so happy! I hugged him. " Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!" I yelled. Helaughed. "You do know she likes you back" He said."Really?" I asked and he nodded. " I will go getRenesmee."He said and left.Edward p.o.v.I think this could work out. He really loves her."Renesmee I think Alec wants to ask you something."I said. She got all excited and ran to him."Edward what was that all about?" Bella asked. I tookher in my arms. "My sweet Bella, Alec is in love withRenesmee" I said. Bella looked horrified."He is not going to hurt her" I said. "I dont like him!He could leave her!" She hissed. "Yeah you liked
 Jacob and he lefted her for Leah. So I wouldnt judge him. Give Alec a chance" I said. She pouted. Then she nodded. I know he will never hurt her."Wait so Alec loves a half human then?" Emmettasked. I nodded. "Its an Edward and Bella all overagain!!" He groaned. Bella and I laughed. "I dont seehim hurting her. This could work out" Alice chimedin. Bella smiled. He better not hurt her.RENESMEE P.O.V.I ran to Alec. He smiled at me! His smile is so cute."Hi" I said. He grabbed my hand firmly. "Would youer like to go on date with me?" He asked shyly."Yes!!" I yelled. He hugged me tightly." I have to go."I said. " I will be in Forks in a couple of days." Hesaid. I hugged him one last time and then went backtomy family. I cant believe he asked me out! I ran andgave dad a hug. "You knew he liked me didnt you?" Iaccused him. He smiled and nodded. Thenwe got on a plane and went home.ALEC P.O.V.I cant believe she said yes. "Aro?" I said. He turnedand looked at me. " I will be leaving tonight." I said."Why?" He asked. Jane looked at me." I have a date." I said. " With who?" He asked. I gavehim my hand. After a moment his eyes went wide. Helaughed. " I cant believe she said yes!" He yelled." Please go! Make her happy! Wear a tux orsomething nice! This is going to work out! I just knowit!" He exclaimed. Cauis got up. "Who are you goingon a date with?" He demanded. I stepped back."Renesmee Cullen" I said. He just walked away. "

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I will never look on Alec as evil again.
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