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Danger at Forks High

Danger at Forks High



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Published by team_edward22
What happens when prison escapees make trouble at Forks High? What will the Cullens do? Read to find out!
What happens when prison escapees make trouble at Forks High? What will the Cullens do? Read to find out!

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Published by: team_edward22 on Mar 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Danger At Forks High
Chapter OneBella’s P.O.VWe drove the Volvo to school. I was so happy, I was going to staywith the Cullens all week. We parked the car and walked toHomeroom. “Oh Bella, I’m so excited! I can pick out your outfits allweek!” Alice squealed. I froze. “NOOOO! Please NOOO! NOOOBELLA BARBIE” I begged. They all laughed. “Oh Bella, don’t worry,Rosalie will be there to hold Alice back” Rose laughed. I smiled ather, her and I were great friends now. “Bella be afraid, be very afraidof Alice” Jasper, Edward, and Emmett laughed. We sat down in our desks (next to each other). Alice suddenly blanked out.Alice’s P.O.VVision StartsThree big, burly men enter home room and point a gun at Bella’shead. “EVERYONE, GET TO THE CAFETERIA NOW… OR BESHOT!” a man yelled. Screaming and crying, students went to thecafeteria. “SIT DOWNthe man said again. “DO NOT SPEAKUNLESS SPOKEN TO-” the man started, but was cut off by Newton.“Who are you to boss us around!” he yelled. The man shot a circle of bullets around his feet and Mike sat down. “THAT WAS A WARNING,DO NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO, NOW, PUT ALL YOURPHONES ON THE FLOOR” he said, pointing to a table. Phones slidacross the floor and banged on the table. Us Cullens sat closeenough and far enough to protect Bella and not let them know we
were with her.End VisionEdward looked at me worriedly, he glanced at the clock that read 7:06. We had three minutes till the vision would come true.Shit.We could make it, I told myself. At vampire speed, I told the rest of them the vision. Emmett made a very smart move. “HAHAHA, THATWAS THE FUNNIEST STORY ROSE, JAZZ, BELLA, EDDIE ANDALLEY HAVE EVER TOLD ME, HAHA” he boomed. “MISS. SWAN,ALL CULLENS, GO TO THE PRINCIPLE’S OFFICEthe teacher yelled. Edward grabbed Bella’s hand and we ran down the hall way toan air vent.We only had a minute left.I jumped up and opened the air vent, Edward threw Bella to me and Ithrew her in side the air vent. “Edward, what’s-” Bella started to say,but stopped when she heard gunshots. The rest of us jumped in tothe air vent and closed it. A new vision started.Begin VisionWe were all crawling around the air vent, towards the cafeteria. Bellawas holding back tears.End Vision.Edward’s P.O.VBella was safe, Bella was safe, I chanted. I still had to save Angelaand Ben, Bella’s only two nice friends. The rest of them could beshot.Emmett’s P.O.V
I was so proud of my self, I came up with a good thing to get out of the class room. I saved Bella with my stupidity! Yay! Wait, I just saidI’m stupid. Whatever.Rosalie’s P.O.V“Bella, we need you to be quiet okay, Alice had a vision thatescapees were going to attack the school. Emmett saved us in a way.Those men could kill you, and we can’t let that happen. I’m going togive you a choice. We can save your friends or just leaveIexplained, feeling sorry for Bella. “Edward has told me that Jessica,Mike, and the rest of my friends were bad. But Angela and Ben weresweet, I just want to save them” she replied robotically. We nodded.Jasper’s P.O.VYes! Finally I get to use my war skills again. This is like saving tohostages from enemy lines. Edward, this is my plan if you arelistening. We’ll crawl down to the boiler room. That is where theykeep the main power switch, if we turn it off, all the lights will turn off.The other switches won’t work and the escapees will have to comedown here. We’ll take them out and disguise our selves as them.Then we’ll crawl through the air vents for a shorter root to thecafeteria. The other escapees will wonder why the power is not onand come down her, then we’ll pose as other escapees and tell thestudents to get to the parking lot. Then we’ll point guns at them andtell them to run. Then they’ll all run home to where they will be safe.Got it Edward? I looked and Edward nodded. I told everyone the planand they agreed.I hope we could do the plan in time.Bella’s P.O.VYay, everyone was going to be saved.Edward’s P.O.V

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