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Bella and Edward part 4

Bella and Edward part 4



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Something bad happens in this one. wanna find out? well then read!
Something bad happens in this one. wanna find out? well then read!

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Published by: !s@b3ll@ M@r!3 Cull3n on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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So, as soon as everyone left, I decided to tell Edward what I had told Charlie.“Edward, I gotta tell you something. I told Charlie that you and I got into anargument, well a fight and that I’d stay with him till you and I settled things out. Justone night, and I don’t wanna tell him no, now, though everything’s okay betweenus. So, you can either come into my room, if you wish, or you can stay in our room,alone.” I said.“What about Renesmee?” Edward asked.“She’s gonna stay at Jacob’s for another night.” I said. Edward growled.“Oh don’t start. That’s what triggered our last fight.” He lowered his head.“Sorry love.” He said.“Oh and I told Charlie everything. You, me, Renesmee, and the family.”I told him.“What? Why?” He asked. I shrugged.“I don’t know. It just all sorta slipped out.” I said.“Well, come on, you gotta hide in my room while I go tell Charlie goodnight.” I said,took his hand and we ran to Charlie’s house. When we got there, Edward climbedthe wall into my room, and I went through the front door. Even though it was almost11 o’ clock, Charlie was still up.“Hey, dad, I’m sorry I’m late, I think. But I ran into Alice and Jasper. Jasper tried tokill my lion and Alice was talking to, Edward on the phone and once she was donetalking to him, she started saying something about going to Cancun for a week.” Irolled my eyes. I can so imagine Alice saying something like that.“Lion? Never mind.” he whispered.“Cool, well I’m gonna head off to bed. Night.” He said.“Night dad. And thanks for letting me stay.” I said.“You’re welcome.” He said, and went off to bed. I walked at human speed up to myroom. I opened the door to find Edward under the covers, his clothes on the floor.Damn him. If he wasn’t a vampire, I would have thought he was sleeping.“What are you doing?” I asked.“I’m sleeping. Leave me alone.” He joked. I snorted.“You? Sleep? But it’s your birthday. Oh, well, just means you won’t get yourpresents. Not my problem.” I said. I wasn’t joking though, I did get him presents andhe’ll love them. He came out from under the covers.
“Presents? What presents? You got me presents?” Edward asked excitedly.“Yeah, but you want to sleep, so like I said before, not my problem. It’s your loss.” Isaid.“I don’t need sleep. I want my presents.” He said. He sounded rather stubborn.“Excuse me? Was that a tone? Are you using a tone with me?”I asked.“What if I am Bella? What are you going to do about it?” He asked. I raised myeyebrows at him and crossed my arms over my chest. Oh no he didn’t.“You better not talk to me like that Mr. Cullen or there will be consequences.” I said.“Ooh, I’m so scared. What are you going to do to me Bella?” He asked. He had anevil glint in his eye.“I’ll make you leave and you’ll stay in our house
while I sit here all by myself. Though I will get rather lonely.” I said. He came over to me and hugged me frombehind.“I’m sorry love. Can you forgive me?” Edward asked. He spun me around and pulledme to his chest. He looked deep into my eyes.“Please?” he asked. Damn it! He’s trying to dazzle his way out of this. He is sobusted. I looked away.“Knock it off Edward.” I said.“Knock what off love? I’m not doing anything.” He said lifting my chin up so hecould look in my eyes again.“You’re trying to dazzle your way out of your punishment mister, I know you are.” Isaid.“Me? No, I would never do such a thing Bella!” he exclaimed.“Bullshit.” I said. He raised one perfect eyebrow.“Excuse me? Did you just curse Mrs. Cullen? That is very inappropriate language.Shame on you.” He said and smacked my mouth lightly.“Whoa. Watch it. I will smack you back. Besides, you curse too so I don’t wannahear that.” I said.“When have I ever cursed Bella?” He asked. He was playing innocent, but I couldsee right through that act. I smiled and opened my shield so he could hear mythoughts. I thought of all the times we made love, him cursing in every one. Thenagain, so was I. Damn.
“So were you love.” He countered.“Yes, but I was just proving my point. You do curse and there’s my proof.” I said.But it didn’t look like he was listening.“Edward?” I asked.“What? I’m sorry, I was just, uh thinking.” He said.“What were you thinking about?” I asked.“Why don’t I show you?” he said, and began kissing my neck. And as much as Iwanted him to continue, I wanted to see his reaction when he got his present.“Edward, stop.” I breathed.“Are you sure? I can go lower if this isn’t enough.” He said. Damn, the things hedoes to me.“Edward, do you want your present or not?” I asked. He groaned (think about thatfor a second….. it’s hot right?). I bit my lower lip. God it’s hot when he does that. It’snot fair, it should be illegal. He pulled away reluctantly.“Well then go get it.” He said a little impatiently. Well then.“Go lie down and close your eyes. I’ll be right back.” I said and he did. I looked backat him as I walked over to my closet. A while back, Alice had gotten me a reallyskimpy, lingerie outfit that I thought I would never wear, at least not aroundEdward. But I guess now would, and I know he won’t mind too much. It was a corset,black and royal blue, with matching underwear, if that’s what you could call them.Which you couldn’t. I thought it was cute now. I put it on while facing Edward,making sure he didn’t peek. Once I had it on, I walk over to Edward and softly calledhis name.“Ooh Edward.” His eyes opened and got huge fast. They got black almost instantly.“You like it?” I asked innocently.EPOV“Well then go get it.” I said, a little impatient and upset that she interrupted myteasing.“Go lie down and close your eyes. I’ll be right back.” She said, and I went to liedown. I wondered what she could have gotten me. I haven’t said I wanted anything,have I? I don’t remember doing so. But I heard her walking over to me so I stoppedall thought process. Though I wondered why I had to close my eyes.

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