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Magnetized Bracelets

Magnetized Bracelets

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Published by Jason Saba

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Published by: Jason Saba on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jason Saba and Benjy WaxMs. BerlinPeriod 3
Magnetic Bracelets
 To figure out how magnets can affect our body, we must first look atwhat is being affected. Our bodies consist of arteries, and in those arteriesare hundreds of thousands of bloodcells. Blood cells, like every object inthe world, are composed of atoms. These atoms are influenced bymagnets (magnetic bracelets), whichredirects blood cells in the properdirection.Magnets, on the other hand,compose mainly of negatively charged particles, called electrons. If you havean electric charge that’s moving, you create a magnetic field. A magneticfield is the force of magnetism coming from a piece of steel or a planet.While a magnetic bracelet isaligned on the wrist to the arteries onyour forearm, the magnetic field fromthe magnet within the bracelet causes the blood cells to separate and pointin one direction. This causes the blood to flow quicker and allow for moreoxygen to go to heart and to the rest of the body. According to K.E. Maclean,
 The magnetic field allows for the separation of the blood cells. This separation gives blood cellsa chance to receive more oxygen, thus
M.D. of New York State, “If we were to take a sample of animal or humanblood and spin off the fluid (the plasma) and leave only the red blood cells,then place these red blood cells on a slideand insert them into a good microscope, wewould see that when we bring a magnet upunder the slide the red blood cells all spinaround and point in one direction”. This isclear evidence supporting the fact thatmagnetic bracelets do work! It does this byaligning the iron in red blood cells through polarization, when positive andnegative charges are completely separated (Farlex, The Free Dictionary). Inthis case, the electrons in ourblood cells point in the direction of the arteries, which carry bloodaway from the heart. Since thecells are not clumped together,they receive more oxygenbecause they have a greater surf ace area, which in turn provides for more energy and productivitythroughout the day.Along with a healthy lifestyle, these magnetic bracelets are sleek andfashionable accessories. Celebrities, sports players, and even those of middle-class can afford these stylish bracelets.

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