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Time is Not - The Disappearing Path (revised)

Time is Not - The Disappearing Path (revised)

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Published by Theresa-Ann
4th Journal 2010-02-21 - Revised and updated; includes additional links :-)
♥ I had loads of fun recording this! :>] ♥
Come and watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuL2GqWFQgM
4th Journal 2010-02-21 - Revised and updated; includes additional links :-)
♥ I had loads of fun recording this! :>] ♥
Come and watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuL2GqWFQgM

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4:05, 2/21/2010 4th maybe, 10 Transformer 
(Enter this journal date, your birth date, or
No sense in trying to give a blow-by-blow
of my life, of my life’s ‘spiritual’ experiences.That would be crazy. Besides, the whole, entire life is ‘spiritualizing,’ now, so I’ve got
better things to do
than sit here, keyboarding.
I’ve put words like ‘spiritual’ and ‘spiritualizing’ into quotes, as they don’t really convey my meaning, here. Andthere will be
some who are unable to receive this meaning
, not having in their own lives
sufficient commonality
with me to get what I mean. Still, I will make the attempt to clarify.
I was on a path
, a path homeward to God. I called this my spiritual path, and I walked, jumped, skipped, climbed, and ran along it for about 3 or 4 decades of this lifetime. And thatwas fine. That is an accurate description for that period.
It is
no longer true
or accurate, though, and it’s a bit tough to explain.
Time has lost prettymuch all meaning for me, now;
all deeper meaning, anyway.[Stick figure]Like everyone else,
I have clocks. I even look at them, sometimes
. No, really, the timeconcept or convention is a most useful tool in community, in sharing, in keeping one’s job,making appointments, etc. I haven’t gone
mad yet, you know. ;-)
What I’m meaning, though, is
relating time to the deeper parts
and aspects of the life. Time, inits commonly used cultural sense, works and is applicable for the
of this lifetime.That works, so there we can agree.
Where it gets a little shaky, though, is where I entered what I call
 Kingdom of Heart
. You know, Idon’t know just exactly
that happened, or if there even was a particular when, asopposed to some other when. I
 just know I’m there, now
, and have been for some time;perhaps about a year, as time is measured in 3D.
There we lose, or I lose, the commonality with 3D
, with the 3rd dimension, however, asnow discussions that include time just
don’t make sense
for me.[Sock]It’s as if I’ve somehow entered some sort of 
time warp
or something, and
time has a wholenew meaning
meaning, at all—in this new world.
What do I mean? Good question. Let’s see... Hmmm. I don’t really know. I don’t know if its transferable thisway. Just in case it is, though,
do go down into heart space
, and listen from there. Just placeyour attention in the middle of your chest. That’ll do.
That’s how I got started
with this.
Okay, yes,
time still exists, but it
pose any limitations
. Does that make sense?Time is actually quite
. It’s all happening
. That removes
the limits.When living in 3D we hold the
that time is linear . It has a past, a present, and a future,and they flow quite reliably, in that order 
Well, in this new space
that just isn’t so
. There’s
in it at all.
Time is not linear, it is justnow
For instance, let’s say you are one who understands life to include multiple incarnations,
many lifetimes
,during which time the soul is hopefully progressing along its spiritual path. That’s a typicalenough understanding, but even if you don’t hold it, don’t believe that, you can still makesome use of this analogy.
Okay, so there are many lives, you’ve had many lives, right? The belief would be, then, that they are
experienced sequentially, with progress being made
, if it is made, in a linear fashion,
 past to future
, right? Well, this just
doesn’t hold
for me anymore, the way I see it.
How is that? Well, with time being just now, that means
I am living all those lifetimes
, rightnow. See?[Alien]Do you see how this
the limits? This means that I can, with great ease, contact or 
connect with
place, any lifetime; right
. I’ve done this, too.
This understanding did by no means come to me mentally. It was through
my own experience
that Ilearned this. One of the first journals I recorded on YouTube is calledLiving a Native Life, and it takes you through what an experience like this
look like.Now, I’m sure other people have different experiences.[Fly]I’m certainly
saying I’m an authority
on anything, here. I’m just doing my thing, and
sharing what I’m discovering
, so please don’t draw any other conclusions from this thanthat.
To close the loop with the ‘spiritual path’ comment from the beginning,
I am no longer on any kindof path
, simply because a path is linear. It is something that is walked
step by step
, and soincorporates a past, present, and future. That whole picture just doesn’t work for me, any

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