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Popular Culture Galore Part 5

Popular Culture Galore Part 5

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Popular Culture Galore Part 5
Zooming thousands of miles globally is the action modern technology in the world. Popular culturelike technology have rapidly evolved and it has spread greatly in the globe. In recent years in the21st century, information pertaining to the real agenda behind popular culture have increased fasterin any other time in history. So many people are talking about this issue that artists like KRS-One ispublicly talking about the Jay Z/Illuminati rumors. What that signifies to me is that we shouldn'tcompromise our core beliefs.
We know that Secret Societies exist. We know that there is adistinction between positive, uplifting music that can spiritually and emotionally build up thecharacter of human beings along with the evil music sent out to bash humanity (andincorporate false stereotypes about fellow human beings). All music isn't wrong, but there isnothing inconceivably immoral about exposing evil music. Certainly, it's time to mentionadditionally facts about popular culture.
Before going forward, it's time to dispel a stereotype anda lie that's common in many quarters of the world not only in America. This lie is that if you're a nicemale or a nice female, then somehow you're weak or emotionally inferior. Frankly, the response tothat ignorance is that all humans are made up with different personalities. There is value in allhuman beings, even though all people have certain unique qualities. Now, being nice isn't being
weak since weakness is certainly affiliated with compromise. Weakness is being ashamed of whatyou are. Weakness is compromising yourself for the sake of appealing to a clique or to the world.Weakness is denying your true potential for fear of criticism or fear of rejection. Weakness is givingup plainly speaking. We shouldn't fear anything, but Almighty God alone. The function of being nicedeals not with weakness, but standing up for oneself, having core convictions, and consisting ofresponsibilities to handle your own business (regardless of what haters or others may say). There isnothing wrong with being assertive, being nice, being laid back, being extrovert, being introvert, etc.as long as you know who are with respect toward all human beings. You can be a nice person andbe able to stand up for yourself as well.
Let no one take your manhood and let no onetake your womanhood if you’re a female either.You have a right to fight forliberty, dignity, respect, and equality day by day constantly regardless ofyour background. It doesn‘t who you are and I‘m going to fight until I‘m dead.Nothing is going to change that.In my core conscience, I will never submitnor adjust to political correctness, discrimination, scapegoating, and bigotryof any kind. My heart is not irreversibly broken, but it’s purely rejuvenatedwith that glowing light of God-given inspiration to enjoy the wonderful sparkof creativity and lively perseverance in my life. I’m not living like a mentalslave, but I’m standing up like a man is suppose to do. It’s time to think on adifferent level.
See, numerous folks believing in the nice is weak lie want all people aroundthem to be monolithic (or act the same, or think the same) acting like a robot sheeple. Sorry, I'm nota sheeple, but I am a man with a noble history and a great destiny to fulfill. People have a righttherefore to be unique with different personalities and attributes. Hollywood and others in popularculture promote the nice being weak lie constantly in an attempt to control society. Hollywood is acorporate funded enterprise (why do you think corporations like Viacom own a lot of channels thatspew TV shows that lack social redeeming value). So, when you see Popular Culture spewed fromHollywood remember that it's a corporate propaganda machine showing deception. That is why theword actor in Greek comes from the word hypocrite since numerous actors act one way in movies(even violating God's commandments, etc.) and then act differently publicly. Much of thewickedness in popular culture is a reflection of the wickedness in America plus the world. Politicsand politics coincide and merge steadfastly among our world. One easy example of this how someHollywood figures ally with the agenda of Ron Paul like
Johnny Rotten and the controversialJohn Meyer. You probably know what I‘m going with this. There was a flurry of sustainedhype surrounding Ron Paul‘s 2008 campaign. Soon, I‘ve learned that he supported the warin Afghanistan back in 2001, he is a member of a Masonic-like Fraternity, he denouncedthe views of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and he adheres to
the discredited Austrianeconomic theory
(that doesn‘t do adequately enough to harbor real solutions in fightingagainst poverty, health complications, and real economic reform. This economic movementwas funded by the aristocrats and the globalists for over 100 years. That should tell folkssomething).
Ron Paul gave a Masonic handshake to a man on the Bill Maher talkshow and supports the controlled opposition organization of the John BirchSociety. Ron Paul agrees with the extremist Ayn Rand. Rand believed inindividual selfishness and she rejected altruism or that we shouldn’t help ourfellow person in need.
The symbol of Lambda Chi Alpha is the cross and the crescent. Warren A. Colewanted a change of the original logo. The crescent represents the rising moonand its points symbolize horns. They are pointed to the left.
Now, Ron Paul is apart of a Masonic fraternity in college called the Lambda Chi Alpha. It’sfound in his alma mater in Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania. The November 2007 issue of Lambda Chi Alpha’s publication called the Cross & Crescent admitted his membership.Paul back then was the chapter secretary and President of his pledge class. He graduatedcollege in 1957. The June 2006 issue of Cross & Crescent featured an article about theinitiation ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha, which was formulated
by 33º Mason andWorshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge, John E. Mason. The John E. MasonMemorial Foundation remembers Mason’s life. In 1968, the Mason MemorialFoundation, the Duke Flad Memorial Fund, and the James T. Chirurgs Scholarshipwere merged into the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation.
Mason used ritualsin the group from the occult traditions from the past. The Cross and Crescent talks aboutKing Rene or Rene of Anjou (who created the Order du Croissant or an order of chivalry.Rene was historical founders or role models of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity).Renewas a Merovingian. Descendants of this bloodline endorse the EU as Ludwig von Mises(whom Ron Paul supports), Coudenhove-Kalgeri, & Otto Von Habsburg desire a PanEuropean Union Empire. The following statement is found in the
 Ritual of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity:
“…EXPLANATION OF SYMBOLS AND MOTTOS A: Know then thatthe Bond of our Brotherhood is an
eternal union between its members
. The Greek phraseof Zeugma Adelphotetos Christianikes, or Bond of Christian Brotherhood. Henceforth youare one in spirit with every brother of the fraternity…” (
 Ritual of Lambda Chi AlphaFraternity
, pp. 103-104, 1987). Why would it mention this when the founder of this orderused esoteric influence in devising this group.Economic information is certainly coming in. I've had a revolutionary change in thinking interms of domestic economic affairs indeed. Some people want no control over the monetarysystem. Historically, we know that this archaic proposition caused recessions, highinflation, and depressions for centuries in the Earth. Too much governmental control andtoo little governmental regulation have been detriment in any endeavor to improve theeconomic situation in the USA. Therefore, a better solution would be economic reformslike auditing the FED, making Congress regulate our money supply, and resist the urge of 

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